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Monster Hunter Tri Wii Servers Shutting Down Today

monster hunter triCapcom confirmed it would be shutting down its Wii servers for the popular series Monster Hunter Tri earlier this month. Today, the online servers will cease to exist after launching in 2010.  Though many fans may have updated to the 3DS and Wii U versions of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it will be the last day to wave goodbye to the online predecessor.

33 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Tri Wii Servers Shutting Down Today”

    1. Sucks that it doesn’t have online housing for players though. feel that the merchant in tanzia opposed to the trading post in Loc Lac makes getting those hard to obtain items a cakewalk.

  1. Three cheers for Lagaricrus, bad son of a gun. Blamed for causing earth quakes because he is just that bad a they come. Had the only known it was Cadeus :).

  2. they did so fast!! 3 years only? They could left 1 small server for another 2!!.. If someone buys it now, he will never see its full potential.

  3. I’m disappointed there were no incentives for a trade-in, my good ol MH3 wii feels now abandoned, with no market value

    1. It was really the Wii’s only online game. Everything else doesn’t even come close.

      I can’t believe how many people have already upgraded to a new system and a new game by now. I was literally just getting into this one and then they closed the servers for no reason other than to drive sales for their next one. That is… BS :\

  4. If the intention is to drive the market thru Wii U, Let me tell you that I am not buying it. screw you! you will probably do the same, in 2 years from now to Wii U users and the party will go on a on!. Nintendo should let servers ( 2 or 3 ) open, or do it gradually, they didn’t think in anything else but money!, shame on you!

  5. eh macht wieder die server auf nur einer oder zwei des reichjt schon ich will online zocken des war voll lustig un geil un so einfach nur scheise macht sie wieder auf bitte sonst hasse ich euch -.-

  6. Was very disappointed to hear this. I’ve plugged many hours into that game, and I guess I’ll never reach high rank now. Hoping nintendo will put a few servers back up. So us loyal fans can contiune to enjoy our favorite game.

  7. So what about the accomplishments you could earn or the monsters that were ONLY available online? With the servers shut down, how are you supposed to get these things now?

  8. I put Monster Hunter Tri on for the first time since the server switchh off, and my whole save file (EVERYTHING!!) was deleted. Has anyone has this problem? I presumed I would be able to continue my single player game.

  9. Basically the only good online Wii game, and half of it is ruined. All the good things are online, now I can’t get any of the stuff my friend showed me(he basically had it all). I’m only limited to the decent offline stuff. I really wanted to hunt with others, guess that dream failed. :(

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