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EA Senior Engineer: ‘The Wii U Is Crap, Less Powerful Than An Xbox 360’


We already know that EA has no games in development for the Wii U, but what does the publisher think of the console? Bob Summerwill, a Senior Software Engineer and Architect for the company, went on Twitter today to voice his opinion of Nintendo’s latest console. According to Summerwill, ‘the Wii U is crap, it’s less powerful than the Xbox 360, it has a weird tablet and a poor online store.’ Summerwill went on to say that, at this point, Nintendo is ‘walking dead.’ Although he deleted some of his outspoken comments from his Twitter account, you can view screenshots of them on IGN.



Thanks to every one who’s sent this in.

353 thoughts on “EA Senior Engineer: ‘The Wii U Is Crap, Less Powerful Than An Xbox 360’”

    1. power means nothing! if anything thats the gimmick people fail to see!
      Every time Seto Kaiba and Yugi duel,
      Yugi thinks the game is all about the HEART!
      While Kaiba thinks the game is all about power! Does he ever win? NO!

        1. wii u is wayyyy better in graphics than ps3 or 360. its just got only rushed ports. ea blacklisted them. so everyone jumped on the band wagon. funny thing is. game sells arnt the only thing wii u has going for it, and current owners know that. once word gets out, sells will increase greatly. especially when the price drops. if they don’t get behind the wii u soon, oh well they done screwed up.

      1. You’re speaking like he’s right and the WiiU is indeed less powerful.

        It’s not. That should be obvious, and first party titles like 3D Mario and Retro’s game will sure make most PS4 titles shameful of themselves. The HD barrier isn’t here anymore like it was on the Wii.

    2. That’s complete BS anyway. If that were true then games wouldn’t be running better and have improved graphics then 360 and ps3 versions. I guarantee if the agreement whatever it was between EA and Nintendo hadn’t fallen through then they would be praising the hell out of it like they did before. EA are crap. Name a good franchise they made that they haven’t driven into the ground.

      1. He’s a fool and a liability to EA. He won’t be with EA for much longer. Everone already knows that the WiiU is much more powerful then the 360, the gamepad is slick and that the online is good. Although it could use some features like system chat and achievements, but give Nintendo time im sure they will think of something in Nintendo style.

        1. DarklordNintendoFan

          If only this were true, but there are fools who actually believe that the Wii U is much weaker than the 360 and PS3 just because it hasn’t shown its true potential, yet, for just how good the graphics can be. Kind of hypocritical, too, since 360 games looked a lot like regular XBox games when it first came out. Same goes for the PS3.

          They never once complained and said that they needed time to pick up steam. But when it’s Nintendo… oh… nope… they’re doomed.

          1. Exactly. Take the first of the WiiU games, they look better then the fully optimized games coming out at the end of these consoles cycles and they were reasonable quick ports. And when the WiiU starts putting out these next-gen games that make use of the console’s hardware and show these people that the WiiU is indeed “next-gen”. There will be a lot of angry kids, angry because they now feel stupid. Thier anger will need to be directed somewhere and EA is going to be one of the targets for spilling the lies to them in the first place.

          2. evil furry bastard

            I have a Wii and even at the end the graphics on the Wii were crap. I have a lot of games for the system and while some are sorta fun to play I wish they looked better. I was somewhat impressed with what they did with the COD games but the games looked nowhere near as good as their PS3/360 counterparts.

            Why is it so bad to want a game that looks good and plays good. Now I own a Wii U. I hope the system does not disappoint. Looking forward to Mario Kart, The sad part is Mario Kart should have looked that good on Nintendo’s last gen system (Wii). Well here is hoping Nintendo gets their shit together.

        2. hes mad cause the ps4 only has a mouspad on it and they thought that could compete with the gamepad. lmao

    3. its beyond twice as stout as the 360 or ps3. and the games on the wii u are barely past launch…..sooooo I think its fairly stout. and screenshots of ps4 play? well. its easily on par….with ps4, much less the 360 or ps3. soooooooo…..throw in the gamepad and its current and future potential? its pretty dang stout regardless if its as powerful as u would have liked. lol

    4. allow me to just say, I was a hater of the wii u. until I bought it for my son. after a month, my power supply died. I hadn’t played it much anyway. I just felt bad for my son. first major plus, Nintendo handled the issue faster and better than sony or Microsoft has for me in the past when my launch systems from them failed. second thing tho, when we got it back from repair, I actually sat down and picked it up for a minute. until that moment, I have knocked Nintendo for the gc and wii. been a firm supporter and lover of xbox 360 and ps3. I said at launch, the wii u can barely compete with current gen, but my son wants lego city, so meh. now? I wont be buying a ps4 or “next box”…lol. 3rd party or not. with all the wii u can do, who needs them? ive seen screenshots of ps 4 in action and it looks(gasp)….building to intense moment! THE SAME SAVE A SMALL MARGIN. the discs? same amount of storage capabilities! why wait when u can have something better now? lol screw ea dude

      1. evil furry bastard

        Sadly the Wii U will not be getting battlefield 4 (love the battlefield games). This is the only reason i will also be getting a PS4, I am jumping the microsoft ship.

