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Mario 3D, Mario Kart U And “Zelda 2 (RPG)” For Wii U Receive Pre-Order Pages At Walmart


Nintendo announced during the last Wii U-focused Nintendo Direct, which took place in January, that a new 3D Mario platformer and Mario Kart for Wii U are scheduled to be playable at this year’s E3. Also during the online presentation the company touched on the next original The Legend of Zelda game for its latest console.

Although none of them were given official names, pre-order pages for all three games have already popped up on Walmart’s website. The retailer is listing these three Wii U games for pre-order: Mario 3D, Zelda 2 (RPG) and Mario Kart U. Note that “Zelda 2 (RPG)” isn’t referring to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker remake, as that title has a pre-order page, too.

67 thoughts on “Mario 3D, Mario Kart U And “Zelda 2 (RPG)” For Wii U Receive Pre-Order Pages At Walmart”

  1. Hmm….very interesting. But I usually don’t make a big deal about it when stores post things like this on their websites. I always assume it’s just a mistake.

      1. ….a typo of what exactly?
        “Hey Bill, write down Zelda Wind Waker HD as a pre order, okay?”
        “Yeah sure *Zelda…2…RPG* …..fuck, oh well”

            1. so whats the problem? Nintendo did announce they are working on another Zelda Title the same day they announced Wind Waker HD; with only seconds between them. We know another Zelda is coming, just not what its going to be called. Well, obviously not “Zelda 2”, but to differenciate it from wind waker, that name is quite good.

              1. ….
                I think you’re missing the point.
                Writing “Zelda U” just as they did with Mario Kart U and they wrote Mario 3D,makes sense.

                What sense does Zelda 2 RPG make?

                2?! I think we’re past 2. RPG? When has that ever been attached to Zelda title? Even a preoder title. It just sounds stupid.

                1. You clearly misrepresented your point. Reread your stuff first before you make any unnecessary accusations.

                2. Look up the original Zelda 2. It was an RPG. And all Zelda titles have a number of RPG elements, they’re just thrown onto the action-adventure focus of it. Ya know, like collecting heart pieces for more health and finding bugs and poes, that stuff

                3. Zelda 2 because Wind Waker HD is Zelda 1 for Wii U, and some Zelda games have RPG stuff in them, so I think that’s it.

                  1. ^Logic! That’s exactly what I thought. RPG is in parentheses not in the title. They were probably just trying to categorize it, but don’t know anything about Zelda.

                4. It make sense to me since the new Zelda most likely will follow the original Zelda 2 storyline and play style: “Open world”. I shouldn’t be saying anything… ;)

        1. It’s easy for non-gamers to get things mixed up. All I’m saying that is don’t put much stock in it until NINTENDO says something about it. NINTENDO told us the other games were coming so we can bank on them.

    1. Maybe they’re remaking Zelda II: The Adventure of Link! If they are, I’m going to love them forever! Imagine the possibilities!

    2. Well, the second LoZ game was called Zelda 2 and was a sidescrolling RPG with an overworld. Sounds like something better suited to a virtual console title than a full retail release, no matter how much they were to improve upon the original, shy of a complete overhaul into a full high res 3D sidescroller with new character designs, temples, and a lot of other stuff, but I don’t see that happening, cause then it’d basically be a different game and not Zelda 2

  2. My guess is Zelda 2 is a 3DS title. The Wind Waker HD has already been announced. It’s not a sequel, so why 2 (especially RPG)? And didn’t Miyamoto say Nintendo is looking at following up one of their classic titles (sorry, I don’t have exact sources) on 3DS? Nintendo has already been talking with retailers over Wii U sales; remember GameStop’s “they have a few cards up their sleeve.” comment? At the moment this is just rumor, but there is probably some truth to it; why go through the effort to list titles that are pure guesses? A company wouldn’t do that; it’s not like Walmart is following the day-to-day rumors and speculation on Nintendo.

      1. Interesting, I still think a 3DS Zelda title will release possibly this year, and definitely before a New Wii U title does. Maybe this is a misunderstanding by Walmart? Possibly a double post for The Wind Waker (calling it 2 (RPG) just seems odd)? Other than that, I stand by everything I said.

    1. That follow up is A Link to the Past. SNES. Zelda 2 was the second Zelda title and basically the blacksheep of the Zelda family being a side scrolling RPG. This really doesn’t make much sense so I’m just gonna ignore it til Nintendo says something, cause a Wii U remake of Zelda 2 just seems odd at this point, especially considering they’re already doing Wind Waker. Granted, Iwata did promise a billion dollar profit this fiscal year, so I can’t think of an easier way for them to make quick money than remaking and releasing a bunch of Zelda titles in addition to a new 3D Super Mario and Mario Kart game

  3. It’s obviously the new Zelda title for Wii U, nothing more. The “2” probably comes from the fact that it will be the second Zelda for Wii U (Wind Waker HD). RPG is the genre the Wal-Mart employee thought the Zelda series is part of.

    I really don’t see why it wasn’t just titled
    The Legend of Zelda (Wii U).

    1. Thats what i dont understand.
      What the hell would anyone think “2” and bracketed “RPG” when even if they didnt know what Wind Waker HD was, they still wrote “Mario Kart U”, which would shock me if that wasnt the name of it, and Mario 3D, clearly shows the know its a 3D game, and at least went on IGN or something, but Zelda 2 ( RPG)?
      Clearly someone isnt worth their pay check, or someone knows more than we do

      1. Its a damn new Zelda game apart from wind waker regardless of its title. Why you are getting this confused is really stupid.

