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Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Coming To Nintendo 3DS?


Published by Namco Bandai Games, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch launched in the West earlier this year, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. It was, however, ‘too difficult‘ to localize the Nintendo DS version, titled Ni no Kuni: Shikkoku no Madōshi, which saw release in 2010 – but only in Japan.

Apparently, a Namco Bandai Games executive stated that his company wasn’t opposed to the idea of bringing the PlayStation 3 version of the role-playing game to Nintendo’s latest handheld console. Would you like to play Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch on your Nintendo 3DS? Or do you wish the game would instead come to Wii U? Let us know in the comments.

217 thoughts on “Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Coming To Nintendo 3DS?”

      1. ……………… The first, and only other Ni No Kuni was exclusively released on the Nintendo DS in Japan only, which I didn’t expect you to know (even though I already did), but apparently some people still can’t read -_-

      2. Everyone feels that Bayonetta 2 belongs on the Xbox 360 and Ps3 (which is laughable).
        He can feel that it belongs on the 3DS.
        I feel it would be fantastic for the Wii U and considering how the combat works and how many interface sections it has, the Wii U would be a great fit for the game.

        1. I know many people here in the US that wanted the game on a portable console so much that the ordered the original from japan and dowloaded a translation from online to keep up. A 3DS version in english would bring in a lot of profit

    1. My thoughts exactly, this game was made for a nintendo console, then improved for PS3, i think it makes sense that it comes back to a nintendo handheld since the 3DS is a perfectly capable console, also i would cry with joy if this port ever happens.

    2. Yesyesyesyesyes ni no kuni on 3DS and/or WiiU would be amazing and a sequel or similar project from ghibli in the works would be exciting and everyone who loves ghibli would love it… And that’s a lot of people in the united states as well as japan and other countries :3

  1. OMG! PLEASE DO THIS!!!!! I would go out and buy this day 1. I want to play this game so bad and was so jealous it was PS3 exclusive!!!!!!!!!


    1. I’d buy this but I would think that it would be easier for Namco (and preferred in my case too) to just port the PS3 version over to the Wii U.

    2. I’d have it on Either 3DS or Wiiu. I would even have the original DS version if they localized it. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

        1. DarklordNintendoFan

          Hmm… well… perhaps he doesn’t have a PS3? Did that ever occur to you? No? Didn’t think so.

          Contrary to popular belief, not everyone owns a PS3…

  3. I’d rather they make a sequel to wrath of the white witch than a port because if its a port its just going to get watered down from the original.

    1. I don’t see how it would be watered down. As long as they wouldn’t over-think utilizing the gamepad and add cheap gamepad-based minigames, everything would be the same.

          1. Did you consider maybe that not everyone has a PS3 or is willing to buy one for a single game? What the fuck is wrong with you?

      1. So glad you’ve proven how much of a hypocrite you are.
        If anyone turned this around and said they’d rather get something on a PS3 or 360 when it’s also on the Wii U or 3DS, you’d favor them instead of calling them a brat.
        Quit being such a child; there’s nothing wrong with people having preferences for which systems they build their library of games on.

      2. DarklordNintendoFan

        How are they brats? Hmm? What if they only own a Nintendo console? Hmm? Did that ever fucking occur to you? HMM?! Dipshit, think before you speak.

  4. I have yet to get it for my PS3, but if it comes to 3DS, I’ll get that version instead. It would be sweet to play it on the go, and the 3DS is a quite cabable little machine, so I’m sure it’ll run the game just fine.

      1. Of course, but I don’t think the game would suffer that much. They could make a perfectly acceptable port that looks and runs just fine.

  5. Wii U would be my first choice, but I’d buy it on 3DS as well. I’ve been hoping this would happen for a while!

  6. Give us a 3ds version.
    This is too awesome RE Revelations is ported from 3ds to console and now this game is ported from Ps3 to 3ds.
    Looks like 3ds hardware is quite capable XD

  7. Kind of feel that it can remain a PS3 exclusive. Just another good reason to own that system.

    But if this is a game that plays much on its visual appeal, I think that it might be better on the Wii U. Mostly because of the Tv-screen.

