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EA Confirms No FIFA 14 For Wii U Due To ‘Disappointing’ FIFA 13 Sales


Earlier this week, EA – one of the largest video game companies in the world – announced that it has no games in development for Nintendo’s Wii U console. And, of course, this means that the next installments in the popular FIFA and Madden NFL series, which are due to be released this year, will not be coming to Wii U. An EA spokesperson told Eurogamer that the reason FIFA 14 will skip Nintendo’s console is because FIFA 13 sold poorly on Wii U.

“Six months ago FIFA 13 was a launch title on Wii U. Although the game featured FIFA’s award-winning HD gameplay and innovative new ways to play, the commercial results were disappointing. We have decided not to develop FIFA 14 on Wii U.”

-EA spokesperson

128 thoughts on “EA Confirms No FIFA 14 For Wii U Due To ‘Disappointing’ FIFA 13 Sales”

    1. Unfortunately, the vast majority of gamers in Europe care.
      Soccer is huge here and FIFA is the top best-selling game every single year. A console without FIFA in Europe is pretty much ignored by the majority of gamers. Hopefully, the Wii U will get Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer later in the year.

      1. I feel your pain, but they’ll probably come back once the Wii U sales bounce back up. They will, we have all of the key ingredients to succeed. It’s only a matter of time.

      2. Nah. A normal typical console would be ignored. But not Nintendo. Nintendo consoles have NEVER sold well due to Fifa , so what you’re saying is kind of wrong.

        Wiiu will sell because of games like Mario and Sonic , Not fifa.

        1. Does any console ever sell well DUE to FIFA?

          “Oh shi…”


          “FIFA 14 is coming out…”

          “Holy F#@kballs, I’ve gotta get a PS4 to play that!”

          I don’t think that’s a typical reaction…

      3. Then buy a PS4 AND VITA and pretend it’s a high priced WII U…. Sony will just copy it anyway…problem solved!

      4. TheTrruth4thaHaters

        They wonder why it didnt sell? It was a gimped version missing features, teams etc. Madden was missing animations and physics. They put out bullshit, it wont sell. No brainer. They hate Nintendo enough to throw shitty efforts on our console, and turn around and blame Nintendo. I wish I could meet the main guy at EA and whoop his ass lol.

  1. Thats fine, i’ll be way to busy playing fantastic games this year. Also excited for Sonic now that Sega and Nintendo have a partnership.

    1. Me too, Colours was a great game, to the point beyond just because “better than previous Sonic games”. It actually had alot of great gamellay designs, the level designs were interested, the music was awesome too.
      Generations, despite being fun, i think was seen as a better game than it actually was soley because of nostalgia.

      1. Sonic Colors is a great game due to it’s uniqueness, powers, levels and story n humor, despite having flaws. Sonic Generations is a great game due its gameplay and level design and music. However if Sonic Lost World is a combo of the two. This may be the #1 greatest Sonic game to date.

        1. The idea of a lost world interests me, but it makes me certain that the Chao’s won’t make a return… Shame.

  2. You made fifa 12 with new gamepad features…on a new console with a small install base…I wonder why it didn’t sell…

    1. Here we go again . lol.

      EA are officialy the biggest band of Dickheads in Video gaming.
      (Leaving the likes of Bioware and Criterion out of this)

      They are the worst of the worst and I am NEVER EVER EVER buying or playing their games again. I might Play a game of Fifa if i’m forced to and I might keep my on what Bioware does.

      Other than that EA is dead to me. They’ve always meant very little to me and now they mean nothing. They’re an unprofessional , childish embarasment to the inustry. Shame on them.

        1. They had a good attitude towards the Wiiu , yes. But they are a bunch of graphics whores. My bro has a Gaming PC with Crysis 3. It’s boring. The only good thing is the graphics lol.

  3. YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!! More overall quality games for the WiiU! \o/

    Without these shit games, WiiU will be a console with only good games. Finally EA does good work :)

  4. I got the demo for Fifa 13 on Wii U, and I loved it. Not loved it because it was fun, but because it was fun messing with the team, making them do stupid things, and giving them injuries, haha

  5. The don’t seem to remember that the Wii U version was released two months later, and it was also missing a lot of features. Well done EA. Just because an uncomplete game didn’t sell doesn’t mean you should drop all support.

