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Nintendo Will Discuss New Smash Bros., 3D Mario And Mario Kart For Wii U “Before The Start Of E3”


Nintendo of America has revealed, via Twitter, that company president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that Nintendo will discuss multiple Wii U games “before the start of E3,” during a Nintendo Direct online presentation. Among the games that will be discussed before the expo begins are a brand-new Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart and 3D Mario game – each of which doesn’t have an official name as of yet. Currently, the date of the pre-E3 presentation is unknown, but we do know that E3 officially begins on June 11th.

81 thoughts on “Nintendo Will Discuss New Smash Bros., 3D Mario And Mario Kart For Wii U “Before The Start Of E3””

  1. When he says discuss I hope he means ”show the hell out of”.

    3D mario , Smash bros , Mario Kart , Windwaker HD , Bayonetta 2 , X , Yoshi’s Yarn , SMT X FE and more. I will be more than happy with some new gameplay and info on these games.

    1. And possibly Wonderful 101, since they were reluctent to show it during the ND for whatever reason :(

  2. I just hope they have 3DS direct to talk about 3rd parties. We need to hear about Dragon Quest VII, Fantasy Life, and Layton vs. Ace Attorney. :3

    1. i hope f\or two or three directs, one being for Wii U games (3d mario,, mario kart, windwaker hd, bayoneta 2, x, yoshi, and SMT X Fire Emblem), one for 3ds games (pokemon, link to past 2, mario party, the other games you mentioned). The last direct could be a mini direct showing the history of smash bros and then a trailer like the pokemon mini direct. It would make sense because that game would be for both 3ds and wii u, so it would have a seperate direct

  3. Wiiu sales will go right up once they release smash bros,mario kart, Ect… will be interesting to see “in 5 days” what microsoft will do to get sales. they only realy have halo and banjo kazooie.

  4. Keep it up, Nintendo! Ignore the hate and keep making positive decisions. Ultimately, people can say insults all they want, but they cannot change a person on the inside. Keep up the great work.

    1. wind waker hd, bayoneta 2, smt x fire emblem, x, yoshi, and that is just what we know about so far :)

    1. If it happened on June 9th I would literally explode into a thousand pieces because no one can handle that much excitement. NO. ONE.

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  6. “Nintendo of America has revealed, via Twitter, that company president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that Nintendo will discuss multiple Wii U games ‘before the start of E3,'”

    There has got to be a better way of wording that sentence.

  7. I don’t think Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart are that good. They just seem too similar. People are going to go crazy about me saying this, because most people think anyone that disagrees with them is a “troll” or an idiot.

    The next 3D Mario game should be great though.

    1. Well, to each there own I suppose. Thanks for being respectful! I am excited for all three games. And the 3D Mario is actually what I’m most excited for because, yeah, it should be great! All the 3D Marios usually are.

    2. Uhhhh no offense but you have not played either game if you think that. Smash bros is a fighter, Mario kart is a racing game. If you think having the same characters in a game is too similar then you aren’t a gamer. Every game would be too similar then.other than that not similar what so not gonna call you a troll but misinformed is what I’ll say.

      1. Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. I meant that I find each one very similar to the previous ones in the series.

    3. Is all about how you word it. If you act like a idiot then you will get burn but if you word it respectfully knowing that there people who will get angry ad someone insulting there games then yo have nothing to fear.

    4. I agree with your statement about people giving shit just cause you disagree. But Saying mario kart & smash brothers are similar at all is new to me. Never heard them compared other than the fact that they both have Mario characters in them. You are racing in a kart with items to attack as opposed to fighting for the most kills. Controls are way different. Yes, both have items to attack with. But in vastly different ways, & I never use weapons in smash brothers unless someone else wants to. I don’t see any other similarities. Smash brothers I feel is one of the best games ever created, the perfect game to prove skills in my opinion. (Link to the Past is THE perfect single player game, also in my opinion and off topic at that). Smash brothers requires perfect timing and response on the spot when playing with elite people. But you are entitled to your opinion, I respect it and I won’t bash you for it.

      1. Again, sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. I didn’t mean the two were similar, I meant that I find they are too similar to the previous ones in each series.

    5. I agree with you for Mario Kart series. I disagree for Smash Bros series. I actually like Mario Kart, Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64 (battle mode is fun), Mario Kart Double Dash (my fav), Mario Kart DS (my fav multiplayer due to 8 players single card), and somewhat Mario Kart Wii. I was disappointment since Mario Kart DS due to no multiplayer grand prix. I thought it didn’t have it because of “portable” game device but the Wii version didn’t included it at all. So no Mario Kart for me for a while. (I blame Virtual Console :P)

      As for Smash Bros, yes the game (same for most other series) is pretty much the same. The only reason I love Melee and Brawl is that fact there are so many things you can do. My favourite is Brawl due to collecting stickers and adventure mode. I prefer Brawl adventure mode than Melee. But I do miss the original or Melee target test including board the platforms.

