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New Mario Party Game For 3DS Coming This Year In North America


Nintendo of America has announced that a new entry to the Mario Party series will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS sometime later this year.

14 thoughts on “New Mario Party Game For 3DS Coming This Year In North America”

  1. Mario party? Come on Nintendo, can’t you think of something better to release? Like an awesome “Nintenod world” RPG, or a metroid pime fps, or something. My 3DS is hungry for games!!!!

  2. I prefer Mario party on home consoles. I am a huge fan of the franchise(I have every single one except the DS one). 💋

  3. Finally, I’ve been waiting for the next Mario Party for ages! Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of the series. Even if you don’t like some minigames, you will always find some that are pretty great and original. Nintendo’s definitely announcing a lot of games though…I may fall behind on my Mario for a bit :(

  4. I dont like how on 1 board it showed getting to the finish…GO BACK TO CLASSIC MARIO PARTY. Getting stars for a set ammount of turns. Not everyone in 1 car getting to the end of the board getting mini stars each turn. That was terrible.

    1. ive never played it on handhelds, any reason for it being bad? other than the obvious fact that it is ment to be a party game with more than the one player

  5. Well they need to rethink what they have done with Mario Party. I love the idea and actually most of the games. I like they tried to switch things up with 9 but it sucked so I didn’t like the actual game. If they make it a good Mario Party game with cool boards, characters, and some really fun mini games it would be nice. I think that using the Mario Party 8 roster is a good start but we can add Shy Guy and Kamek to that.The more characters the better. Just make sure Toadette gets in there! She hasn’t been in a game in FOREVER. No seriously, 2008 was her last game in Mario Sluggers. What the heck?!

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