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Mario Kart And 3D Mario For Wii U Coming This Year?


Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe revealed via a press release that the 3D Mario title and Mario Kart Wii U are among a number of games that will launch “during the next several months.” We already knew Nintendo were preparing to show off both Mario 3D and Mario Kart Wii U at this years E3 event in June, but we weren’t entirely sure when they would be coming.

During the next several months, Nintendo expects to launch new titles in the Mario Kart (Wii U), Super Mario Bros. (Wii U), Wii Fit (Wii U), Pikmin (Wii U), The Legend of Zelda (Wii U and Nintendo 3DS), Mario & Luigi (Nintendo 3DS) and Pokémon (Nintendo 3DS) franchises.

104 thoughts on “Mario Kart And 3D Mario For Wii U Coming This Year?”

      1. lol…. I laugh sooo hard reading this comment…. well said.

        on topic…….. I AM GONNA BE SOOOOO BROKE THIS WINTER. Damn… I need a raise!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks God i make money else my would have moths fly out my wallet and i would be able to pay rent

  1. Smash Brothers and Zelda Wii U in the next several months? I call BS. Thats crap. How about the next several years?

      1. Pitfall near your door

        I think where it says Legend of Zelda for Wii U and 3DS might also include Wind waker HD but we wait for more news for that. :3 i would expect Wind waker HD to come out this year.

      2. Oh Lol. I read it really quick and when I saw Super Mario Bros. my brain autocorrected it to Smash Bros…. Haha

        1. same happened to me
          i then decided that i must be mistaken, turned my brain on and read it again.

          from the titles above im obviously getting:
          mario wii u
          mario kart wii u
          zelda wii u
          zelda 3ds

          and many more obviously.

          1. Only one I’m still not completely sure about is Zelda 3DS. The rest obviously are all must-haves :P

            I probably will pick up Mario & Luigi too.

      3. Windwaker’s coming out this year. I’m expecting Smash Bros for Wii U to come out next year (slight chance the 3DS version comes out this year).

      1. I’d assume this as well! Didn’t nintendo say they are giving us a wind waker HD remake to tide us over whilst they redefine what makes zelda a zelda game? I.e multi player, having to do dungeons in a set order etc.

        1. Multiplayer in a console Zelda game…why would you want Zelda to be killed? No fucking multiplayer in Zelda.

      2. Don’t be surprised if there is more than one zelda for wiiu, check out the wiiu game catalog at! Nintendo is out for blood n this is just the beginning… High Command out.

        1. They already confirmed that they’re developing an open-world zelda game for Wii U, but that in the meanwhile we can play Wind Waker HD. Basically, that confirms two Zelda games on the same console.

    1. I dont see why smash bros wont be out next year because look how much content melee had over the original n64 version and that came out like two years after and looked so much better and added trophies and insane amount of modes.They already have character models from brawl and they just need to touch those up and add new characters stages balance and music.

  2. Pitfall near your door

    My body is ready but my wallet is not. Man it looks like im going bankrupt this year lol. :3

  3. That pretty much confirms these two games will be out before the years end. These 2 games along with Smash and the next Zelda’s are probably the biggest projects with the largest teams working on them.

      1. give or take , yeah. Winwaker remake will be out late this year though. I’m so fucking hyped to replay that game with re-imagined Wiiu graphics and controlls!

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  5. I thought we all just assumed this… I mean if it’s playable at E3. The odds are good that it will come out by the holiday

    1. That’s my understanding,.. If they have a playable demo, that means the most time consuming part is done. The engine.

      After that it’s all building assets/levels with QA at the end.

  6. Awesome! I’m glad for this, but I really want to see a Mario RPG and some more RPG’s on Wii U, ATLUS, please!

      1. Dude! You read my mind! Love that game… While you are on the right track, I believe Racjin, formally Racdym developed those games.

    1. The Luigi DLC is a DLC, not a “new title in the Super Mario Bros. franchise”.

      The franchise is called Super Mario Bros. and that includes games like 64 and the Galaxies.

  7. Wow! This year looks like it will be outstanding for the Wii U. My only worries are what games will come out NEXT year. It seems like everything is coming out the end of 2013 and I expect Smash Bros to be out by Q1 of 2014 so what will happen next Fall? F-Zero? Metroid? Hopefully a LOT like this year! :) 💋

    1. Look at 3DS, there were some amazing games released in the previous 2 years, and THIS year has been just amazing. Nintendo know what they are doing, They arnt gonna be messing around. They have something in store for us. And E3 is only what around 45 days away? (god that reminded me of HIMYM…uhh.anyway), i hope we see retro’s new project!