    5. no it will nevr get there the wii u has 2.4 ghz the xbox360 runs at 3.2 are you fuc-king legit like really played bo2 on wii u the guns looked like legos the wii u needs a recall and needs and update 2.4 ghz the fucking vita runs faster im done my s2 when overclcked s2 a smartphone step up nintendo next time if there is one u will make it next gen material until then im never buying anything from nintendo

  1. Nintendo can’t get the support Microsoft or PS3 can, their online totally sucks and most games nowadays has online. I love Nintendo, but, stick to handhelds?

        1. Why is it so terrible?

          I mean I experience no lag whatsoever when playing games online. The Internet browser is super fast. Download times for digital games are short. I can check and see which friends are online. I can talk to friends and fellow gamers on Miiverse. I can use voice chat in-game. The Eshop is easy to navigate and quick to load. Aside from system wide chat and a better notification system it has everything the others have and a few things they don’t.

          1. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

            I got no issues either. But what the Wii U is lacking is on-screen notices. Whenever the home button flashes, I would have to go to the home menu to see what the notice is, which can be a bit problematic while playing online or surfing the web.

          2. Their messaging services on both 3DS and Wii U are problematic (text limit on Miiverse, no text AT ALL on 3DS). Their online store offers no way to regain your games should your system break or get lost or stolen. Considering the entire point of digital distribution is that it makes it near impossible to lose your games, Nintendo really didn’t think that through. On top of that, they’re incredibly restrictive with digital games.

            If you are getting good download speeds, that’s because you have a good connection, not because of the Wii U. Your description of why Nintendo’s online is basically “I can talk to people”. That’s great and all, but that doesn’t make a service that actively puts its users purchases at risk and restricts how they use them ‘good’.

        2. DarklordNintendoFan

          No. The online for the 3DS and the Wii U is fantastic. I experience absolutely no lag, whatsoever, because… well… the online’s pretty good. Plus, it’s free online… nothing to complain about there. It’s the Wii that you’re thinking about that had terrible online. Sure, it had some pretty awesome online for some games like Mario Kart Wii and Monster Hunter Tri. But other games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl had terrible online. It’s perfect, now, with the 3DS and Wii U.

      1. yeah, the online is a little bare….unless u consider that in wii mode u have access to over 300 games spanning from the nes to commodore 64, a lot of which are going to be household mobile with virtual console, including gc games and n64 games. compare it to the xbox 360s online 6 months after release. if people wernt basing all their opinions from the wii, everyone would realize, in the current market, the wii u is a fucking monster

    1. Pfft. Nintendo doesn’t NEED as much third party support, because they develop their own games with their own studios. They got Bayonetta 2 because (get this) EVERY OTHER CONSOLE TURNED IT DOWN. When they told EA to fuck off with the super invasive Steam ripoff, Origin, they pulled support for it. Their online is just fine. They don’t release patches often because they DON’T FUCK IT UP THE FIRST 5 TIMES. And with all of this, they still dominate the handheld market. Nintendo is MUCH better than everyone gives them credit for.

      1. Well said. The Wii U online was good enough for them to try and get origin on. Nintendo disses them now EA say the online sucks

    2. Maybe one day I’ll stop being surprised by how stupid people can be. Sad that it makes me hope that the PS and bitch-PS i.e. Xbox come out as big of a flop as the Vita was. Nintendo is the ultimate gaming entity. Maybe not perfect, but I wouldn’t trade in their flaws for what the rest have ever.

      1. I still don’t know why some of Nintendo fanboys wants next Xbox to sell bad when both consoles have forums flooted with Playstation trolls and microsoft itself very rarely says anything bad about Nintendo or other way.

        1. Yeah I also rarely see microsoft say much about nintendo… not too much about sony either… I think they enjoy competition..

          1. It’s only because of all the animosity toward Wii U’s sales so far. A lot of people don’t respect the line between business discussion and just bashing a console. I wouldn’t truly want to see Sony hurt, I like em enough. It’s just my desire to shit on the people thinking the next PS/Xbox is going to blow the “crappy Wii U” out of the water.

    3. Their online is the same as the other consoles now. Apparently someone hasn’t played the new console.

          1. Um, no. It isn’t.

            Their game selection isn’t even close to XBL or PSN, the amount of users is a FRACTION of XBL and PSN, the amount of available content is much less by comparison, the online third party support for games and apps is much less, it doesn’t have nearly as much functionality (e.g. um, system-wide party chat anyone? No?), etc.

            I could go on and on. I like Nintendo; they make fun games. But they are WAY behind in both power and online infrastructure at this point. If this were 5 or 6 years ago, I might be impressed. But even if their online WAS “as good” or “at the same level” as XBOX 360 and PS3… nearly 8 years after those consoles and they’re JUST NOW “at the same level as”? The fact that they clearly aren’t is even worse. Especially considering that PS4 and the next XBOX will likely leave their own predecessor consoles in the dust as far as online capabilities and features go and, therefore, Wii U will be left in the dust as well.

