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Could There Be A Mario Kart And Sonic Racing Crossover On The Way?


Sumo Digital‘s Executive Producer, Steve Lycett, has supposedly hinted that SEGA mascot Sonic will be a playable character in the next Mario Kart game, or in a racing crossover between Mario and SEGA characters. Earlier this month, a Twitter user suggested that a Pac-Man World Rally and Sonic Racing crossover was in the works, to which Lycett replied by saying that he was thinking there are ‘bigger’ rivals than Pac-Man. This vague statement has lead people to speculate that Lycett was referring to gaming icon Mario.

Thanks, Mike.

107 thoughts on “Could There Be A Mario Kart And Sonic Racing Crossover On The Way?”

  1. That would be a cool idea. The title would be Mario and Sonic All Stars Racing where characters from the Mario franchise and characters from the sonic franchise race

  2. As long as it’s separate games, I’m okay with it. But if sonic shows up in the next Mario Kart… I will not be a happy camper.

    1. Pandora's Last Chronicles

      Absolutely if boring annoying sonic characters and sonic himself will appear in my Mario kart i think this will be my deal breaker with Nintendo .. I was waiting for a new mario kart for about 4 years now and i will not settle with bullshit … my anger aside i do believe the sonic mario thingy will be another IP which is ok or more like whatever .. But please Nintendo LEAVE MARIO KART ALONE

      1. Yes! Plus, I’ve enjoyed plenty of Sonic games…. But I’ve also hated the same amount. Sonic games are so flip-floppy. They’re either really good, or really bad. And I don’t know but… While Sonic and Mario may seem like they might be in the same universe, it just doesn’t seem right.

        Mario is the classic Gomba stomping, Princess saving, Kart racing hero.

        Sonic is a loud-mouthed, annoying, and trying to be “hip” hedgehog.

        And, so everyone knows, I don’t hate sonic games. I just don’t like how many disappointing games there are (but there are tons of game series that have disappointing games) It’s mostly Sonic the character that bugs me.

        But that’s just my opinion.

        1. It’s funny because most people that genuinely love Sonic, couldn’t care less that he talks. I personally remember him best when he was a mute. I believe it’s possibly the inconsistency of his voice actors that makes hearing Sonic talk annoying. He’s had so many that people either A: Rather hear their favorite instead of the current or B: Would prefer for him go back to being mute.

          1. I would be quite happy if he was mute again, haha. But I think now, it’d be inconsistent and a bad move obviously. Plus, I haven’t every really had a problem with sonic’s voice. I think it fits him really well! It’s just… him… :P

      2. DarklordNintendoFan

        Um… 4 years for a new Mario Kart? … *checks Wikipedia* … Mario Kart 7 came out in December of 2011. It hasn’t even been 2 years, yet, since the last game came out.

        1. Pandora's Last Chronicles

          Oh lool yeah you are right but i personally don’t play handheld consoles .. but you did burn me xD hahahahahaha .. Anyways 4 years or 2 years or even one month, don’t you think the combination with Sega characters will hurt this franchise.. As they say don’t fix what’s broken, Mario kart always had the best formula since the SNES so i hope they don’t mess with that

            1. Don’t be so irrational man. You know they wouldn’t do that… :) If anything they will add the Mario cast to Sonic Racing Trasformed series but switch out most Sega characters/stages. Create the game from the ground up on Wii U and 3DS, and you’ll be able to sit in the room and race against everyone similar to MH3U with local. Then they can keep Mario Kart exclusively Mario and his cast.

      1. Paul (Then again Sonic 3d Blast was also garbage...)

        Sonic games (non spin-off) have sucked after they aquired voices. Sonic DX & Sonic Battle 2 are kinda ok, but the dialogue seems like it was written by a five year old. I’ll give credit to the music though, a lot of their VGM is enjoyable.

      2. Paul (Then again Sonic 3d Blast was also garbage...)

        Though it may offend those who still love Sonic, the only reason Sonic racing is even playable is because it’s a direct copy of MK. Just look at Sonic R. They suck at being unique. Even the creator admitted they copied both DBZ & Mario for story+gameplay.

      3. Sega still sucks ass

        Fuck you sonic does suck. It is a piece of utter shit compared to Mario. It’s nintys decision though. Do they want to cheapen their mascot? It’s their funeral.

      4. aaron long dick amador

        fuck all you fagits you are all gay it is just a something els with your life fucking homos!!!!

      1. Yes it is a great that that even trumped MK in a few ways. Sonic is one of the most known and loved gaming characters there is, also. If Sonic stuff made it into the next MK that would be fine by me, and surely will please enough paying customers as well.