      I going say you have every right to think that. So you are good in my book. :)

    6. i don’t particulary care for mario kart, however namco is involved in smash and sakurai is not putting focus into adding a lot of new characters so that he can change other stuff

  8. I will cry tears of joy if Takamaru is revealed since I’m been pushing for him since the Pre-Brawl days.

      1. I was interested in the original game since 5th grade and downloaded me a special Famicom ROM in order to play it at that time. I loved it since it was even more challenging than Zelda and Kid Icarus. Play it and you’ll see what I mean. ;)

    1. lol , you always talking about Takamaru :P . At least you got Takamaru’s Ninja castle in Nintendo land right ? That ws great.

  9. I hope “before E3” means end of May and not June 9th or something like that. I WANT TO SEE THE GAMES ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

    1. I think it will be the 30th. that’s what 100 year old gamer predicted even though I don’t find him that credible, that I can definitely believe because I deduced the same thing. I think they will make it the 30th to steal press attention from the nextbox reveal to look at some shiny new games. bayonetta 2 and X details and gameplay alone could bring all the boys to the yard.

  10. dont care about the no whats coming like mario zelda. im looking for x, eternal darkness fatal frame. maybe a mistwalker game. that yoshi game if it ends up being a yoshi game that is awesome. bring on the new im not a stupid mindless sheep that eats up the games that will always come and all we will get only this shit. good games but seriously thats all people who like nintendo seem to care about!!!!!!!

    1. No I like Nintendo and I don’t label myself to anything, I’m not against a game that’s always there and great like Mario or Zelda but I also enjoy games like x and yoshi’s island and original ideas. I’m a gamer I don’t discourage games because I don’t follow clicks or “sheep”. I play what I like and don’t care if people don’t like it.i play what I want, I’m not gonna complain about games. It could be worse.shame on trolls who have a problem with any game! How could you turn on any game and call your self a gamer ?!

      1. That started sounding like a Dr. Seuss book. “I don’t discourage, I don’t follow, I play, and don’t care, I play what I want, I don’t complain”. Dr. Seuss has been reincarnated.

    2. There are some Fatal Frame games on PSN store if you owned an PS3. Judging by Eternal Darkness and Fatal Frame on your list then perhaps you could try Silent Hill series?

      1. do own ps3 but now nintendo owns fatal frame. just want games that should be made instead of hearing stupid sheep talk about the games that always will come. there good games but this is exactly why 3rd parties dont always sell on nintendo or just games that arnt made by nintendo wont sell on nintendo.

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  12. I think they should announce all those game near the end of E3 because then news sites would report about them last and they would be featured on these sites as the newest story for a longer period of time.

    Around E3 people who don’t usually go to game sites actually go to them to see some info, so it’s important that they can easily find NIntendo info during this info-cluttered time period.

    If they do it before E3, once others shows their stuff at E3 it will replace Nintendo’s info with those “newer” stories.

    1. Nintendo’s strategy is to wrap the press. notice a Nintendo direct before the Xbox reveal. it will probably go like this Nintendo direct – Xbox reveal – Nintendo direct – Sony conference – Nintendo conference and a direct – Microsoft conference – Nintendo direct. this is a way to keep the press focused on Nintendo news for most of E3. they will see the new Xbox but instantly be like OOOOOOOOOH NEW NINTENDO GAMES and report that directly after, effectively controlling the press into keeping Nintendo on the front page of their sites.

      1. That is an interesting strategy. That’s going take a lot of risks. I am sure other rather see the new console reveal than games. But again time will tell. (I hate this saying sometime.)

  13. Nintendo Commander

    Preparing to launch multiple attacks after the orders are given!

    Awaiting your command Almighty Commander Iwata…

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  15. I hope they’ll be showing MonolithSoft’s new game too… the reveal of that game was my ticket to the Wii U hype train!

  16. I must admit am loving my wii u, by end of year going to be having such blast on it.Next nintendo direct will be massive no doubts but I also believe nintendo will have direct just after E3 with titles yet to be announced.With over thirty years playing console games never looked forward to so many games in such short space time!

      1. They won’t. Nintendo hasn’t had anything new to offer since the original Pikmin. I love Nintendo, but they don’t know what they’re doing anymore.

        1. If you love Nintendo, you need to support the company instead of letting them down. They know what they’re doing and planning on for the E3 event. What you’ve seen right now is just a tip of the iceberg and E3 is just three weeks away. Nintendo will deliver something new to their games and Miyamoto is leading the way in creating a new intellectual property. We don’t know anything except they’re under NDA. Look at the indies and the games that are coming to the Wii U eShop.

          If you love Nintendo, you need to just give themselves a chance, be patience, and they’ll let us know during the upcoming event and beyond. Accept it.

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