      1. Oh gosh! I am super psyched for E3 this year! Only 45 DAYS AWAY!? I am getting that feeling you used to get on Christmas morning as a kid :D 💋

  8. Yeah, you gotta figure they roll out their biggest franchises to compete with the launch of ps4 and nextbox – this isn’t anything really new, but good to hear the predictions coming to fruition.

    Side comment, grabbed Trine 2 on sale last night for Wii U – that game is gorgeous and so fun on the gamepad.

      1. Never understood that game. Really Awful lame spinoff excuse for a game, especially being on main consoles. The minigames in Pokemon stadium1,2 were better!

  9. The super mario bros. series are the 2d Mario games. The super mario series are the 3d Mario games. Just clarifying.

  10. I’m sure they had to reassure investors that everything is on schedule despite posting losses. To have a new 3D platform Mario and Mario Kart in the same year shows Nintendo isn’t playing around.

  11. I might get Mario Kart, but I’m not feeling a new 3D Mario, or any Mario platformer for that matter. I’m just so burnt out on Mario platformers at this point.

    1. It could. And with Nintendo’s recent track record it could mean even longer than that if they fell the quality isn’t there. My guess is that these games will be released around November when either one or both systems from Sony and Microsoft launch.

  12. If there is a Mario Kart this year, then I’m assuming that’s what Retro Studios has been working on this whole time. I don’t know if I’ll be happy or sad if that’s the case.

    1. No, Retro’s not working on Mario Kart(Well at least that’s not their main Project. They might’ve still helped out like with Mario Kart 7).
      Nintendo EAD’s Mario Kart Dev Team(The guys who made the past 6 or 7 Mario Karts) are working on it as always. ;)

    2. Seeing as Retro hasn’t showed there game and its still a secret and we know about Mario Mart that’s proof its not. Plus there’s no barrel rolling in Mario Mart. Retros game is Starfox.

  13. Retro most definitely would be working on something other than mario kart. It has to be a top secret game for an old franchise. I’m thinking Star Fox, another DK game, or F-Zero. Seem the most logical.

  14. Super Mario Bros. could refer to New Super Luigi U rather than 3D Mario. Also, “next several months” is very cryptic. They could be talking 10 months from now which would not be this year.

  15. Finally, Mario Kart Wii U is coming! That’s definitely one of the big Wii U games I’ve been looking forward too. I still play Double Dash at least 4 times a week! Nothing like a great Mario racing game

  16. I expected this from the start, so it’s no surprise. But they way they say “Super Mario Bros.” seems suspicious. Maybe the new game is multiplayer?

  17. atm, my wishlist includes:

    Smash Bros U
    Mario Kart U
    Game & Wario
    Rayman Legends
    Dream Team
    Wind Waker U
    Mario U
    Yarn Yoshi

  18. Only thing that confuses me here is how it says Zelda Wii U, but I assume it means Wind Waker since it is talking this year, and also says (Wii U and 3DS) and we know both WW and the 3DS Zelda game are coming out this year. Hope it’s true about the rest then e.g. Mario Kart! Although I hope they don’t rush them, I don’t mind waiting if they need to be perfected, there’s tonnes of 3DS games coming out so I’ll be busy anyway!

  19. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    It lists Zelda WIIU ALSO! Not just the 3DS game…Oh crap that prob means Wind Waker only :/

  20. Iwata said Holiday Season for Mario Mart U in the January Direct…The 3D Mario will also be holiday season.

  21. i trust all they say is true! new mario and kart and wind waker. i also checked listing a new zelda 2 and smash bros as THIS year.not that it can’t be misinformation but nintendo is reaaalllly good at keeping secrets so wait for E3 then the truth shall be revealed. plus think about it, video/screen shots of smash at E3. i’m thinking the real info will be reopening on the dojo! they like to reveal on that!

  22. And this is only until the next fiscal year, which ends in March 2014.

    This could likely mean that we’ll see 3D Mario and Mario Kart for Wii U after the holiday season, but hopefully they’ll be released this year.

  23. Didn’t Nintendo say there was a whole new mario 3d series coming plus the galaxy series continuing. Nintendo are going to be epic this year

  24. Ha any news of Nintendo having one foot in the grave have been highly exaggerated.Just one of these games can boost sales.Also as said in the comments above I am going to be broke after this……….totally worth it.

  25. Super Mario Bros. is going to be Super Mario U.
    Zelda is going to be Link to the Past 2 and Wind Waker HD
    Smash Bros…. I have no idea. There’s no way it’ll be out this year.
    Mario Kart, I guess it’ll be Mario Kart 8.
    Pokemon 3DS is obviously going to be X and Y.

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