    4. I’d like to point out that Nintendo started with home consoles, making your statement invalid. But either way, I don’t think they NEED the 3rd party support. Either way, a lot of 3rd party companies are already supporting them. (Sega, and so on) Its an amazing system, either way. Internet could be a little better, but still.

    5. DarklordNintendoFan

      What are you talking about? The online sucked on the Wii, no doubt about that. But they got it perfect with the 3DS and Wii U.

    6. Their online don’t suck… The problem is that Nintendo made it more difficult for EA to put their microtransactions on everything. EA wanted to take control over Nintendo Network and Nintendo was quick to put them down. They’re butthurt.

    7. u remember xbox 360 online at launch? I do. wii u on launch did better than Microsoft did. Microsoft will be using sonys blue ray next. so the two teamed up trying to kill the wii u with trash talk before their systems come out. they cant compete with the gamepads current capabilities. much less potential capabilities.

  2. So much for professionalism and that unprecedented relationship.

    …Oh wait, it’s unprecedented because EA isn’t doing anything right now… whatever.

    Screw EA.

    1. Naw, I think that award goes to the Microsoft guy who basically confirmed always on for the 720 on twitter.

    2. I doubt he’d get fired from that, or at least not faster than the guy who said ”Next Xbox always online? Deal with it.”

      1. Yeah, he won’t be fired for it, he’s on the same page as the rest of EA at the moment. Plus he isn’t telling their consumers they are unimportant.

  3. This person doesnt know engineering does he. Bet he doesnt even know how to use half the cores in a Wii U Software engineer my arse

  4. Wow!…….that’s pretty bold of him to say. Technically I thought it was a lot stronger than the 360, but I never looked much into the specs. In the end, a console’s worth is about how much fun it was.

    I still don’t like the gamepad, but aside from that the Wii U is a reasonably solid console. As long as you’re able to use the Wii Remotes, or classic controller for the games then I’m all set

    1. The Wii U is more powerful than the Xbox 360. Bob Summerwill is acting like what amny people on this site are – Blind fanboys.

      1. Yup. He’s just going along with the whole hate that EA has going on with Nintendo right now. The sad thing is that it will probably hurt EA more in the long run then it will Nintendo. EA doesn’t have many big games that they haven’t run into the ground and many consumers aren’t very happy with them to begin with, plus Nintendo still has a huge following.

    2. gamepad takes getting used to, but its actually really fn cool. plus the social media adition to while ur playing is cool, but I don’t do social media. plus u got options like wii classic pro and wii u pro controller.

      1. You know, it’s sad that people genuinely think that EA is the worst company in the world. Worse than Bank of America. Worse than Comcast. Worse than Carnival.

    1. Yet Gabe Newell of Valve and John Carmack would like to disagree, and I’m pretty sure they know more about the Wii U’s internals than you and Bob.

    1. That fact comes from a poll where the voters consisted mainly of angry gamers. EA is not the worst company in America.

        1. Thanks for showing your ignorance of the world you live in, buddy. There is more than video games in the world.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          Well you haven’t seen this site’s trolls, then. And he isn’t trolling. He’s being logical and down-to-earth.

      1. Not sure I would totally say “angry gamers”, but gamers in general. Although, EA does seem to piss on all gamers in general.

      2. on the contrary, if ur entire customer basis votes u as worst, I think that means u really really suck if not actually achieved the title of “worst”

    1. And he’s talking about a company who continually make lots of money of succesfull Hardware and Software.

      1. Yeah just wait until nintendo drop more 1st party games and systems sales pick up. Watch EA crawl back anf start trying to put games on the Wii U

    2. I’ve gotten sick of explaining to people why EA is not the worst company in America. So I’m just doing to tell you; they’re not. If you believe they are it just shows your ignorance.

        1. just take a look at goldman sachs and everything is sufficiently explained

          if you still think EA is actually WORSE than sachs then you’re suffering from some serious delusions

          1. Bank of America, Citibank, Nike, Capital One, Facebook. There are far worse companies in America than EA

      1. I would say they are and not only America. If it is something a company shouldn’t do is make bad ports and that is something i have seen for a long time.
        Then comes activision, by making most of their games halfheartedly (COD) and destroying good franchises (Crash… Spyro…). hmm maby they are worst.
        then comes square enix, More like hate because they never released 1 a true HD remake of Chrono Trigger, 2 they never released a sequel of Chrono Trigger and third their games are getting worse.
        Then comes Capcom
        and last Nintendo because of their ultimately failure of marketing the Wii u, more like completely forgetting it and continue with the 3DS when it’s Practically selling itself

        1. so the only companies that exist in the world are gaming companies or how am i supposed to read that comment?

            1. well people keep saying “worst company” and that vote was about the worst company in general, not just gaming companies and as such it was seriously flawed
              so no we’re not just talking about gaming companies when referencing that vote

              if they had made it a vote about the worst *gaming* company then everything would be fine

              1. yeah I’m sorry for that, was just keeping the “momentum” of being in a game site thought they have a lot of factors (not sure I’m using the right word English is not my first language more like third/fourth) pointing it to either first or second and the audience is actually a big one if you want me to be a little more specific

        2. You do realize there are companies other than game companies right? Or are you using a lot of sarcasm?

          1. Yeah i know but the list would have been way to long i thought that i would stay in the gaming subject since it’s a game site. I would still put it on 1 place but with more reasons So much more reasons and this is just a comment section to bring a full written analysis is to bothersome. And probably five out of all site visitors would have understood my points..

