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Club Nintendo Refunds Wii U Owners 150 Coins For Super Metroid Purchase

club nintendo emailNintendo has pulled out all the stops for its fans by refunding Club Nintendo members and Wii U owners with 150 coins if they purchased Super Metroid in the past month. In April, the game was one of the rewards North American members could purchase with previously saved coins on the website, along with Super Mario 64, Kirby’s Pinball Land and 3D Classics: Urban Champion.

Due to a special promotion beginning May 15, Super Metroid will be on offer for just 30 cents, and Nintendo thought it would be unfair for Club Nintendo members to lose out. The company sent out a mass email to its members detailing that they would refund their account with 150 coins as they own a Wii U, and said members can still use the download code they received with their previous purchase.

24 thoughts on “Club Nintendo Refunds Wii U Owners 150 Coins For Super Metroid Purchase”

    1. See, I had this plan…
      Get Super Meteoid on Wii Virtual Consol for 150 coins, then get it for a discount on the WiiU VC as anyone with a Wii VC game, can purchase it at a discount on the WiiU VC.

      WELL, I missed the Memo that it would be 0.30 This month, and saw my folly as costing me 150 coins.

      Until this post, where I am reminded yet again that Nintendo watches out for it’s fans.

  1. Nice! By the way, do you mean “pulled out all the stops?” at least that’s how the saying goes in the US.

    1. A) they didn’t have to do it at all seeing it was no secret it was going on sale in May in the first place

      B) Wii game download codes are not the same as Wii U eShop codes

      1. I recently purchased it for 150 coins, yes it was stupid, but I for one, will benifit from Nintendo’s generosity.

  2. I remember when Microsoft and Sony refunded me what I paid for a game because it was going on sale in the near future….. said no one ever.

      1. Wow that’s sad. They gave me 400 points once when my account got hacked and it took them 2 months to fix it. What the hell could I buy with 400 points?! Nothing that I want anyway. Oh and they have me 20 points for my birthday last year. Microsoft doesn’t know how to treat its fans.

  3. One time, I signed up to beta test an original Xbox game. Because of problems in manufacturing the discs, the test was cancelled and I got a free 12-month Xbox Live subscription as a consolation.

    Not often you see the apology being 10 times better than what you would normally have gotten. :P

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