      2. Pandora's Last Chronicles

        I bought it because i heard good reviews about the game .. I played it for about 4 hours and didn’t touch it ever since .. Please it’s a bad copy from Mario kart and Diddy kong racing .. Nothing new .. the items are really really nothing fun .. the characters other than Skies of arcadia sucks .. the music is meh .. Basically the only new improvement i saw is that the level or circuit whatever you wanna call changes with each lap .. other than that the game is mediocre at most .. I give it 3.5/10 tops compared to Mario kart which is 8.7/10 .. I hope you don’t get offended or anything but that’s my opinion

              1. aaron long dick amador

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  3. Well adding Sonic to Mario Kart is a way to change things up. This is… Interesting; wouldn’t mind this being true just to see what they come up with.

    1. Pandora's Last Chronicles

      You rather risk Mario kart just to see what they come up with .. Doesn’t sound like a true Mario kart fan to me

  4. That would be cool.

    I honestly think expanding Mario Kart beyond Mario is a good idea.
    The series is in need of some new life, and as long as the gameplay is just as good (although fix the items, or have a Smash Bros style off switch system), it’ll still be a great game, although it might look weird seeing Samus and Link in gokarts.

    1. That’s what I’ve been saying since Wii.
      7 proves this incredibly well, having only Mario characters is really boring. Especially when they start grasping at straws. The Queen Bee from Galaxy? Yeah…no. Characters like Kirby or Pikachu would fit really well in Mario Kart. Link and Samus would look a bit goofy, but I wouldn’t mind them either.

      1. Yeah, if they have a Kirby, Pikachu, maybe some WarioWare character and Wario’s WW design, and Somic and some Sega characters that would be way better.

      2. theyt should just make it nintendo kart, with kirby riding a star, toon link riding the train. samus kink de ded de get the point. that would be a good idea. instead of just mario characters it should be more of nintendos franchise characters.

  5. That would be cool as long as the new Mario Kart and this Mario & Sonic racing crossover are different games.

    1. Yeah, Mario and Sonic/Nintendo and Sega are pals, yet the fucking haters are still bitching, what the fuck.

      1. just think skies of arcadia, shemnue and all other great games with nintendo, i say sega is in trouble and maybe nintendo buys them and brings them back up. if that happens oh shit things are going to get crazy.

  6. I hope not. Sonic and sega all stars racing sucks. Idk how can people say its better than mario kart because its not. The music and gameplay are so much better in mk than in sonic racing

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  8. PLEASE ADD: goku, naruto, solid snake, spiderman, superman, geno, ridley, pikachu, and roy or marth

    that would make for an epic mario kart game.

  9. This would definitely be an awesome idea! Mario Kart is one of the greatest sport titles for Mario and it definitely has a lot of potential. Seeing Sonic there would be awesome and it could be a day 1 purchase for me!

  10. They really need to tweak the items though especially if the game will have 12 or more racers. Sonic Racin Transformed had better items overall. The whole game rewards skill in a better way than MK has imo.

    1. Sonic is great and all, but can’t they add Samus, Capt. Falcon, and Star Fox to the racing? Maybe even Link on Epona lol!?! Now THAT would be awesome!!! XD 💋

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  12. I know I wouldn’t buy it at either full price or at all. I’m sick of that furry spawner leeching off of ‘Nintendon’t’. He’s on life support, and continues living by doing what they do best PLAGARISM.

      1. Ever heard of the saying “every penny counts”. If you ever ran a company of your own, no doubt it would plummet like your process of thinking. By the way, the sales say otherwise on ‘ vast minority.’ Sonic is proven garbage, suck on that.

        1. Proven garbage as in….one of the greatest mascots in gaming history? Great logic, sounds pretty awful to me!

          1. Wrong sir, wrong! MARIO is one of the greatest mascot of all history w/ Pikachu as 2nd, Sonic isn’t even anywhere near or ever will be. You must be amongst the majority of mentally deficient Sonicfags who also happen to wear diapers & claim to be normal.

            1. Opinions are opinions, but honestly, it’s more of Mario first, Sonic second, Link third, Pikachu fourth then Pac-Man fifth (if not fourth) as far as video game character recognition usually goes these days & based on what you said first about the whole “Nintendon’t” thing, that time period was more than incredible proof that Sonic has been near Mario considering how legendary their rivalry got & has been.

    1. Dude, get out of the 90’s. The Nintendon’t phase died off more than a decade ago & neither Sonic or SEGA has really tried to go at Nintendo like that ever since Dreamcast died in 2001. While I’ll admit the rivalry phase was more interesting, we might as well see what might come of the friendship other than the Olympic games because it could really make for great entertainment (Seriously, a Mario & Sonic adventure platformer needs to happen).