            1. seriously? you’d actually consider EA to be the worst company ON EARTH?

              for fucks sake go and educate yourself, you’re a disgrace

              that’s all i have to say about that

              1. Well then I’m truly sorry for not being able to explain enough, the comment wasn’t meant to irritate I’m truly sorry. And no, as you said the list was for gaming company so if i spilt a comment that that says “of the world” I’m sorry, was probably thinking way to fast. There are so many companies low as high budgeted companies that may be ten times worse in world. Though of America there are a lot of factors pointing it to either first or second place

        3. if you actually think EA is the worst company in the world for making bad ports, you are completely delusional and ignorant.

          1. i was just keeping it very breef and simple as of a gaming company there are so many more reasons.
            i would have been just as delusional and ignorant in the activision and nintendo part (and sqeur enix but i said i hate them). there way to many factors to talk about a company so i put it breef and simple
            im sorry if it was way to short.

            1. he’s talking about you actually considering a *gaming* company (something that hardly affects everyday life) as the worst company on earth while companies such as goldman sachs affect the global economy with their bullshit.. just look at how well greece is doing these days.. the company played no small part in that

              and yeah that is incredibly ignorant…

          1. Yes they are but from the time they released it to now is a very big failure considering it’s a full professional company The Nintendo I’m talking right now or my previous comment would been way to stupid.

        4. “Never released a sequel of chrono trigger” I thought that Chrono Cross Existed, but i think i get your point because when i saw chrono chross and didn’t feel like playing it, unless you really have never heard of chrono cross and you are basing your statement on that, although i cant agree on the HD remake of chrono trigger part because i think it wouldn’t feel the same, the only way an HD remix would work would be making the techs and magic all 3D, but then again, based on my opinion, HD remakes are for 3D games, but in the end they are still using the same models with different textures and still look crappyish

          1. Exactly! Chrono Cross doesn’t have the same feel that Chrono Trigger has, Chrono Cross isn’t a bad game at all but it’s not a Chrono Trigger. I fell in love with Chrono Trigger before even playing it, that’s the kind of feel it gave me and I’m not even a big fan of RPG.

            Now on the HD remake part I’m not talking about open the Chrono Trigger in a full 3d world, just like you say it wouldn’t feel the same.
            I found a video the other day that shows how exactly i would like it to be:
            it’s simple it’s the same with more beautiful art that’s all it needs.
            And it’s all true “HD remakes are for 3D games, but in the end they are still using the same models with different textures and still look crappyish”.
            I would probably buy 15 copies of the game if they make it look like the video. They should just focus the environment Chrono Trigger is in and polish it like Vanillaware does with their games:
            GrimGrimoire , Odin Sphere, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Grand Knights History, Dragon’s Crown.

            1. agh!!!!I fell in love with both. chrono cross took my heart on an adventure I can never forget. just as chrono trigger set my younger rpg heart ablaze. games arnt made like THAT anymore. and I say that about both. so much feeling inspired. just look up the opening to chrono cross and tell me that doesn’t grab your soul. when the main character was swapped with the linx guy and so much confusion was comparable to when I found out CLOUD WAS NEVER IN SOLDIER!!!!! then the linx guy joins u an fighting fate was a humbling battle since there was no real way to be THAT under level in chrono cross. zomg, u just made me have to bust out the snes(im not playin hd when I have the original) and my ps1 cause my ps2 broke. I gotta play those now. and ff7…..

      2. Ignoring that we always say Wii U does not need EA to succeed yet Sony/Micrsoft fanboys think Nintendo needs third party.

        1. i certainly hope they do but i’m not too sure about it.. the contest was about the worst company in general after all.. most visitors to the site didn’t seem to care much about the non gaming companies back then and i doubt they do now

      3. my main concern is that ur concerned with THAT, when ea senior engineer is obviously more ignorant than anyone on her. he made a completely incorrect statement. that can be easily proven wrong. six times overwith displaying the wii u launch games alone.

    1. “Thanks to everyone who’s sent this in.”

      Because many people (I’m guilty of this) sent it in, so it’s relevant.

  5. oh EA… you always have to share your love with Nintendo fans don’t you? here’s a tip: we don’t care anymore, if you are not supporting us, ok. we get it. Now grow up and stop talking about consoles you don’t support and start showing your stuff for those interested on your work.

    1. EA just released NFSMWU which looked and peformed more stable than current gen versions and you can play the whole game on the controller and have people turn it from night to day with the controller and shit.

      The Wiiu is a Home 3DS in terms of Power. Not amazing , but more than capable of producing beautfull graphics.

      I’m really not interested in this shit lol. Bring on the next Direct.

  6. How about this world: There are kids starving in Africa, with nothing but a stick to play with, and we’re here arguing which 300+ dollar video game system is better?

