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Charity Auction Sees First Generation Of Pokémon Drawn By 151 Artists

clefable charity auctionIt’s not everyday you see the original 151 Pokémon re-imagined by 151 different artistic visions, but that is just what is happening at an art gallery in California this month. Rare Candy: The Pokémon Gallery is a portrayal of unique artistic talent representing the first generation of Pokemon, and it’s all for charity.

The event, which is taking place at Umpqua Bank, San José, until May 17, is looking to raise money for  charity by auctioning off 151 pieces of individual, hand-drawn art. Inspired by the first generation of Pokémon, Peter Le and Amy Kim decided to launch a fun art gallery dedicated to their childhood nostalgia. With the help of their friends and a University Animation and Illustration programme, they launched a bigger and better art gallery than they had previously imagined, and decided to send 100 per cent of the profits to their chosen charity, Canines for Disabled Kids – a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of deaf and physically disabled children by partnering them up with trained service dogs.

All 151 artists who took part in the event were randomly assigned one Pokémon, where they could draw, paint and envision it any way they wished. To see the art gallery, or to bid on an art piece, you can visit their website. For more information on the event, check out their Facebook page, or to find out more about their chosen charity, you can do so at

47 thoughts on “Charity Auction Sees First Generation Of Pokémon Drawn By 151 Artists”

  1. They only did 151 because thats the amount of REAL Pokémon there are in the game.
    Johto Sucks
    Hoenn Sucks
    Sinnoh Sucks
    Unova Sucks

        1. Bitch please, I love Charizard and most of the 1st gen Pokemon, but I prefer my Serperior. If you don’t like it, that’s not my business ;)

          1. Bitch please, Pokémon has been done and done all over again. You think Serperior is so great? Serperior is just a reskinned Milotic. And even then do you know how many Snake-like species there are in Pokémon? Like plenty.

            1. How many? only 6 or 7 Snake-like pkmn (including evolutions) in all the versions, but again, not my Business, if you don’t like the rest of the generations, that’s not my problem, keep the nostalgia for yourself. ;)

              1. Snivy, Servine, Serperior, Onix, Steelix, Arbok, Ekans, Milotic, Seviper, Dratini, Dragonair, Rayquaza, Gyrados… There are a LOT of serpent Pokemon. Still, for me to believe you that there would only be about 6, Game Freak must be doing something right. There’s just enough of a difference to differentiate these Pokemon!

                  1. Fail… Indeed*, True, every Pokemon have it’s own personality, which make them different from the others, yes, it can be Snake-like, but every Pokémon are different.

      1. Yes I know so. And were left out of it because they were crappy designed and poorly thought of Pokémon. Making GameFreak look like lazy bastards.

    1. This would make sense [as an opinion], if you didn’t say Johto sucks. Those Pokemon are very similar in appearance and style. Everyone knows that hating on Gen II is wrong. The changes aren’t significant enough between the two. Unless adding color and splitting special into stats is offensive.

    2. So you think all the other Pokemon games after 1st gen suck, yet you took the time to look up the names of all the regions and then make this comment….

  2. Didn’t this already happen? I could’ve sworn something like this was reported like a year ago.

    1. Cubone and Marowak are pretty awesome Pokémon (and the history behind them are pretty scary too)

      1. I meant my favourite drawing out of the 151 up for charity, but he’s a pretty neat Pokemon too.

  3. Don’t get the hate for post 151 Pokemon. Sure there is some bad ones within each generation , but there is also more good ones within each generation. The more pokemon the better.

    1. Finally! A Pokemon fan with some sense. For me, stats and uniqueness matters than basing it on who’s the prettiest. I had a team of Vanilluxe, Scrafty, Scolipede (I’ve always wanted a centipede Pokemon), Hydreigon, Eelektross, and Ferrothorn.

      1. I too love 3rd gen the best! Despite Jynx (the best Pokemon of all time…) being in the first gen. 💋

  4. Genwunners are like cancer. Everybody hates them, and we’re trying to find a cure for their idiocy.

  5. There was a similar art show in Milwaukee, WI last summer. Same people are doing a new one this year themed on battling pokemon.

  6. The one who did Jynx didn’t do a very good job. So sad :,( But the Dragonaire one was awesome! There were a lot of really good and clever art pieces in it. I’m impressed! 💋

  7. Man I so want to see what they did with Mewtwo, anybody knows if they released photos of the objects?

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