    But do someone know why it’s more difficult to localize a DS/3DS-version, than a PS3-version? And for what reason that’s easier now? I’m suspicious~

    1. That’s a bullshit reason that reeks of fanboyism.
      Every big title on Nintendo systems gets delayed and ported and the other way around is a problem?
      Glad this is happening didn’t buy it on my Ps3 and now i can play it on the go

      1. Every title can not be available on every console, neither every title that one would want. Why can’t the PS3 have some exclusives that would have been great on Nintendo consolles?
        Ni no Kuni could as far as I know have been put on Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, but it was not and that ship has sailed. Why should the Wii U only get ports of games that have already been available on other consoles?
        Try to see the bigger picture. Ni no Kuni is already available on the PS3, so look forward towards new games instead.

        1. You hear me saying i want this on wii u?
          Read again i said on the go wich means 3ds.
          I don’t want old ports on my wii u but the 3ds is the perfect device to be able to enjoy rpg’s everywhere.
          And yeah i agree consoles should have exclusives but only if they are first party or published by or else it’s just a crap reason not to bring the title to other platforms.
          I buy my Nintendo consoles for Zelda Metroid and some exclusives
          I buy my Sony consoles for Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy titles
          I bought my X360 for Lost odyssee but there’s not much on the console to further justify my purchase.
          I really don’t care wich hardware i play on cause i bought the system for certain titles all other titles can be ported everywhere i seriously don’t care

          1. That’s a good point; mobile on the Nintendo 3DS vs. stationery on the PS3. So I guess that makes a good reason to put it on that system, rather that the Wii U. While at the same time, adding something that the PS3 can not offer.
            But I would still prefer it on the Wii U. Simply because I believe that is the more enjoyable way of playing a game. Also. If they do release it, I hope it comes bundled with the original book!

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  9. Nintendo Commander

    You better bring this to either of them Namcodians…

    High Commander Sakurai gave you the chance of working in one of our most sacred games, Super Smash Brothers…

    Bring this to our Empire as a gift…

    1. Commander you are correct, Namco Bandai is handling the battle system for smash brothers. Let us patiently wait, the game is on its way to the PAL and NTSC regions soon, on the Ultra or 3DS.

  10. There are very few PS3 exclusives that I really, really want. Journey and Ni No Kuni are at the top of my list though!

    1. I used to hate all the swooning over Journey. Then I played it… :O
      If more games tried to be Journey instead of Saving Private Ryan,
      the industry as a whole would be better off.

  11. That makes no sense to put it on the 3DS, the game’s beautiful, needs to be on the WiiU if it has a chance of coming to another platform

  12. I am planning to buy this on PS3 when it is a bit cheaper so I am not interested on a 3DS version. I have no interest on WiiU but I see how it could be the best version; being able to get the best of both worlds with the great graphics and the spell system from the DS version. Also, that menu heavy interface that the battle have would benefit from the tuchscreen. Since there are not JRPGs announced for WiiU besides X it would be a smarter move release it on that console.

      1. I personally would buy it in PS3 regardless. I don’t plan to buy a WiiU and I don’t think I would find the 3DS version as interesting. I know it would make WiiU owners happy if they got the kind of port I suggest. Well, at least I believe so.

        1. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate is calling you. Also Pikmin 3 ( made by the man that always reshapes video games mr. Shigeru Miyamoto ). Buy a Wii U now so as you don’t miss out on euphoria of buying a gem on a nintendo machine as they are released. No system will ever give you that. First party games like Galaxy or ocarina of time linger in your mind evermore.

          1. I can play MonHun3U perfectly on my 3DS. I honestly don’t plat to buy any more consoles until they have a 5-6 years backlog so I can decide wich single one has the games I want to play most. The big trouble with WiiU for me it is that, while it has this really cool and unique Nintendo games, those are just a minority of the games that may interest me. And the third party support it’s getting points that choosing that as your only console will result in not being able to play most games. And the release ratio until now its pretty poor son maybe there are not even enough games for my tastes since I am a really heavy consumer.

        2. Well no not really i think it’s great it gets ported to 3ds but i’m not waiting on ports from old Ps3 and X360 games i have all the consoles at home and i’m not gonna buy last gen games for full price on my next gen system just look what they did with Mass effect and i got it for free a few weeks ago with plus let them keep their old crap

  13. Wii U version would be amazing, but I would still love a 3DS version.
    Heck, I may get both if they come into existence and is localized.