    1. Yes, because those poor children in Africa are starving and have nothing to play with at the fault of us consumers.

      It is a pity, but at the end of the day, you should be more concerned about what /you’re/ doing to help, since you’re so passionate, instead of condemning random people on the internet you don’t even know.

      1. He is not condeming anyone. He is only asking to look at the situation from a broader perspective. Which console is the strongest, fastest, etc is nothing but a pissing competition.

        1. I looked from an outside perspective, and now? I will go back to convering about $300+ systems. thanks for ur insight :)

      2. I wasn’t condemning anyone. I was just saying how all this argument over which system is better is kind of ridiculous. We’re gamers, not politicians, we should enjoy videogames not ranting about them.

    2. I could argue that there are kids starving in a lot of places on Earth not just Africa. But…. That’s not why this comments section exists, is it? This isn’t the place to talk politics, charity or world hunger. Get it together man. Talk about GAMES!!

      1. How is arguing over how your system surpasses another have anything to do about video games? When I’m playing a game that I like I couldn’t give a damn which system it’s on or how good the graphics are, just as long as I’m enjoying the game. I know this may seem like I’m attacking you, but I’m honestly not. I’m attacking all the fanboys and anti-Nintendo “activists” who argue about videogame which system is better,

  7. This is why EA needs to die.
    They actually hire retards like this.
    EA are so salty, it’s embarrassing.

    1. Correction: This is why EA needs new management and to revaluate their policies. EA employs thousands of people and holds the rights to some major franchises. If they died, it would have a huge negative impact on the industry.

      1. Meh.
        The developers are normal great, unfortunately EA are not. Overstrike turning to Fuse is visual proof.

                1. Let me tell you… if you thought the NES port of TMNT 2 was bad… try the commodore 64… with worser graphics and only one useable button

          1. Ignoring that Nintendo saved the video game market! Back then video game consoles looked too much like PCs. Families was confused in why buy a video game console when I can get a PC. Games back then was too much similar too. People got tired of playing the same game with different titles. NES came out looking like a VCR which was popular In the 90’s.

  8. LOL, the poor guy is just defending EA.
    It is confirmed that GPU is better then Xbox 360 but CPU is worse but If it is true that nintendo underclocked it beats the xbox it also is possible that the architecture beats xbox but that is unknown at the moment.
    The tablet has a lot of potential the problem is Third Party support.
    Online sucks/ Store doesn’t

    1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      WIIU’s online does not suck, stop these lies already. BO2 never lags when I play it, but on ps3 it goes lag crazy! Why must this bullshit continue? ps3 online sucks major ass, I routinely would either get booted, lagged or froze out of a game! WTF?

      1. I mean the Online system(adding friends, party system etc).
        BTW i Played Black Ops 2 on WiiU,PS3 & X360 and on all the consoles you have the same bullshit lag.
        The only difference is that on PS3 it crashes randomly, and on the WiiU it is difficult to find a match.

    2. Online on Wii U is fine, I played sonic racing for months and other than the in-game issues (not the systems fault) everything was fine and lag free.

      1. Well, I work with them daily so i don’t have a clue what a computer component is.
        What does it even mean?

        If you are talking about the CPU overclock/Underclock thing.
        It is impossible that the WiiU was overclocked from 1.24 GHZ to 3.24 GHZ.
        But it is possible that the WiiU was underclocked or that the WiiU depending on the tempature can go to 3.24 ghz(But that would be pretty stupid, as it won’t work with games.

        1. I say this because you seem to go with what has Ben said and not what you yourself actually know… This bets the Xbox, that beats the Xbox… Is there really need for in the end

  9. damn! I can sense a lot of rage in those tweets. of course everything the clown said couldn’t be further from the truth.

  10. I demanda evidence of what he said… oh look need for speed most wanted on the wiiu…. oh look splinter cell with more features that would make a 360 xplode…oh look a 2d game that needs to be watered to be ported and need 6 months to do instead of the 4 months in wich criterion did nfsmwu.

  11. I know that nintendo hasn’t exactly been doing well but that’s kinda low even for him. You have to give nintendo a chance to better improve their hardware and create games that everyone have come to love. If nintendo was to stop making hardware and end up like sega then they should take all of their ip’s with them because it wouldn’t be the same on another console

  12. Interesting. Baby’s cry when they want attention. Bob needs his bottle. This time next year, NO ONE will have anything bad to say about Nintendo. This time in two years… Guaranteed we’ll see an EA game.

      1. Nintendo hired a bunch of outside devs to help them make the Wii U’s Online. EA being one of them. Please do abit of research next time.

      2. 1) that was just a rumour
        2) EA were hired to help make there online (I think some people from Valve were there to?)
        3) that’s opinionated

  13. I hope you all realized that this idiot got his twitter AND status deleted a few minutes ago.

    So yep, bitch got Adam Orth’d.

  14. EA: The Wii U is great! So Nintendo, wanna install origin?
    Nintendo: No thanks

    1. Spot on lol and THATS why people are pissed at EA, not because they are blind fanboys (well some are) but that right there is why I say fuck them.

