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More Character Profiles Revealed For Animal Crossing: New Leaf

blathers animal crossingWith less than a month to go until Animal Crossing: New Leaf hits retail stores across North America, Europe and Australia for the 3DS, Nintendo has revealed a host of character profiles on their Facebook page to tease us until the release. Below you’ll find descriptions of a few new arrivals to the franchise such as Labelle and Digby, as well as a few other familiar faces like the friendly historic owl Blathers, who owns the museum, and shoeshine boy Kicks from the Wii’s Animal Crossing: City Folk. Click on the names below to see the official images.

If you’re a hat person, you’ll definitely want to meet Labelle. She runs the hats and accessories department of the Able Sisters’ Tailor shop in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Talk to her if you need the perfect accessory to complete your outfit.

Kicks has a new job in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He was the shoeshine boy in Animal Crossing: City Folk but now he owns his own shop selling socks and shoes.

Blathers is back in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and you’ll still find him snoozing at the museum if you visit him during the day. He can evaluate your fossils and accept donations for museum collections.

Introducing Celeste in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Celeste is Blathers’ younger sister and runs the museum gift shop once it opens on the second floor.

Meet Digby, Isabelle’s twin brother. He’s in charge of the Happy Home Showcase. He’s ready to help you get connected to all the homes you’ve gathered via StreetPass and SpotPass.

Introducing Lyle in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Lyle is the rep of the Happy Home Academy. Go meet him inside Nook’s Homes, and get your home’s interior evaluated. He can also provide you some advice on how to improve your home’s score.

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      1. Uhh hello! Me and my brother play this game with mother while covering ourselves in butter! It causes an awful amount of clutter as me and my brother sputter all over mothers shutter!

    2. Hey now, this game isn’t that bad. My girlfriend and I set each other challenges, it’s just a little fun to past the time till something big comes out (well in my view anyway).

    3. Yeah i agree…the game is happy and it makes me smile to play it. That’s why you called it gay right? Because it’s happy.

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    It changes the music based on the actual hour, same music that would be playing on the game. it’s awesome, I always open it up on my PC for some relaxing music. :D

    1. banjo you are an odd bear. like a real bear would eat kazooie not be her friend!!!!! also you play animal crossing instead of hunt for food. whatever do whatever suits you man.

      1. I have an Xbox now, so Microsoft forces me to use the pizza app to order food instead of hunting for it, also I play animal crossing to keep me busy, cause i’m not doing a lot of things these days you know… just getting fat and waiting…

  2. Never played an animal crossing game before… I could get this but what’s so great about these games? I’m more excited for Mario and Luigi Dream Team and Shin Megami Tenesi 4!

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