  14. I had hardly even finished posting on the project X zone and they start throwing Niño Kuni around. Nintendo and Namco Bandai how much more do you want me to save up? lol this is delaying a lot of us from settling and marrying our beautiful girlfriends. Thank God they too love nintendo machines and there is variety on the Wii U and 3DS especially the 3DS and it’s ability to play DS gems :). Bring this game to both, and make the 3DS an optional Wii U controller :).

  15. would prefer this on the wii u than the 3ds because i feel the wii u would just be a great console for rpgs to be on and white witch would look prettier on it

  16. The Wii U is the best option, this is more than a guarantee that the game is already being made for the Wii U, Namco Bandai is only observing our excitement. Like gamers did for Deux Ex, feedback and fan ideas got us Deux Ex human revolution Wii U AI enhanced with higher than PC resolution and mechanics edition.

    ALBA, SICKR and WONDERFLY whom is the person at Namco Bandai we can contact to let our voices be heard?

  17. Wii U or 3DS doesn’t matter, anything would be fine. but announce it soon or I’ll buy it for my ps3 :P

  18. Alba thanks for all this up to date nintendo news you Sickr and the new third member of your team are graciously sharing with us. I and all the multitudes of nintendo fans, fanboys, Sony fans, xbox fans, Sony drones, xbots and PC fanatics appreciate whole heartedly. Thanks :).

    Now that that is out of the way, are you working on a system like the have at Wii U daily to properly down vote trolls, not Aeolus or Neutron, am talking about the centipede spamming troll hehehehehe.

  19. port to Wii U please 3DS has enough of a kickass library with SMT 4 n Pokemon X/Y. The wii u needs more games.

  20. Omg yes, release it on 3DS, Wii U would be cool, but if you can only pick one of the two, make it 3DS — Don’t let me down, Namco!!!

  21. This just seems perfectly natural on the 3DS. I could also see it on the Wii U, but I do clock in a lot more time on my handheld since it’s with me all the time. A RPG like this would command a lot of my time.

  22. The Wii U would be my first choice. It needs more games. I’m on board for any solution that involves a Studio Ghibli/Nintendo team up.

  23. I agree, both would be best. However, due to my terrible motion sickness with games on the big screen, I’m gonna vote towards 3ds version.

  24. I’m playing this game on my PS3 (MH3U don’t let me finish it yet) and it’s amazing!

    I heard the DS version got a better score on famitsu, but still the PS3 version is so beautifull with it’s unique artstyle and animations ( I love ghilbli studio) that I would love this game on WiiU in HD! a 3D version would be amazing, but I hope the animation and artstyle doesn’t suffer because of the hardware. Anyway you guys should be excited, this game is Awesome!

    1. If you look at gameplay of the DS version it looks nowhere near as good as the ps3 version and the combat isn’t as fleshed out

  25. Please Namco Bandai,put Ni No Kuni:Wrath of the White Witch on the Wii U instead of 3DS!It would better on the Wii U any how.

  26. 3DS 3DS 3DS 3DS PLEASE 3DS. It would be portable! Seriously, it won’t do much good on the Wii U, because it won’t be an exclusive. On the 3DS, it would be portable, and in 3D. Double Whammy. Bring it to the 3DS…and maybe the Wii U e-shop? :P

  27. Seems like Nintendo and Namco Bandai are making some good bonds! First with Smash bros now this? Maybe they want to put this game on 3DS so they can have him as a character? Probably not but interesting idea.

  28. I would love this on the Wii U, because it needs an expanded library ASAP and having off-TV play as well as special features on the game pad would be great, but I’m torn because I’d also love to have the game on-the-go with the 3DS…..

  29. After playing the PS3 version. Keep it away from the 3DS. Watering it down will kill the game. If anything, put it on the Vita where it won’t have as many sacrifices (Not being a fanboy before any Nintendo fanboy chucks a hissy fit, I just think It would be a crime to water this masterpiece down).

  30. I’d rather it be on the Wii U personally. Ni No Kuni sold around 200K in NA region. I think Op Rainfall proved that a decent amount of Nintendo console owners want jrpgs. since the Wii U is really lacking in that area I think owners would flock to Ni No Kuni. the 3Ds has more owners so it would be a more logical choice but I hope it’s on the Wii U. I’d love to see Namco port some of the Tales games too like Vesperia or Graces or even Xilla

  31. I want it for the 3ds but who know how it will look on the 3ds? kinda like dq8 ? i dont think the 3ds can run it on the same level of graphics that in the ps3 version.

