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Nintendo Partner With SEGA For Sonic Lost World


Nintendo has announced that it has partnered with SEGA  for Sonic Lost World. The game will be exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. More details regarding the game should be released at a future date.

66 thoughts on “Nintendo Partner With SEGA For Sonic Lost World”

    1. Nintendo…has a partnership…with SEGA…People of the 80’s and 90’s would die upon hearing such a thing. These two companies used to go for each other’s throats, and now they’re teaming up? Awesome sauce.

    2. exclusives are bad, what about other sonic fans who ARE NOT INTERESTED IN A OBSOLETE CONSOLE! I don’t hate WiiU but I will not buy it.

        1. I have a wii u but he has a point. I want it to suceed. Want. But i know the other sustems are going to crush it. Its life. Stupid fanboy.

      1. While I think that having exclusives can potentially increase the quality of a game (in that they don’t have to spend time porting things all over the place) I agree with Ricardo that the Wii U is a bit of a poor choice when it comes to exclusives. I mean…it’s only just as good as the Xbox 360 specs-wise, and the controller is a big bulky mess and not really suitable for playing such a fast-paced game.

        As I’ve always said, PC is the way to go.

    3. exclusives are bad, what about other sonic fans WHO ARE NOT INTERESTED IN BUY AN OBSOLETE CONSOLE!!!! Why not make versions for all consoles?

      1. Okay, exclusives are GOOD! Nintendo needs them asshole! People complain Wii U has no 3rd party exclusives… then when the Wii U lands one like a new Sonic game or Bayonetta 2 and people complain it is exclusive. Make up your minds!!! 💋

  1. Interesting. Withholding any judgement until more information is revealed. Hoping it doesn’t have usual tight Sonic controls…

  2. omg yes i loved sonic and the rings andblackknight on wii i just hope these are more freedom though but still awesome :D

  3. haha , suck on that one Nintendo haters. Exclusive Sonic to the Wiiu ;) .

    Should bump up the sales a bit when that one drops.

  4. Everyone seems awfully excited about this…

    Clearly forgetting Sonic games have been awful for a long time.

    Generations and Colours were passable, but hardly great. And all the rest have been awful.

    Remain cautiously optimistic. Don’t go hyping it up to be amazing.

    1. That’s not being fair: Sonic Rush was a great title, too, as was Sonic Adventure 2.
      Sonic Unleashed was passable if you could get over the slowness of the nighttime levels, and that one Sonic RPG game on the DS was a passable affair as well.
      Then there’s the spin-off racing game, Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, which is a fantastic title in its own right.
      Sonic’s been doing better lately. His one big stumble was Sonic 06′, and that was years ago.XD

      1. I’ll add more to that list Eric. Heros which I can’t really justified I just found it fun (I know I’m on a lonely island on this one). and shadow the hedgehog which I found great because of the darkness the story brung which suited shadow more then a light story. Plus I loved the guns and use of chaos control (either speed through it or DESTROY EVERYTHING MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and lets not forget that ending. Clear cut end to shadows past. Plus dat ending line “goodbye forever, shadow, the hedgehog” -throws picture on ground as he walks away like a badass.

  5. that picture shows ice,volcano,jungle,desert,rocky and water areas… please be a combination of old school and sonic adventure :)

    1. If the last Sonic games (Sonic Colours/Colors and Sonic Generations) was any indicator then most likely it will :)

  6. This may be a great game. I hope it is like Sonic Colors and Generations and I disagree with Sonic games being bad lately (except 06 and maybe a little of Unleashed). Sonic is still going strong after a little shake up. The Classic Sonic games weren’t perfect, either.

  7. Finally, the new Sonic game is confirmed! This is definitely awesome news and I’m loving the title. I definitely have really high hopes for this game since it’ll probably be my first Sonic game on the Wii U (Assuming I don’t get the Olympics first)

  8. I just LOVE hearing that Nintendo and SEGA are working together now, instead of against. Makes you wonder is Sony will some day work with Nintendo? It’s an interesting thought. People might say “NEVER GONNA HAPPEN”, but we all thought that with SEGA back in the day as well.

  9. Nintendo Commander

    This was unimaginable back in the Great War…

    I’m glad our Empire and the Segans have now formed an alliance that gets stronger every year because both stand for Joy and creativity first…

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