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Cloudberry Kingdom Coming This Summer Via Ubisoft


Unhappily ever after? That’s how it starts. The Orb resurfaces and the classic characters return. Kobbler with his mania, Princess with her endless boredom. It’s only a matter of time before Bob, our hero, shows up to put order back to madness. Three powers struggle for victory and the fate of Cloudberry Kingdom hangs in the balance. What will become of the retired hero, Bob? Will saving Princess one last time win her love? Could true love stop Kobbler and the power of the Orb? No, probably not. But hey, it’s worth a shot.

Welcome to Cloudberry Kingdom, the first ever platformer with fully randomly generated levels. Every level is brand new and never seen before. The difficulty level can match any need, from the casual to the hardcore. Developed by crowd-funded Pwnee Studios, Corp, Cloudberry Kingdom will be published and distributed by Ubisoft Entertainment, Summer 2013.

63 thoughts on “Cloudberry Kingdom Coming This Summer Via Ubisoft”

    1. Thats what i dont like about kickstarters. Once they know there are no risk even if it dosnt sell a publisher will try to cash in.

    1. Not necessarily. The game will come out for eshop anyway so Ubisoft will know that to sell the game it will need to be a resonable price. 💋

          1. I literally feel sorry for anyone who has an ignorant attitude towards the 3DS. One of the best Gaming platforms I’ve ever owned.

                1. How is it my loss? I don’t care for the 3DS or any of it’s games. It would be my loss if I wasted money on one.

                  1. Then what the hell are you doing on this site ? Do you like the Wiiu ? Because the Wiiu has a LONG way to go before it can gain the identity and game library that the 3DS has.

                    The 3DS is fucking amazing , sounds to me like you need to go back to your 360 and join the rest of the Microsoft grass eating herd.

                  2. Pity. 3DS has amazing library of games that you’re missing out on. Tell me, if you don’t care, then why do you bother with this website then?

                    1. I feel sorry for you Adarazz. Your IQ must be dropping having to put up with idiots like him.

                    2. Exactly. I’m sorry if I offend people, but the 3DS (or any handheld for that matter) really isn’t my thing. If Nintedward disagrees with me he should try doing it in a civilzed way like Anubis did.

            1. The main reasons I don’t like 3DS: Circle Pad, small screen, lack of games that interest me, 3D gimmick, weak online.

              1. I kinda agree with your last two dislikes; the rest I disagree. If you don’t like the 3DS then so be it. It’s your choice, I’m not going explain why I think the 3DS is amazing because there’s really no point. So it just comes to show that even though you may be a fan of Nintendo, you don’t have to all of their products, and it’s another reason why we’re all human.


                Circle pad annoys me too but it’s better than the Vita’s slippery sticks, There’s always a 3DS XL (that thing is HUGE), it’s your fault that you like dudebro shooters, you can always just… oh, I don’t know, LEAVE IT OFF? It only has weak online for some fighting games and first party games basically never lag.

                  1. I don’t like many FPS games, especially the “dudebro” variety. Great job at making baseless assumptions.

            2. The 3DS single handedly made me enthusiastic about gaming again. It’s so different from everything else like the DS before it and it adds much needed variety.

              1. Yes. The 3DS is officially my favorite console to date. It has some of my favorite games of all time. I just hope that the Wii U accomplish what the 3DS has accomplished.

  1. cool story. on another note what console will ya stick with this gen i think i stick with my wii u & ps4. with all these rumours of allways online i will be staying the hell away from 720

  2. Glad to see Wii U is getting solid indie support. Big improvement from what was on that disgrace known as “WiiWare”.

  3. Didn’t Spelunky, a different platformer with also randomly generated levels, came before this one?

    Threrefore, the blurb in your description seems to be inaccurate.

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