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Need For Speed: Underground Being Remade?

need_for_speed_underground_remake_logo_rumorAn anonymous source sent the logo above to EGM Now and claims that it’s from the Xbox 360 version of a supposed remake of Need for Speed: Underground, which was originally released in 2003 on multiple platforms, including Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube.

The developer of the unconfirmed remake is said to be Criterion Games, subsidiary of Electronic Arts (EA) and the studio behind Need for Speed: Most Wanted. While a remake of Need for Speed: Underground can only be confirmed by EA, keep in mind that several employees from Criterion Games are apparently working on an ‘unannounced racing title.’

58 thoughts on “Need For Speed: Underground Being Remade?”

          1. Agreed. For me, this looked kind of obvious because Most Wanted was remade. Also; Most Wanted had a way smaller fanbase than Underground. A remake was the franchise’s destiny.

        1. The thing to remember is that like Most Wanted, I think this will be a REBOOT of the sub franchise rather than a total remake of the game. I expect it will be in the same style as Underground but, like Most Wanted, will have a new in game world, new cars and new missions/races. And I expect there is fan demand as Most Wanted sold VERY well it seems and Underground sold well for its day too.

        2. YES HOLY CRAP!!! I was like 8 when I first played them!! To Thursday they are my favorite need for speeds ever!! Specially underground 2!! Holy crap I’m so excited!

    1. I’m gona guess no, but then some people said NFS:Hot Pursuit remake was amazing, which it wasnt, it was terrible.

      I wish they’d stop trying to make over realistic games, i mean seriously, did every developer on the planter just turn retarded or something, and not realise that games that are detached from reality and are designed around making the game as unrealistic and fun as possible, is always more fun that aiming for photorealism and realistic gameplay and realistic locations, that shit is BORING, life is fucking boring, thats why people made video games, not to run/drive/shoot in a realistic world, whats the point?

      1. That’s why most of my favorite games are setfantasy or in an alternate universe and have unique artsyles. Seriously, I cannot understand why so many people like boring, repetitive, realistic military shooters like, CoD, Battlefield, and Medal of Honor. I keep up with the news, I already hear enough about Americans shooting terrorists.

        1. I know.
          I mean, the whole of GDC is was just like, “what is the point with this shit?” With all the “amazing face tech”. Fucking bullshit, Walking Dead, Bioshock Infinite, even Skyward Sword, a game i barely like, have such simple face animations, but theres soooo much emotion in them, not like David Cage’s old pedo face he made. And the face rendering was all companies like Activision, Crytek, and Capcom….the only emotion i get from them is anger because they make boring and shitty games.

          The Fox Engine was actually interesting, with its lighting tech, and its material textures, like clothes, because i know Kojima wants the games to LOOK realistic, but be far from realistic, which we saw in the MGS5 trailer, with flaming unicorns, and flying flaming whales and a presumably young Psycho Mantis, thats excusable, and with the recent Dark Souls 2 interview, they put alot of effort into making the visuals more realistic, but i know the game is from actually being realistic.

          So visually, its not so much an issue, if the game is obviously not realistic, even though i wish more developers took artstyle to the next level and take notes from games like Okami, rather than just saying “make it kinda cel shaded”.

          But its games like NFS, Battlefield, GTA, all the games that are both trying to be realistic in both visuals and gameplay, that are complete wastes of time, and are jus games developed by people with no imagination, and bought by brain dead idiots.

          1. I agree 100%. Why do some want video games to be fucking reality simulators?! It makes no damn sense at all.

        2. only metal gear solid can put amazing graphics and story and gameplay together in my opinion XD and hopefully…. gta v also if it’s more freedom like gta san andreas

      2. I agree but I do enjoy playing cars and cod,but my favourites by far are rpg and platforms ie mario.Of cause I also love zelda games that adventure of discovery.Am looking at nintendo them selves for new unique games and I belive they will be shown of at e3.

        1. Dude don’t even bother, half of the people in here are bias hipster morons that go against the mainstream because its “cool.” They can’t grasp the fact that a lot of gamers can actually enjoy a game because of what it is, not because of what it looks like.

    2. you fuckedup go to EA’s twitter,youtube and fb to see that everybody want NFSU3!! because underground 1,2, Carbon (damn!! what a good game is NFSCarbon) were epic races games!! and open your shitty eyes cuz’ there are more games instead than Mario coocoo!! coocoo!!

    3. Nope. I’d rather Criterion advance the series by making new, better games. Not making old ones better. There are parts of the NFS games that could be made better (like putting the game first). NFSMWU was awesome. I don’t want another one though, I want a new racing experience.

  1. I remember playing NFS: Underground 2 on the PS2 and it was one of the greatest I’ve ever played. If Criterion Games were to develop a remake of NFS: Underground, it would be more than a dream come true…. especially on both the Wii U and PC.

  2. I’d love for this to be remade. The NFS: Underground games have always been my favourite in the series.

    1. Really? I think it sounds pretty good. The original Underground was AMAZING so if Criterion can match the style of that, while staying in the same territory as Most Wanted’s production values, this should be pretty good.

  3. underground is considered one the best racing games of all time so this is a huge deal,i cant believe nobody here has a clue…

  4. I liked this game as a kid but if they’re going to do a series reboot give it a different name it just makes them look like they’re running out of ideas and people might not realise its a new game
    and if it is a remake, then why not just make a new game theres no need

      1. Don’t forget Super Mario 64 DS and Metroid: Zero Mission! Wind Waker HD is coming too. But yeah, they don’t remake games THAT much. They just port and re-release them rather often.

    1. And, all those remakes have been on top of all the new games, often made by outside companies.
      I think everyone can agree, that we’d want to see remakes of games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Final Fantasy 6 and 7, Chrono Trigger, and tons of other because theyre dated, FF7 looks like fucking garbage, i find it uncomfortable to play with its stupid triangle arms. And the NES Metroid is actually a pretty shit game, so Zero Mission was needed which made it awesome, so yeah, remakes are good.
      The only “remakes” i hate are by Capcom, because they barely remake it, or just release it as “new”.

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  6. Yeah, it makes sense. Though not for Xbox 360. I guess it could be 2014’s NFS title (considering Hot Pursuit was 2010 and Most Wanted was 2012). Obviously not just a remake, it wouldn’t make sense to not include an updated car roster and the city doesn’t need to be the same. Most Wanted is incredible, so count me excited.

    1. Of course, that logo could be made really easily by a fan. And the fact that the same letters contain the same images (look at the Us and the Rs) bugs me.

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