  13. Love the idea! Nintendo needs something fresh to liven up the franchise. It’s gotten a bit stale. This would do it! Plus, it goes to show you how awesome of a relationship Nintendo and SEGA have now. I’m really excited about it. I love Sonic AND Mario! Kisses! 💋

  14. If people are tired of the same old Mario characters & want other characters added, might as well go all out & add Spongebob, Elmo, Peter Griffon, Megaman or a piece of stale bread to emphasis irony.

  15. If Sonic turned up in Mario Kart U that’d be great!

    It is the in-game physics that makes Mario Kart the fantastic game that it is (and the item imbalance that makes it the flawed game that it is) and if they want to add exotic characters from other IPs then I say great!

    I would happily + willingly take Sonic and Knuckles over Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Baby this, Baby that…

  16. ALSO: Nintendo and Sega have just entered a worldwide agreement! Who knows what could happen! :)

  17. thenintendoreviewer

    Hmm. That would be an interesting cross over. Now Nintendo and Sega are in a world wide agreement and Mario and Sonic have done crossovers on Nintendo systems before so it’s possible. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  18. ikr Sega! here’s a thought, bring bayonetta to the Wii u e-shop. you and Nintendo are bros now it cant possibly be that hard. and also can you please bring a phantasy star online game to the Wii u? it would be so cool. oh god I’m excited to hear more info about Saga’s 7 Wii u games. E3 is just around the corner, and now that I’m out of school, I can get rid of my backlog to enjoy the hype.

  19. I’d rather Link be playable in my Mario Kart before Sonic. He has his own racing game. Only non-Mario characters ever was ROB and Pac-man, but ROB is Nintendo and Pac-man don’t count cause hes in the arcade ones.

    1. sonic would seem stupid in here. it just would its a nintendo thing. i would rather have them in a .platforming adventure thing where they both have a part to play and then team up in the final battle against eggman and bowser

  20. The games are quite similar, though they do have key things that set them apart. I do love them both, though I can’t say I cared as much for MK7 purely because it was painful to play, literally. the R button really should’ve been acceleration…. I really feel like SEGA digs deep to get the extra characters to put in the racing games. They should take the top characters and bring them together with Mario Kart and form a really awesome game.

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  22. DarklordNintendoFan

    I hope this is true. But, you know something that would be even better is if it was just a massive Nintendo and Sega crossover, similar to the Sega racing series.

  23. I think I would much rather see other Nintendo Characters outside the Mario franchise, like Link, Zelda, Kirby etc in a new Mario Kart rather than Sonic…not to discredit the sonic franchise but I don’t think I feel atm that I want Sonic characters in a MK

  24. While it would be “neat” to have Sonic in a Mario game again, they constantly have those two trying to match off and it tends to get old after a while.
    Sonic games would be better if they had a unique demographic, newer enemies (besides Eggman dressing in drag or disguising himself), the villians and bosses were slightly easier to defeat and if the games weren’t so predictable. Not that I hate Sonic games, but they could be a little unique with their gameplay and battle approaches. Other than that, the soundtracks for the games are good, and the pre Saturn era games were great.
    Mario games are fine on their own because they stick with the classic game play everyone enjoys plus they try to bring back old villians and introduce new ones into the mix. They constantly introduce new demographics and the game’s predictability changes with every twist and turn. The only bad turnabouts were some of the spinoffs, which often didn’t play out as good as Mario Kart, Mario Party and the classic and modern SMB games.
    Overall, if they had this as a separate game rather than a cameo deal in MK it’d be fine.

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    hi there i have wii u sonic racing game and wii mario kart and have mario kart 64 soo be alwsoume too soo a sonic and mario raceing be alwsoume

  27. Why does everyone think this would hurt the MK franchise? Nintendo is still deveoping it so having Mario Kart with a few Sega/Sonic characters would be just the same as adding random characters like Metal Mario and that catepillar (MK7). MK7 already added air and water racing so its not like much would really change in my opinion lol

  28. Jesus Christ. you all ascended to Microsoftfag levels. push away the obvious cancer of the Nintendo fanbase.

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  30. No I mean I hate how we can’t play as tails and k in the new sonic games in sonic lost world it is just sonic agian I guess Sega don’t want us to play as tails and k anymore :(

  31. Tails is my favorite character but I guess Sega hates us playing as tails and K now Danm you fans its you f we have to play as just sonic ba ba ba we don’t w to play as tails and k we w sonic only ba ba we w sonic back to he’s roots ba ba ba. We hate tails and k tails is gay ba ba ba just STFU Danm sonic fan base well for me I would love to play as tails again he’s cool and cute and he can fuckin Fly and with he’s tails I would love to have him playable again

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