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Satoru Iwata Steps Up As CEO At Nintendo Of America

satoru_iwata_wii_u_gamepadAfter yesterday’s announcement that Nintendo’s profits had suffered sufficient losses last financial year, Satoru Iwata has taken a big step by revealing in an official statement he will take on an extra role at Nintendo of America. Iwata will lace up his shoes as the CEO of Nintendo America after Tatsumi Kimishima – the current CEO – moves on to become the global managing director of Nintendo, based in its Kyoto headquarters.

This is big news as Kimishima, who previously came to Nintendo in 2000, will assume the role in both Corporate Analysis and Administration and the General Affairs divisions – meaning that the current bosses Yoshihiro Mori and Masaharu Matsumoto will step down this summer for retirement.

The big shift is set to create a more streamlined approach when it comes to matters of business and, of course, to fortify Nintendo’s global unified strategy within such a competitive market. With Satoru Iwata acting as NoA’s CEO, Nintendo’s COO Reggie-Fils Aime  will now report directly to Iwata.

86 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata Steps Up As CEO At Nintendo Of America”

      1. Fuck off troll or Nintendo hater. Iwata is the heart of Nintendo. He leaves Nintendo dies. He is a man he will make mistakes. But his passion. For Nintendo goes unmatched. Iwata has been a great Global President of Nintendo for the most part.

        1. I don’t know… I sometimes really think that Nintendo needs a new president… Iwata’s been making some very big mistakes in the past few years…

        2. im not a troll, not even hater…..he has done lots and lots of good things you’re just a retarded fan who can’t see what’s happening I don’t mind if Iwata stays but he need to change drastically

  1. Woooow, really?
    People have been saying this for a while but damn.

    I feel sorry for Iwata in a way, he’s made te company rise the highest theyve been since the SNES, only to fall due to such a fast and large change in the video game market.
    Curious who does the Nintendo Direct now.
    Undeniably, Iwata is a good director in a PR sense, at the very least, and towards the consumer.

    Hopefully Kimishima can turn the companies profits around.

    1. Nah you’ve got it wrong – although it is a little confusing. Iwata’s still CEO. He’s just also CEO of NoA now, which means Reggie reports directly to him instead of to Kimishima. Hopefully this means the folks at NoA will have more access to Iwata and thus more influence over decision-making.

    2. Yeah, Iwata’s a double CEO now. With this they plan to improve the relationship between Redmond and Kyoto and create more global strategies.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Imagine Iwata as a kid, dreaming of one day climbing the corporate ladder and maybe become a CEO. Now he’s a DOUBLE CEO LOL

        Sounds like a ton of work if you ask me. And he cut his pay a while back IIRC


  3. not convinced this will bring any good. only an american national can understand how to deal with the american market

      1. they’ve had japanese games but the head of NOA was handling marketing. you can’t sell a game to an american like you do to a japanese person, different strategies. but again, i guess he’s not stupid, he hopefully knows what he’s doing

  4. Hopefully we get more releases here, does this mean Iwata will live in the US or something? More changes of Japanese exclusives here in the west..?

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  7. this is a good thing, this could mean maybe that noa will localize games that europe has been and maybe more but noa saying last story sucks pandoras tower sucks, xenoblade sucks, oh wait gamestop is making an offer we wil let this game slide but it isnt better than mini golf wii. noa is garbage this is good news

  8. I only hope Iwata will be able to handle the pressure and keep his health in good state. He is a great CEO in my opinion.

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  10. Maybe now that Satoru is coming to run NoA, we won’t receive nothing but shitty games and miss out on all the major JP titles like we always do because of Reggies more times than not, fail marketing choices. Reggie doesn’t understand wtf a vast majority of the 20s-40s american nintendo owner wants. That’s why it took Xenoblade so damn long to localize here & when it did, sold off the damn charts. Monolith is a fuckin Nintendo owned studio for christ sake. Satoru knows what’s up.

    1. yes i know thank you, fucking reggie is unbelievable but everybody just gets mad because they cant face the facts of noa sucking when i say what you just said.

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    1. Hate to rain on your parade, Drew Carey’s girlfriend… but Reggie is STILL the President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America. In case your brain is retarding your failed attempt at trolling, read the last sentence

      “With Satoru Iwata acting as NoA’s CEO, Nintendo’s COO Reggie-Fils Aime will now report directly to Iwata.”

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