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Farewell Umihara Kawase 3DS To Be Released Overseas

Umihara KawaseAgatsuma Entertainment has announced plans to release Sayonara (Farewell) Umihara Kawase overseas. The platformer, featuring a 19-year-old Japanese girl who wears school uniform and carries a pink rucksack, was originally released on the SNES in 1994 and since then has spun many sequels. The Nintendo 3DS version sees a number of playable characters including the now 20-year-old Umihara Kawase, her kid double, her future descendant Yokoyama who is able to bend time, and her childhood friend Emiko who can restart various levels.

Speaking about an overseas release, Agatsuma’s general manager Rica Kuno Matsumura said: “Yes, we are planning to release [Farewell] Umihara Kawase in future, but not fixed anything yet.  Maybe we will discuss during E3 with other new titles?” Sayonara Umihara Kawase is set to release in Japan this summer.

19 thoughts on “Farewell Umihara Kawase 3DS To Be Released Overseas”

    1. I love how the box art doesnt represnt anything that’s in the gameplay..

      Im all for localisation of Japanese games, the Project X, Xenobalde, Pandora’s Tower, and EX Troopers…..but you can keep this Japan.

  1. You see? This is why companies are afraid to localize their games! Because you ungrateful fucks are like, “herp a derp you can keep this one because it totally looks like shitty Jap shit! HERP DERP!” I haven’t actually seen any gameplay of this (should look it up right now) but I am all for games getting localized! Even the weirdest games deserve a chance to be localized! But because of how ungrateful we Americans are for getting games localized, less and less of them will be getting this treatment! Come the fuck on! Show some support for these weird Japanese games so that more of the not quite so weird, yet still obviously Japanese styled games come out over here!

  2. Umihara Kawase is one of the most fun physics-based platformers I’ve ever played. The player character is a girl who looks something like Dora the Explorer who has a pocket bungee cord or grappling hook you can use to launch yourself all over the map.

    You kids criticizing this are the definition of ignorance. You have no idea what the game is about or even how it plays but you feel fully qualified to comment on it.

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