  6. Yep, that’s why it’s not coming to Wii U. That is definitely why, poor FIFA 13 sales, no doubt. It’s not like that they have a grudge against Nintendo or anything, that would be CHILDISH.

  7. yeah, we wont release a game that has the exact smae gameplay, graphics, features and that is almost as updated as the Fifa 13 was, just with some new players
    Good luck with that

  8. Fuck you EA! I bought your 12 and a half version to support it. Not even a roster update on winter. I hate you! Die, mkay?

  9. Sickr, there’s an article about a EA senior engineer just flat out saying “Wiiu is crap”.

    Seriously? I hoped that people would have matured.
    This exact same thing happened with the PS3, for over 2 years.
    EA clearly has delusions of grandure that they’re “amazing” and that their products are of the “highest quality”, which aside from being total bullshit, is also the type of thing that when a company says “We don’t want you Origin service”, you half expect them to get overly butthurt and just go on a rampage.

    Honestly, multiplats not coming to WiiU because of sales, is a perfectly acceptable excuse.
    But there’s a question to raise about, which has really come into question when Metro Last Light developers said that the budget on their game was a quarter less than most.
    I honestly believe, that the money spent on games, isn’t actually going towards the production of the game, or to the people creating it or effort to port them to another system.
    Ubisoft, SEGA, Capcom, clearly have no issues with the fact the WiiU is a new system that isn’t selling well, yet they support it.

    There’s only so much excuses will let you get away with.

    1. Also, you wana know the best way at gettin back at EA? Don’t buy their games.
      Honestly, save your money.
      I’ll admit last year in particular, and even this year, i’ve bought games that are just a waste of money, including Dead Space 3 and Need for speed Most Wanted.

      The worst thing you could do to them, is deny them attention, and your money.
      I know alot of people on this site in the UK buy FIFA…but dont. The games add the bare minimum.
      That’s the issue, yes publishers are getting lazy and cashing in on releases, but only because we keep buying them. If you stop buying them, it’ll stop happening, and either they’ll change their tune and spend more attention on the games, or they go bankrupt.

      1. Well said Dragon. Definitely not buying any EA games from now on. People need to show this company what they’re worth – nothing.

    2. Coming from the same company who went some way to proving the Wiiu is superior to current gen with Criterion and NFS (which I bought)

      I might of believed the guy if the Likes of NFS , Mass effect 3 , Trine 2 , AC3 weren’t all running perfectly fine on the wiiu.

      How can someone be so unprofessional and childish ? At this point I don’t care about the Wiiu’s power for better or worse (i’m happy with it) but how does someone who works for a corporation say something so immature…

      1. People shouldn’t be caring about the WiiU’s power in the first place, because that’s not the intention of the system.

        The systems primary focus is delivering first party titles, and 3rd party exclusives.
        3rd parties are given the option to put their games on the system, if they should choose to do so, but Nintendo could probably sell 30 million WiiU’s, and make profit, because of the games.
        Same goes with the 3DS.

        I honestly hope that Nintendo is basically saying fuck you to the video game industry, and just going completely solo, rather than sucking up to bias media, and childish publishers who’s only concern is profit.

        Is the WiiU perfect? No nothing is. Should they do better advertising? Yes, its terrible at the moment. Should they have more games available? Yes, they should, it’s the main reason im not really bothered about getting one yet. But it’s a system designed for playing games. I feel more people are too focused on money, from publishers, to media, and now lets players (not all however), rather than seeing a consoles as a source of entertainment, but viewing it as a popularity content and a game of “who can make the most money?”. i know that it’s a business, but that’s the thing, Nintendo don’t treat their business as a business first, they understand that qualityentertainment and giving good consumer quality is most important.
        Sony and Valve are sort in the same pot, where Valve is a good distributor, and Sony is, for the most part, an honest console creator, which care for their consumers, they’ve had missteps here and there, and i think that some of their recent IP’s are stale, but you look at something like Playstation Plus, they don’t need to do that. They have the moral upoerhand on Microsoft by just having free services, but they went the extra mile to give people content they want (i wish they would apply the same thing to Vita).
        But it’s companies that are jus blatantly all about profit, nothing more, abuse the consumer, and its rubbed off on the community, much like “Mature games vs kiddy games” mentality, which is completely false, and non sensical and is not at all related to why video games have ratings, and why some people choose to make content not for younger audiences, and it’s the thing that i really just despise about the current video game industry.