  32. DarklordNintendoFan

    I’d prefer it on the Wii U, rather than the 3DS. The 3DS has a lot of great games already (though, it really could use some JRPGs, since it seems to be lacking in that department) and the Wii U would greatly benefit from having this game added to its library. And if it sold as well on the Wii U as it did on the PS3, perhaps those ignorant third party developers who refuse to make anything for the Wii U will realize that there is money to be made from the console.

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  34. YES! YES! YES!
    I had been putting off buying this game because it didn’t feel as important to me as Tales of Xillia (Which now is scheduled for August, which sucks), but if they put it in 3DS I would buy the heck out of it.

  35. Would be great on the Wii U as it would sell and people want games on it right now. However if it comes out in September thats when the games ramp up not sure it would sell around those times

  36. It would make sense because it was originally made for the ds and It would look amazing in 3D.
    I also like the fact that you drew the spell to cast it in battle and out that would be a great help for quick casting

  37. I would like to see the pre-planned prequel “The Jet-Black Mage” come to the DS. If both games were released simultaneously for the 3DS, I would buy them since I enjoyed playing the PS3 version.

  38. I would prefer it on the 3ds if its the ps3 version. The only thing I might change is the use of spells instead of auto cast we would have to draw the spell. Please Say its coming!

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  40. This is why correct information is needed in articles. It would be the DS VERSION that would be ported and localized not the PS3 version. Why would they do that when it did so poorly in Japan?

  41. IlovesmesomeGhibli

    I think it should be put on the 3DS. It’s already on a console here, so a hand held version would be nice. Plus I don’t have the money for a PS3 or WiiU =p

  42. If it came out for 3DS, I would buy it instantly. If it came out for Wii U I would declare Namco gods of gaming.
    I’ll be calling them that anyway should Smash Bros 4 be any better then previous games.
    If they bring it out fir Wii u and Smash Bros 4 is the best thing ever I will declare them gods and worship them in the manner they would clearly deserve.

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  45. I would buy this on a 3DS on 3 points 1 the game originated on Nintendo it SHOULD have remained a Nintendo exclusive. 2 I would buy this to mainly prove how bad Martyn inthelittlewood is at this particular game. 3 The Playstation needs better online support, more voice comunication with localised servers, and Lastly My hands cramp up from 30sec with a playstation controler seriously sony take the dive and buy XBOX 360 Controllers from Microsoft do the paperwork and switch the controller IR Frequencies its simple.

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  47. I’d totally love it on 3DS (in Europe)! I don’t have any PS console (mostly because in our household my bf is the one who does most of the game-shopping, and he only buys Nintendo), and I’d prefer not to have to buy a new console (PS3 or WiiU) just for one game…but 3DS I already have and love. ^_^

    1. yes 3ds please i don’t have a wii u yet but i do have a 3ds and this game looks so exiting please please be on the 3ds

  48. Please do! On the 3ds! I have a 3ds and I can’t afford a ps3 or wii u :( I would die if this game didn’t come to 3ds I love it so much!!!!

  49. Yes, when is it coming out? this is the one game my son wants for xmas, I told him it’s not out yet….he thinks Santa can make anything!!! We have both systems, probably out in a 3ds would be best for game play.

  50. I just want to play it. I would love to see it for both the DS and the Wii U. That way I could play on the big screen when I want and take it with me when I travel. The game looks awesome.

    1. haboobeker naimee

      Yes omg omg plz plz I thought of this idea in my head the other Ni no kuni would be so sick on the 3ds

  51. I think it should be for DS AND wii u not everybody has the wii u (nor do they want to) but most have a DS

  52. I agree please release it for the wii u. I have it on the ps3 and this is one of the best games I have ever played.

  53. Release the PS3 game for the 3DS kudosai!! My life has been leading up to this wonderous video game..
    ( {:})>-||=] *this ninja will back me up, once he gets up.

  54. Ni No Kuni FAN NUMBER ONE

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Ni No Kuni AND I don’t have the PS3 or the wii u so PRETTY PLEASE DO THE 3DS PRETTY PLEASE WITH GAMES ON TOP. please and thank you

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