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Wii Street U Update Adds Miiverse Support, Other Features


Wii U users who’ve downloaded Wii Street U can update the application to receive new features. After performing the update, you’ll be able to take pictures of places you’ve visited and post those pictures onto Miiverse. Below is a list of what features the update adds to the app. For those who don’t know, Wii Street U is currently a free download from the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

  • Can register places as favorites
  • Nine new recommended spots added
  • Miiverse support
  • Take pictures of places and post them to Miiverse, can view others’ contributions, as well
  • Can tag your pictures with your thoughts. The tags include “normal,” “awesome,” “beautiful,” “unusual” and “scary”.
  • Can also view pictures based on a certain tag
  • Can now “spoiler” your images as well, which covers up the image with a question mark


  1. this is awesome lol find my house if you dare

    this video has nothing to do with this news feed,(so i warned you) but it did a few days ago, made me laugh maybe you’ll laugh to :D


      1. Got me a 2 gig for under a hundered bucks and it is self powered and has no issues with the Wii U.


  2. cool update, but ya know I was just at gamespot (sorry i can’t post any links i’m using my 3ds xl) and one of there post’s said (they posted in febuary i think) what if Nintendo releases another portable next year what would you guys think about that?


    1. To entertain the notion (not because I believe it will happen, in fact I’d be willing to guarantee it won’t and let you call me out if I’m wrong in the future). I think that it’s a terrible idea, they will be supporting the 3ds for at least another 3 or 4 years because it’s a beautiful and competent machine with an ever growing installed base. It would defeat the point in all Nintendo has achieved with the 3ds after its post launch problems.


      1. Also may have already updated. One of the newest Wii U update features is automatic DL of updates for title that you own.


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