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White And Purple Pikmin Now Confirmed For Pikmin 3


Nintendo has confirmed that white and purple Pikmin will be making an appearance in the long-awaited Pikmin 3. The Pikmin were spotted after appearing in artwork on the official Pikmin 3 website. The purple Pikmin are exceptionally strong and heavy and they weigh ten times that of the regular Pikmin in Pikmin 2. When a purple Pikmin attacks it does three times as much damage. The white Pikmin are poisonous and they can damage any enemy that decides to take a bite out of them. They’re also immune to poison and are very fast.

39 thoughts on “White And Purple Pikmin Now Confirmed For Pikmin 3”

    1. Flying Pikmin are so small that it would probably take more of them to lift something, so the yellow ones will likely still have their uses when it comes to retrieving high-up items.
      The white ones will likely be used mainly for ferrying things across gaps that other Pikmin can’t cross. Wide gorges and such, rather than for stuff that’s higher up.
      Plus, Yellow Pikmin can survive electric shocks, which is very useful.

  1. So does that mean the Rock Pikmin, which I would expect to do far more damage since they can break crystal, don’t do as much damage as Purple Pikmin, despite their abilities?
    Well shit, there goes logic.XD

    1. Just because purple pikmin are strong and heavy doesn’t mean that their bodies are hard. You can’t throw body builders into walls and expect them to fall down, for example.

  2. At first I thought the Purple Pikman would be useless since they announced the Rock Pikman, but I remember, who will carry all the items easily?

    1. Yeah Purple Pikmin are most likely still stronger than rock pikmin. Also while hitting enemies with rock pikmin must sting, I think they don’t have the crushing force of a purple pikmin.

      1. And yet as far as we know, for some reason, Purple Pikmin still can’t break crystal enemies.
        How does it make sense for them to be stronger than rock Pikmin when they can’t destroy the same things the rock Pikmin can?XD

    2. Don’t forget that they are also heavier and stun enemies with their impact. Also, rock pikmin can’t latch onto enemies and deal continuous damage like other pikmin, which is a pretty big disadvantage.

  3. Purple and white pikmin have BEEN confirmed months ago in the December Nintendo Direct. They showed them standing idle next to the excavation pod.

  4. And do not forget that purple pikmin make red pikmin worthless in Pikmin 2.

    Let´s hope this time they made a well balance game with 7 Pikmins.

    1. I wouldn’t say worthless, Red pikmin are the only ones that can survive Fire, They have the 2nd highest attack power, & you can produce a lot more of them much more easily. :P

      1. There are like 5 or 6 enemies in the entire game that are on fire and needed to be beaten to finish the game, they are the only reason red pikmin are “important” in Pikmin 2, but if you are fast enough you could beat those enemies with purple pikmin without losing a single one of those do to burns thus making red pikmin worthless pices of junk needed only to produce better and more important purple and white pikming without having to lose the more useful blue and yellow pikmins.

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  6. Anybody else think that it is B.S. that the Pink Pikmin get their own Onion, and the Purple and White Pikmin didn’t?

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