  15. After all the built up tension, EA finally exploded with rage at the Wii U. I wonder what the “Origin” of all this is ;)

    1. yep, also this once-had-a-job guy said: “Nintendo is still operation like it’s the 1990” This is all about microtransactions and things like that, I doubt if EA didn’t asked Nintendo for an Always online console… They wanted a console made for THEM. That’s where all this bullshit is coming from. They are acting like a crying baby now.

  16. The Wii U will end up outselling the PS4 Nextbox just like the Wii did with the PS360. A year from now there will be 5-10 first party games and a price cut, that’s all it takes. The Wii didn’t need “good” 3rd party to outsell the competition, all it needed is first party games and crappy 3rd party games for little kids.

    I predicted the 3DS would be the best selling handheld before it came out and its on its way to being exactly that. How? I used my brain and thought ahead. Apparently you children on the internet and adults at EA don’t understand how to think ahead in time.

  17. So is he calling the Wii U crap, or is he calling the 360 crap? Because we already know that the Wii U has been tested and proven to be slightly beefier than the 360 and PS3. Glad that he acknowledged that EA wanted total control of the online aspect and that’s the reason for this animosity between EA and Nintendo. If he’s the senior software engineer then he must have gotten his degree at a less than reputable online school, because he should know better than to say something as blatantly wrong and idiotic as this. Be awaiting an apology, or his dismissal from EA record of associates.

  18. EA’s just badly butthurt… WiiU’s just more than a couple of time more powerful than the aforementioned console. Troll harder EA, troll harder. I’m not affected.

  19. Super unprofessional, really this the kind of thing that makes the gaming industry look very immature.

    1. Or at least makes EA look very immature, which is ironic, because the “mature, hard core” crowd loves EA. Just goes to show. You may be into Hardcore blood and guts, but that is FAR from making you mature. 💋

      1. I find the gaming industry making very loud mouth claims on twitter very unprofessional. Its like you have your opinions of something, its completely impossible not to, but to just state in this manner, he as a representative of the company he works for makes it hard for anyone to 1) take him seriously and 2) for companies to work with him or the company he works for in the future.

        He is also making, it so consumers who like the Wii U are even less likely to buy EA’s games.

  20. EA in 2011 : We reached unprecedented relationship with Nintendo and all our games will be on Wii U.
    EA in 2013 : We have no game in development for Wii U and many of us think it is crap.
    Butthurt EA is butthurt.

    1. Which i don’t understand, because I thought Star Wars games ( a right that EA bought) were coming to Wii U??? 💋

      1. The Stars Wars franchises is owned by Disney and that company has a good relationship with Nintendo. EA is just the publisher, if they actually owned the franchise I doubt Star Wars games would be coming to Wii U.

  21. WOW you’re making a article of a dude that has 132 followers i sure if he did work for EA he work have more LOL I HAVE MORE FOLLOWERS THAN HIM FFS

    1. Uhh.. So working for a major company guarantees a certain number of Twitter followers. He is not high-up in the company and not very well known so it would make sense he doesn’t have very any Twitter followers.

      By the way, it’s been confirmed he works for EA.

  22. To be honest if you haven’t played the WiiU then you don’t understand why the console is evolution in gaming. The problem with PS and Xbox …and most “hardcore” games is the belief that raw power creates great games. I have had more fun and memorable moment on my Nintendo Systems then I have had on other system.

  23. EA has now officially declared war…

    That’s fine with us, we alll know how it will go…

    History speaks for itself…

  24. What an ass. I’d like to hear tomorrow that he is fired lol!!! Well, at least this proves that EA is just a stupid company. Maybe people will stop arguing against me for once who were holding on to one last bit of hope that EA is good. 💋

      1. well he’s probably gonna get into trouble for this, and rightfully so, several gaming news sites have already asked EA for a statement concerning this bullshit

  25. Well it’s true it may be harsh but the truth often is. The engine is extremely weak and can’t compare to the Xbox orPS. NIntendo needs to bring good graphics that will bring in companies but they just don’t the company is dead

    1. Except… it isn’t true. He said Wii U was less powerfull than the 360. That is false. Completely false. He clearly hates Nintendo with a burning passion and took to Twitter with his rage. 💋

      1. I agree. The Wii U is capable of PS4 type graphics. Developers aren’t using it’s true power. For example:

        1. Done on underclocked pre-alpha kits. It doesn’t matter because people don’t want to allow truth to get in the way of their belief.

    2. what engine? what the hell are you even talking about? it seems to me that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about

    3. Ignoring that Wii U can handle URE4 ánd Crysis3 engines yet you want to be a dumbass and believe that Wii U cant handle frostbyte 3. Álso ignoring graphics on Deus EX for Wii U.

  26. The fact, though, that no one can really say for sure if the wiiU is or is not as powerful as the 360 is the problem, not the people that talk about it. There should be no debate, here. The wiiu SHOULD be blowing a seven year old machine out of the water, it just isnt and its not even close.

    I’m cool with lesser graphics and cg whatever if i’m getting lots of diverse games, but i’m not. I’m barely even getting games at this point more than 6 months later and the only things i really have to look forward to apparantly are the same nintendo ips over and over, year old ports advertised as the complete editions and MAYBE kickstarter revivals of series that nintendo making already.