        1. I concur.

          The Wiiu is not perfect…. But I’m sick of the state of gaming at the moment, it feels like we’re surrounded by graphics obsessed zombies :s.
          You see these fake fucking gamers who are more interested in how much RAM the PS4 has than what games it has. It’s overwhelming lol.

          The Wiiu does not compare to ”gen 4” (lmfao) consoles spec wise. But that’s not even important as has just been PROVED with the fucking DS , Wii , 3DS compared to their competition. Why are people so bothered about the Wiiu’s specs give or take ? Just look at the 3DS it’s not Powerfull but its not weak either and it has some incredibly beautiful games on it. The Wiiu is the same , it will rely on its Games not its specs.

          Why is the 3DS selling , when Smartphones are supposed to be killing it ? It’s because it has a load of undeniably great games that people want and have waned for years and Decades.

          I just don’t know what to say anymore….. the state of gaming is at an all time low. It was best when People chose Sony over Nintendo even though it was considerably WEAKER graphically….

  10. It’s a no win with EA, but the reason FIFA 13 didn’t sell, or Madden or other EA games on the Wii U, is because most of their efforts were extremely bad and stripped down ports. I would have bought all their sports games if they didn’t do such a piss poor job of slapping them on the Wii U. They could have learned from Criterion how to do a proper port.

  11. Maybe nobody bought the Wii U versions of EA Sports games because they were sloppy ports.
    Seriously, I have Madden 13 for this thing. It’s garbage, and you took out the physics engine for pretty much no reason whatsoever.
    Seriously, EA. You got rid of the stupid online passes, now you just need to stop alienating Nintendo fans.

  12. Hope this backfires them when Wii u get better sale. I’m no Nintendo fan but i hate when a company like this doesn’t give their gave 100% and gives bad excuses

  13. ea is so overated, they are angry due to the origin thing!
    plus: this one is dedicated to electronic arts

  14. I just don’t get it. These developers (the 3rd parties) can create new ways to play video games yet all they do is neglect the Wii U. It’s like all they care about is money.

  15. I still don’t know why EA complain saying the sales are a failure and that’s why their not going to support it with Fifia 14. They should have known that they were taking a gamble since the console just came out and not compare sales to the past gen consoles that already sold millions? Watch them crawl back in 2 years begging of their games to be on the Wii U.

    1. Yes, it is also funny because I bet that the profits from the WiiU FIFA 13 is more than enough to cover up the costs for FIFA 14.

  16. I feel like the only one that still loves EA.
    Maybe I’m just sentimental, since there was a time they released amazing stuff. Old Madden games, 007 Nightfire and Agent Under Fire, hell, even freaking Boom Blox.
    I know EA is capable of great things, and I really wish they could go back to being the amazing company they once were.

  17. Anybody here herd that an Employee at EA was fired right away after he insulted Wii U in a unprofessional way???

      1. Im reading this source and they say that he did get fired right after those comments, im trying to look for more to clarify this but yeah he deserves to be fired!!

  18. Wtf EA i don’t care about mass effect and dead space but need for speed and fifa Thats a deferent story. did not intend to buy 14 but i hope 15 Will come all 2 year i buy a fifa

  19. I got a letter for EA for some weird Internet mistake, I will translate here:

    “Dear EA:

    I know that is BS, but, lets pretend is not, would you?

    Maybe if you did not sell Fifa 12, slap it a 13 with an update de roster, sold it on time and with all the features that were in the other console versions, maybe the game would have sold better.

    So,I humbly ask you to stop passing so much shit through me, i’ts irritating me and you will be sorry about that.

    Atte: EA anus.”

    Poor EA anus, he is passing for so much shit

  20. You mean a poorly made port of a sports game did not sell well? Who fucking knew. Seriously though.they’re. Pathetic if they’re gonna blame anyone but themselves. I bought NFS MW when I heard it had PC graphics n such. So I bothered getting it. See if you try. The fanbase will support.

  21. I think the title should read;

    EA Confirms No FIFA 14 For Wii U Due To ‘Disappointing’ FIFA 12 Sales

  22. Nobody cares. The fact that ’13 didn’t sell well just goes to prove that. Plus, why would anybody bother with such a shoddy port. You can’t release such a poor quality port and then moan that it didn’t sell. Accept the blame EA.