    2. because then you’d have “The Legend of Zelda (Wii U)” and “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Wii U)”, and dozens of Mums, Dads, Aunts, Grannys would buy the wrong game, thinking it was the same. The 2 is there just to differenciate from the other Zelda Game (Wind Waker) while we don’t know what the new Zelda will really becalled.

  4. The Australian EB games website had pre-order available for the new Zelda on WiiU since the actual console itself was revealed along with the Zelda demo.

      1. Pitfall near your door

        It’s not that we are behind on tumes but our Nintendo along with NZ can be really messed up since we wither get things either last or games can cose up to $100+

        1. Exactly, and its just going to get worse for us, just imagine what we would have to pay for a PS4 and NextBox..

          1. One of the reasons we pay more here in AUS is because our minimum wage is higher than the US. There a few more factors but I think this is a major one.

            1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              I went to New Zealand (planned to go to Australia but travel agent screwed up) and the video game prices are absolutely ridiculous! People complain about $60 games in the US but NZ has it almost doubled at times.

  5. Funny, considering there already is a Zelda II and that that game happened to be very RPGish. I got the feeling that Walmart knows shit about gaming and knew 2 zelda games was under development and googled Zelda II.

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  7. I will be ticked if zelda U gets released before zelda 3DS. I honestly couldn’t care less about the wiiU so if possible i’d rather not have to buy it for another year or two. Plus i’ve waited long enough for zelda 3DS and i want it soooon. now that thats out of the way i’m curious as to what it means by rpg 2. thats a rather weird way of saying zelda U. maybe it’ll be some kind of cross console thing and zelda 3DS will be rpg 1. if i am right about it it would make more sense to make zelda 3DS rpg 2 and zelda U rpg 1.

    1. I’m opposite of you, baby! Wii U needs games and frankly the 3DS DON’T! I want to use my Wii U and so do many, many other people. It better be a new Zelda that they are working on for Wii U. 3DS can wait. 💋

      1. While I agree that the 3DS doesn’t really need any new games and the WiiU DEFINATELY does. It’s a bit early for Zelda U and waaay late for a Zelda 3DS. We got skyward sword 2 years ago and spirit tracks 4 years ago. They should take their time with Zelda U just not another 5 years. Since Zelda 3DS is a handheld it shouldn’t take much longer and all I’m really wanting is some information to hold me over until they do decide on a release date. Wiiu does need more games. I’ve been trying to want a wiiu but there’s NOTHING of interest to me on it.

  8. Whatever the case might be with the Zelda one, I don’t want a RPG Zelda in any way for a home console…

    3DS I’m sort of fine with but not Wii U…

    Most likely a remake of some sorts for Link’s Awakening for Wii U eShop…

  9. I’m amused that they’d call Zelda an RPG game at any point beyond the original Zelda II.
    Sure, all Zelda’s have a few RPG elements, but they’re all hard-core Adventure games at heart, so it makes me wonder if the person who labeled them are just a wee bit ignorant of what the difference between RPG and Adventure is.XD

    1. I wish they did have more RPF elements in Zelda. The crafting in Skyward Sword was one of the few things i liked about it, i gave walking around and exploring purpose to look for materials. It’s a shame the exploring was all linear and uninteresting, but put that in a Zelda game thats actually open and that would be awesome. Maybe you scavenge and find materials that can make potions and arrows, rather than the insane supply of rupees in every Zelda game.

  10. But in Zelda 2 (RPG) Item description it states the title of “The Legend of Zelda Wii U (Working Title)” and is a pre-release general action game to be released in Q4 of 2013.

  11. The new Zelda will most definitely come out next year. I wouldn’t mind a Zelda game with heavy rpg influences. I liked Zelda 2, but that game tested my patience O_o.

  12. Guys lets let Nintendo mess around, Zelda RPG could be better then Bioshocks RPG (bioshock2 was a RPG because of the different endings) it could be the best zelda ever. I kinda am interested could i get a bad ending like at the end the end i actully lose to the final boss or like zelda gets killed or ect. It could be interesting what a zelda RPG could do.

    1. Well, it probably wouldn’t affect the combat beyond maybe adding a few sword techniques like Twilight Princess had and weapon upgrades like Skyward Sword. The adventuring would also probably be the same. If anything, I think they’d add in side quests that actually affect the game and can maybe improve the ending of the game, depending on how you handle them, and maybe, probably not but maybe some other kind of stats or leveling system, but if they did that they’d probably make it so that you’d never need to grind and would progress plenty enough just through general gameplay. They may also give more use to the collecting aspects of the game, but still I doubt they’d make much, if any, necessary. It would still be adventure based after all. Can’t say I’d mind a feel similar to The Last Story for it though

  13. I think we can all agree mario needs a rest now I’m so tired of mario where’s Samus and Fox lets get Earthbound on wii u. I know they are saving some titles to counter nexbox and ps4 but we don’t need to be smother with Mario, the game is so over done we dont even have a chane to miss it

    1. Well, it’s one 3D and one kart game for him per system. Wii got 2 3D Marios, but I see that more as the exception to the rule, considering their typical trends. Besides, Mario sells best for them and they need sales, especially against the other new systems coming out. It makes sense from that standpoint, and since Mario games last, you could even get it a year or 2 later after giving him a rest. I do agree the character needs a break though. Some new franchises with new characters would be nice. I guess we’ll have to wait til E3 to really see what they’re working on, though. Or, should I say, the Nintendo Direct that will come immediately after E3

  14. Why are people getting so worked up about this, it is clearly a mistake by someone who doesn’t know a thing about the Zelda series. It is proabley just the new Wii U Zelda game, the one that isn’t Wind Waker for all you idiots out there.

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