    Ive been told to wait and be patient and i have. I was excited through the launch, happily annoyed through the extensive launch window and now im pretty much disgusted because after todays direct, nintendos not even trying and im STILL being told to wait for e3 because they might talk about crap i get to wait till next christmas for. It’s Ridiculous. It’s sad. And its pathetic for a company of nintendos pedigree. Now the plan is to wait for future waiting. Werent we told that the waiting would stop at the end of march in the last direct because games would start comin out consistently? Didnt that happen? What happened to that?

    Everything that the EA schmuck said is 100% correct. Nintendo IS walking dead because they DO pretend we’re still in the 90’s. Say what you will about wii sales being dominant over ps3 and yadda yadda, like that crap matters to people that had NOTHING to play for two years, at least sony and ms systems get more than 3 halfway decent games to play a year. I mean, good god guys, sony’s almost announced more stuff for the ps4 than nintendo has even talked about and come christmas the wiiu will have been out for a year…

    Rather than be MORE patient, i think we should all get together and demand some accountability, here, honestly. Theyve pretty much been lying their butts off since launch and im getting really sick of trying to get excited over what might as well be announcements announcing future announcements, personally.

    call me a troll, call it nintendo gamesmanship or whatever, with as sad as the wiiu performance has been up to this point, if nintendo had an ace in their sleeve, we’d of heard about it by now. And, to those of you joyfully defending them, as i did for a very long time, i really hope youre right and that everything pays off and ends up being worth the wait. Sincerely. With all my heart. I mean that.

    I just seriously can no longer allow nintendos disinterest in keeping me entertained, keep me from being entertained.

    1. “Rather than be MORE patient, i think we should all get together and demand some accountability, here, honestly. Theyve pretty much been lying their butts off since launch and im getting really sick of trying to get excited over what might as well be announcements announcing future announcements, personally.”

      and what exactly have they been lying about?

      you know what the wii U launch is very reminiscent of?
      the ps3 launch 6 years ago.. just throwing that out there

    2. Nintendo is making NUMEROUS games AT THE SAME TIME and you want it now. I guess you’re young. You ALWAYS have to wait for Nintendo games and they are almost ALWAYS worth it. The fact that NUMEROUS games from ONE developer are gonna be coming out is alot to be said. Any other developer makes ONE game over a few years and people go nuts. How come no other company is expected to have as many games released as Nintendo? And if Nintendo had an ace up its sleeve we would have seen it by now? Now I KNOW you are young. Nintendo ALWAYS lets their secrets out at the last possible moment, which hasn’t come yet. E3 and after will show a lot of good stuff. And lets see how much stuff will be coming from the next systems before we judge. And then lets also think of how many 1st party games will be on them…NONE. Cause Sony and Microsoft pay others to make them look good and make games for them. Nintendo has alot more responsibility then they do. You want great games, you wait for them. You want the same crappy shooting games over and over? You keep wasting your money every few months and tell everyone how badass you are for all your head shots.

    3. Pretend we are still in the 90`s? Ignoring that every Playstation console has the same controller! Also ignoring that Nintendo noticed tablets and touch screens and had a GamePad. Also ignoring that every Nintendo console has a different remote. Also ignoring that a Nintendo exclusive sequal has different was you play. Also ignoring that Nintendo consoles are the most copied but according to you, you think Nintendo thinks it’s the 90’s.

      1. Well, the playstation series almost have the same controller.

        The PS2 one is an improved version of the PS1 Dualshock controller, which isn’t the first controller type for the system (the first one didn’t have force feedback and didn’t have those analogue sticks).

        The PS3 one made the L2 and R2 analogue triggers and added the home button, in addition to motion sensors.

        The PS4 one is confirmed to have a trackpad on it, merged the “start” and “select” buttons into one (called the “option” button) and added a “share” button (which IIRC allows one to share videogame footage of their gameplay).

    4. and people like you fell for the trick to kill the wii u before ps4nextbox come out because they realized, if its still around at that time and dropping new games, the wii u can compete and beat both next gens easy. it can hold up on the tech end, ur just ill informed. also, do u realize the reason the wii u is lacking in games is BECAUSE of companies like ea? and BECAUSE of people like u? the system is a fucking monster. the 360 and ps3 cant come close. the ps4s touchpad from a laptop is SOOOOOO next gen. and nextbox charging to play used games one purchased at retail and only operate online is definitely going to dominate. in case u couldn’t tell, and I doubt u could considering ur an idiot, I was being sarcastic. Microsoft will be paying sony for the blue ray for their nextbox. which means u should be able to figure out the lack of third party games isn’t due to its capabilities. it can push unreal 4 without lifting a finger. ur so daft u cant see the backroom politics between sony,, Microsoft, and several 3rd party developers. I hope idiots like u don’t end up keeping the wii u from reaching its full potential with third party developers. but then again, they really don’t need them to dominate once the next gens are all out and it actually WAS on par and u just had to pay 400+bucks because YOU kept the games YOU wanted to play from coming out THIS YEAR INSTEAD OF NEXT

  27. EA was voted the worst company in America to work for and Im supposed to give a crap what this guy on twitter has to say LOL

  28. Look, we’re all Nintendo fans here. We’re all gonna hate on EA because of this, but I wanna stand out as the one who supports hate with facts: They RUINED SimCity with constant online, they went against Nintendo because the first year of Wii U is rough so far, and now they’re downright putting it down. Not to mention all the paid content they go for. EA is simply not a good company anymore whether or not you like the games they make.
    Which sucks, because I used to love them.

