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Zelda Symphony Tour Returning To LA During E3


The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses concert tour organisers have announced that the captivating show will be returning to Los Angeles during E3 on June 12th. The concert will once again return to The Greek Theatre and is being conducted by Eímear Noone. The tour will be composed of “old favourites” as well as promising “new surprises”. Tickets for the Los Angeles show will go on sale on Saturday, April 13 at 10 a.m. PT. You can purchase them through The Greek Theatre’s box office and all Ticket Master outlets.

49 thoughts on “Zelda Symphony Tour Returning To LA During E3”

        1. Your meth is fucking horrible. You’re a total douchebag to Skyler and Jesse. And I hope you die of your cancer real soon.

                1. Mentioning the television show does nothing. The character is real. Walter White is real. I am Walter White. And the Wii U sucks.

  1. Nintendo show get the hand and put it on the zelda e3 reveal! Imagine the hand playing a great but unfamiar zelda song the video plays in the background live!

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      That’s what I’m thinking. But it might just be for the new 3DS Zelda. Last console Zelda came out end of 2011 and that took 5 years to make. I don’t think E3 will reveal much about it. That’s why they’re throwing Wind Waker at us. Wanna subdue our yearning for a Wii U Zelda as they give us a handheld one -.-

      1. I don’t think the next Zelda will take that long. I think by the end of 2014 we’ll be playing the new Zelda game. I think there’s a big team working on the new Zelda, also the graphics might be outsourced (is that a word?) for retro studios technology. I think WW is a ”bonus round” because the ideal was getting a Zelda to be released one year after the console’s release. I also think that SS only took that much of time, because they were working in paralalel with the WiiU zelda. IMO they will present us with a trailer!

    1. Maybe they should do something like they did in 2094 for tp, think this, ayonuma I’m going to leave you with one more trailer of wind waker hd, wlks away, but then a rising of drum rolls comes and a musians come up and instead of ww hd they show of Zelda u, and the crowd goes wild

  2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    They pretty much just had one new song for Skyward Sword and it was short and a backwards-played Zelda’s Lullaby. I’m a bit doubtful as to whether Nintendo can match themselves :/ They’ve built a high standard.

  3. What if Nintendo takes over this year’s E3? There is something Nintendo is hiding something!!! Not only are we waiting for Wii U exclusives but we also have never used our Gamepads at the max. Next I think Nintendo is going to focus on wanting a Gamepad. I also believe Nintendo is going to hype E3.

    1. Nintendo is up to something at E3. They have kept silent no matter what people said about Wii U being or not next gen.

  4. All the hype of PS4 and NeXtbox aside. The big battle this Christmas is still going to be between Xbox 360 and PS3, all the new games on the next generation will come to Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as PS4 and NeXtbox. (Destiny, Watchdogs) Therefore, WiiU biggest competition is still Xbox 360 and PS3. The PS4 and NeXtbox are in the same boat as WiiU, making an argument to buy a new generation to an over saturated current generation that is still getting phenomenal games. (Last OF Us, GTA5, Bioshock Infinite, etc.) Will PS4 and NeXtbox have a different experience or better graphics, not really. Wii U needs more better games, with compelling experiences and better graphics with a price cut or it loses this Christmas.

  5. The Nintendo Reviewer

    This probably means Nintendo will be talking about the Wind Waker remake as well the new Wii U Zelda at E3. Should be a great show.

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