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Over Six Minutes Of New Pikmin 3 Gameplay Footage

Wii U title Pikmin 3 will feature new playable characters – Alph, Brittany and Charlie. In the game, the Wii U GamePad controller is referred to as the “KopPad,” where players can view the overall map and grasp what each character and Pikmin are up to. Nintendo today showcased some new footage from the game, which you can view above. Pikmin 3 launches on July 26th in Europe, and on August 4th in North America.

Thanks, Tilmen.

29 thoughts on “Over Six Minutes Of New Pikmin 3 Gameplay Footage”

  1. Things I don’t understand: why would there be an option to replay past days if there’s no day limit? What does it mean that a “player character” won’t be able to make the day if she or he doesn’t eat? Will there be “main fruits” to collect (as in “ship parts” in pikmin 1 and “treasures” in pikmin 2) and, on the other hand, fruits that keep respawning? I should make juice out of fruits, right? So, maybe that means fruits are expendable… will every fruit respawn, even the ones I need 30 pikmin to move? Why does Iwata say planet Koppai has a DOOMSDAY if there’s no TIME LIMIT in this game? And, didn’t Miyamoto say this game would bring back the challenge of pikmin 1? How can it be more challening with no day limit and with the ability to replay days? Will I get some kind of prize if I challenge myself to fisnish the game within less days? I’m really, REALLY lost with the friendly changes they’re making.

      1. I’m refering to an overall limit, like in Pikmin 1. If there’s nothing like it in the game, why would be necessary to replay a day? Because I’m too lazy to recover all of the pikmin a giant rock smashed? I don’t understand the option of restarting days, if there’s no general deadline, like the 30 days on Pikmin 1.

    1. If you look carefully when they display the day replay menu, each one has a title: one day is marked “Where’s Brittany?” with Charlie’s face on it, and the next one says “Brittany and the Fruit.” To me, that sounds like the game follows a linear storyline, with maybe different goals each day (attain a certain amount of fruit, explore a certain area or find a specific captain. Think back to Star Fox 64, where each stage was the same layout but had different achievements). Meaning, if you don’t attain the requirement amount of fruit (or specific goal), you won’t be able to move forward. So maybe the challenge is coming not from an overall progress (like escaping on the 30th day), but rather how successfully you complete each day. Don’t assume they’re friendly changes just yet, we’ve seen a handful of videos and that’s it.

  2. The onion was changing colors, and it looks more mechanical. Could it be a manufactured onion capable of producing all pikmin type seeds?

  3. Credible source my ass

    Why does it always link to Nintendomination videos with those crappy intros instead of official ones later?

  4. Not bragging about graphics as I don’t honestly care, but this looks kinda of Pikmin2 graphics, wouldn’t you agree?

  5. No because you are watching it through YouTube. YouTube is a middle party. The actually graphics is directly from your TV. Hey do you guys think Alpha will be on SSB4 instead of Olimar?

  6. You mean to tell me that all the treasure in this game is fruit? Iwata, you’re joking right? The fruit (along with the multiple marbles, bottle caps and rings etc.) are some of the treasures from the past Pikmin games that I considered the most boring. I was hoping to see more real life products as treasures. Oh well. Still looks like it’ll be fun though.

    1. I think there might be multiple sections to the game like in Pikmin 2. First you collected the Pokos to pay off your debt, and then you went back to get the rest of the treasure and save Louie. Maybe in Pikmin 3 there will be extra emphasis on collecting fruit, but other treasures that are sold for Pokos are also valuable. Or perhaps once you’ve collected enough fruit seeds to sustain your planet you go back and collect treasure for money. I agree that the Pikmin 2 treasures were awesome, and I think a Pikmin 3 equivalent will be in the game.

      1. I really doubt it. Pikmin 3 shows that the collectibles, and the reason you collect them, change from one Pikmin game to another. Pikmin 1 had ship parts for escaping; Pikmin 2, treasures, for selling; Pikmin 3, fruits, for eating. Eating, its been suggested, it’s an essential mechanic in Pikmin 3. My guess is as it follows: if you don’t bring fruits fast and produce food for the main characters, you cannot continue into the next exploration day. That would explain (apart from the “casual” gamer needs) the need for a backwards-day mechanic: if you don’t have enough pikmins to bring food, and you don’t have food storaged on the ship or whatever is used for food juice storage, let’s say on the 4th day, it won’t suffice to get a game over and start the day again. Instead, you will be forced to go one or two days back to make it all better, to the third or second day, because if you don’t have the means, you would be stucked on the fourth day, without any food, over and over again. So, it is unlikely fruits wil just dissappear from the overall mechanic if you collect them all, giving the player time to collect other objects for money, like with Pikmin 2. Fruits are just too essential to the game.

        The question is: are there only fruits that won’t respawn, as in ship parts and treasures, or maybe there are fruits that keep on respawning on different places, because you always need food? I think that what Miyamoto has been saying about Pikmin 3 gives us a clue: he wanted to bring back the challenge of survival that Pikmin 1 had. So, fruits won’t respawn: you make food with what you have collected, so you have to be very careful to go and bring at least one fruit per day, or you won’t be able to make it to the next.

        Well, it’s just a guess, anyway.

        1. I want to know if we still go underground. I also want to know who how pink and rock pikmin are created and if rock pikmin strong against everything? And I also hope we need items other than just fruit. I do like the new challenge of them needing enough food in order to go on. It makes the game more realistic. I also hope that Olimar at least shows up at some point in this game. I also think the three new captains are on SSB4.

          1. We still go underground, it has been shown on other trailers that we do (or maybe it’s another underground level, like on Pikmin 1… but I doubt it), I doubt rock Pikmin are astrong against everything. We saw yesterday they’re strong against rock, obviously, but I doubt they’ll be strong against water, or even fire (on some fire fighting scenes, for example, they only take red pikmin). What bugs me a little is this: will rock Pikmin be strong against birds? Anyway, It is likely that rock pikmin will be harder to “harvest” because they’re heavier, so maybe when they are buried by a rock, it will not be that easy to put them back into the fight? As for the fruits, I insist: there will be only fruit. We don’t had nor have any reason to believe that the treasure logic on Pikmin 2 will be repeated on the next Pikmin iterations. Every Pikmin game (now we know, thanks to Pikmin 3) has a collectible of its own: ship parts, treasures, FRUIT. And every collectible serves a purpose: escape, sell, EAT. So, it is unlikely to be anything but fruit on Pikmin 3. We should get over it: Pikmin 2 is Pikmin 2, Pikmin 3 is Pikmin 3.

            1. You make some good points. But I still think it’s likely that some sort of treasure will be in Pikmin 3. It obviously should be a bigger game than Pikmin 2, so collecting the same types of fruits over and over again would get repetitive. Something that made Pikmin 2 stay interesting were all the different treasures and the ship’s description of them. There should at the very least be an expansive variety of food/fruit in pikmin 3. Another reason I think it might be possible for treasures to make an appearance is that in this latest footage it shows the ship “analyzing” some of the fruit, just as the ship in Pikmin 2 would for treasure. This could show it’s possible for non-fruit items to be analyzed by the ship as well. It even gives the same name to the sunseed berry, so it must have very similair capabilities to the Pikmin 2 ship. You’re insight on Pikmin 1 being ship parts, 2 treasure, and 3 fruit seems valid though. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but I think the bottom line is that we don’t have enough information either way to confidently say there is or is not going to be treasure.

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