  29. Sheesh, all you had to say was that you didn’t want my money EA. Maybe then i’d have a little respect for u left.

  30. If Nintendo put wiiu out in 2006 it would of been the strongest console…… as of right now its the best console on the market regardless of software. Ea is crap no ea is shit bad over hyped shovel ware year after year

  31. I know a lot of people like Need for Speed, Mass Effect, Fifa, Madden, and Dragons Age, but I don’t. Except for Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge, I can’t think of anything good EA makes, and the last Dead Space wasn’t as good. EA sucks and once Nintendo sells more Wii U consoles they will put games on it, but who cares about EA, Nintendo fans will remember and boycot EA.

  32. Coming from a guy at EA … the company that wins the worst company award year after year :S Seriously, I don’t care about EA, Activision or any Cie that make games for Douche Bags (War and Sports games) I want to have fun and have an experience when I play and that’s what Nintendo is giving me. I’m also a huge JRPG Fan so as soon as Monolith Soft is with them, I’m ok

  33. wait i just noticed something.. isn’t he the guy who was responsible for fifa 13? the carbon copy of fifa 12? and he dares talk about what’s crap and what isn’t? XD

    this is actually quite hilarious

  34. I like the online store. its neat and bright. I can actually read descriptions on my 47″ tv instead of having to put my face to it on the playstation store.

    1. I LOVE the music on the eShop. It makes me wanna buy something just cause the music lol. I would even put it on my iPod and use it for a mediation session lol. The Wii U Mii Maker music is also awesome, love the classic Mario Brothers 3 music remade.

  35. I was goint to get mad, but then I saw what people are respondig to him and now i feel alot better.

  36. this is said by a guy that works for a company that has taken simcity and turned it into a online game. also simcity 4 out strips simcity 5. who cares what this crap shack of a company thinks

  37. So sad. This man has lost many cool points. What he did was very unprofessional, and he should be reprimanded. Regardless of the lack of love between EA and Nintendo, EA should always demand professionalism from its employees!

  38. After seeing this news in Gamespot, I was surprised to see that people there favored the tweet against Nintendo.

    1. why would you be surprised? unprofessional behaviour is actually something you can get the kids excited with

  39. Yeah, you know, ’cause the first thing that comes to mind after your best-selling hardware generation yet is to call it quits, stop making hardware altogether, and seek out an exclusivity deal with one of the competitors you’ve been trouncing for the past six years.

    OK, maybe trouncing is too strong a word.

  40. That doesn’t make sense. Games already look better on the wii u and developers haven’t had nearly enough time to maximize its graphical potentiontial. The Xbox and pS3 are currently being pushed to its limits. Not that I care, as long as the game looks good, it doesn’t have to be uncharted. But still a point none the less

  41. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Wow EA. What a bunch of lying babies. Nintendo rejects your Origin deal and you start yelling that the Wii U is weak and crappy? Grow up EA. Stop lying. The Wii U is a great console.

  42. What’s the matter, Bobby? still butthurt after knowing that you work for the worst company in America?

    EA should fired this guy just like Microsoft fired Adam Orth.

  43. I’m so sick to death of people calling Nintendo’s consoles weak, or “crap” just because of power limitations. It’s the freakin’ GAMES that matters. It’s the GAMES that makes a console a success. And it’s the GAMES that will always make Nintendo the # 1 best and most respected game company in the industry. Look at how well the Wii did, even with it’s Gamecube-style, last generation graphics. I can’t think of any games on the PS3 or 360 that I give a crap about.

    1. im so tired of people not realizing the wii u IS STRONGER THAN Ps3 AND 360! HAVE U PLAYED IT? NO? THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP

  44. Two quick points:

    1) His comments are not only blatantly and inarguably false, but completely unprofessional. As a long-time fan of this industry, it’s a little depressing to see this kind of childish statement coming from an EA employee.

    2) While I love my Wii U, I also play my Xbox360 a lot because it’s got good games on it. But talk about crap hardware… I’m on my 4th Xbox (after 3 red rings of death), and every single Xbox I’ve had has sounded like a jet engine taking off the whole time it’s on. (Wii U is ultra-quiet.) And my Xbox puts out so much heat it’s a real pain to have on in the summer. (Wii U puts out almost no heat.) My first two Xboxes scratched up my discs, and thus I also had to waste time at the store exchanging for new discs. Most of my friends have similar experiences owning their Xboxes. Now that’s crap hardware!

  45. wow, talk about burning bridges… what happens now when Wii U’s sales already improved and EA decides to make Frostbite 3 “work” on Wii U? what will this guy say? or better yet, will he still be working for EA by then? or maybe he’ll be focused on making mobile games.