  23. …as soon as the Wii U sells milions of units they will comeback, I don’t really care, but EA got some good games that I would like to play on the Wii U like dead space series…

    I just want to see what they will do if the Next Xbox and PS4 don’t make a great launch window sale, then we’ll know if it’s hate on Nintendo or just because of business decisions to “take no damage” from Wii U initial sales.

  24. Are you surprised EA?
    You honestly expected FIFA 13 to perform well while all it was was FIFA 12 with a new FIFA 13 logo slapped on to it and an updated roster? Maybe, just maybe you guys are just absolute spunkchuckers and this fanbase is smart enough to avoid your crap.

    I’m not fucking kidding either, that’s EXACTLY what they did and it made the headlines on several game news sites.
    Here’s the article if you don’t believe me:

    You won’t be missed. The Wii U is better off without EA. And Origin.
    I don’t actually own a Wii U (yet) but if there was a game that would made me go out and buy the system it sure as hell won’t have anything to do with Electronic Arts.
    Get shit on, EA.

  25. NO Ultimate Team no Pro clubs this game was the same as the 360 game and should have sold more EA FUCK OFF

  26. fifa 13 was a carbon copy of fifa 12.. why would anybody care to buy it .. seriously

    not to mention that fifa 13 for wii U was released a while after the xbox 360 and ps3 versions.. in that case lackluster sales are to be expected..

    EA is just grasping for straws right now in order to justify their moving away from wii U

  27. R.I.P wii u I gonna buy a ps4 even though my parents will kill me as I just bought the wii u 2 months ago

    1. please don’t tell me you bought the wii U so you could play EA games with it.. in that case your parents should indeed kill you x_x

  28. NOOO, EA can’t do this. What’s next? No Sims 4? I’m gonna cut myself, I’m gonna cry and be a child who lost his candy…

  29. R.I.P wii u I gonna buy a ps4 even though my parents will kill me as I just bought the wii u 2 months ago

    1. These people’s logic goes like this:
      Wii U: Doomed after a rough start.
      PS4/720: Havent even been officially shown, are both successors to very poorly performing consoles, have a shitton of PR problems and are probably gonna be costly as heck, yet have already been crowned as winners.
      AM I GETTING A 2006-2007 DEJAVU OR WHAT?

  30. “Six months ago FIFA 13 was a launch title on Wii U. This game wa s already released on the other 2 consoles available at the time and as such, many gamers would have bought it on those systems. We are not developing Fifa 14 for the Wii U because we’re still pissed that Nintendo refused to use Origin”

    fixed that for them.

  31. the news about EA is getting boring, 2-4 topics a day on EA not giving wii u games is stupid, we get it they arent making games for us boo hoo

  32. Fuck you EA! Fifa 13 was a lazy piece of shit port, more like Fifa12.5 stripped down ass.
    You should be glad anyone bought it! Fuck! Oh well…

    Konami, please make a great soccer game on Wii U using the foxEngine. No more shitty engine EA with shit graphics from 2010 version. Fcuk! Going to miss UT, dang it.

  33. Again, another nail in EA’s coffin. They have pretty much handed the Wii U to Activision, Take-Two, Codemasters, and Konami.

  34. Not concerned as EA is the one that is disappointing, im not a big FIFA fan either. although I would like a New Need for Speed for Wii U!!

  35. Well, how Fifa and CoD don’t sell but Monster Hunter flies off the stores speaks of the good taste of the people buying WiiU.
    And yeah EA, you’re not making anything for Wii U, we get it, what we don’t get is why you think we care.

  36. Well, maybe if the Wii U version of FIFA ’13 wasn’t half-assed, there would’ve been more sales?

    EA really are terrible, aren’t they?

  37. Poor Fifa 13 Sales?
    Maybe if they’d actully given us the true version of Fifa 13, and not the half-assed Fifa 12 under the Fifa 13 name, they’d have sold more…

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  39. Maybe if those morons would have invested a little bit, maybe they might have gotten some customers.
    All theyve done have been half-assed old ports, it would have been a wonder if those would have sold.
    They should take a note out of Ubisoft, and learn how to publish games to multiple platforms, splinter cell looks great on Wii U

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