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Is Nintendo Set To End The DS’ Production Run?

nintendo dsIt looks like the Nintendo DS production could be on hold for good. According to Nintendo’s financial results for the current fiscal year its sales forecast for DS software titles is a bold 10 million, but hardware sales have drawn a blank – quite literally.

The DS has had a fantastic production run, with sales of over 153 million units and software sales of over 933 million, after its launch in Japan and North America in 2004. In fact, it’s seen some of the best shift in software sales, with New Super Mario Bros. at 30 million and Mario Kart DS following at 23.3 million units. And the DS has ended on a last high with sales of Pokemon White and Black 2 reaching 7.81 million. As it stands, Nintendo has yet to provide official confirmation of its DS hardware production.

31 thoughts on “Is Nintendo Set To End The DS’ Production Run?”

  1. Sony: “The PS2 still shifts a few hundred a week, let’s keep selling it for another 5 years”
    Nintendo: “The DS is barely pushing a thousand a week, let’s stop production”

    1. Exactly. And there’s no point in keeping the DS in production when the 3DS is fully backwards compatible and not that much more expensive. The PS2 still had a reason to exist since the PS3 didn’t run its games (but even then, it was in production for 13 years or so. Damn Sony).

    2. You do realize with that statement, that you are against Nintendo? You just confirmed that Sony stays loyal with its fans even though sales are rough, while Nintendo completely shuts off from its fans in order to save as much money as possible, even though the sales are better than Sony’s sales.

      From my point of view, Sony cares about its fans more than Nintendo will ever do. If you want proof, go look up the immense amount of franchises Sony owns versus Nintendo. Sony even does sacrifices for franchises that aren’t so popular in general, just to satisfy the small group of fans for that franchise. I’ve seen Twisted Metal and Sly Cooper on PS3, but where were Star Fox and F-Zero for Wii? There you have it.

      This is coming from a person who owns all consoles.

      1. Not really. The reason why Sony kept the PS2 in production as long as it did was to recoup losses from the consoles and because it was the only profitable console they have until 2010.

      2. if you think that ANY of the console makers really care for their customers or bring niche games on purpose, you’re a lunatic. its a business just like every other, and sony is playing it the same way MS and nintendo are: they want to earn. and thats all.

      3. Where are the Spyro Games and the Crash games? They can put Big daddy and heihachi, but not the one that actually wear their mascots and people wanted in the game? Yeah, they do not care for the fans at all.

      4. Not really, this might not even be confirmed. I made a joke (which isn’t funny at all now that I look at it), and you took it to be a serious comment saying that Sony care more about its consumers than Nintendo does. As Naner said, Sony had a reason to because they didn’t care about their consumers enough to allow PS2 games to be played on a PS3, whereas you can play DS games on a 3DS. Before you say things like that, don’t ignore things that will go against your point such as all the security issues that they said sorry about by giving about 10% of PS3 owners 1 or 2 games, whereas Nintendo gave owners who bought the 3DS at its original price 10 favourite NES games and 10 of the favourite GBA games. Not to mention that Nintendo never lie about their products like Sony repeatedly did about the PS2 and PS3 specifications.

        No companies really care about their consumers, it’s just an illusion intelligently created by them.

  2. Best handheld ever made? I know so. Btw who has miiverse? and wants to go against me in black ops or need for speed?

  3. With over 153 million units sold, the Nintendo DS was a one of a kind handheld system. Let’s hope that Nintendo 3DS continues going the distance like their big brother had in its lifetime.

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  5. i work in a game store and we dont even receive the DS’s in brand new anymore! we were under the impression they didnt make them as all we get stocked with is the 3DS & 3DS XL…

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  7. Well, I myself own a 3DS and a DS AND a GBA sp. And I think they are boss. I am a HUGE Nintendo fan and I totally think Nintendo should go for it! Keep making DS games, Nintendo!
    In fact, make the DS versions of 3DS games for the guys who don’t have a 3DS and would like to try a 3DS game!!! That would be awesome.

  8. Nintendo should continue making games for DS because it’s not fair to those who have a DS and not a 3DS. Plus they’ll make more money if they made games available to both 3DS and DS systems. It’s unfair to make these cool games for 3DS and then they’re not available for the other system.

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