North American Retailer Target Selling Wii U Basic For $240

wii_u_console_whiteSpotted on a North American retailer website is the lowest selling price currently seen for the Wii U basic set. Target is offering the basic set for a cheap as chips sale price of $239.99, which is $60 lower than its current recommended retail price at $299.99. The news comes just after a rumour was unveiled detailing that the Wii U only sold 38,000 units last month. And with the drop at UK retailers Asda and Amazon last month, could we be seeing a new price for the Wii U across North America in due time?


    1. I agree with you on this. The basic should be 249.99 and the deluxe should be 299.99. Drop the price + release new 1st party titles = sales increase = increased install base = more AAA title developers for the console

        1. I would say that if it had more first party offerings on it, but it doesn’t and its not going to until summer’s end. I was just listing the things they should do to push the Wii U more into the consumers hand. They should also make every Wii U kiosk in every store have PLAYABLE DEMOS, not just select Best Buy kiosks. Wanna sell consoles? Let people play games on it before they buy it.

            1. Since when? If they sell the console and one(1) game they become profitable. How is that a loss? Do you go and buy a console without games? I know that I don’t, so it stands to reason that… maybe the hardware was sold at a loss, but because of the need to have games to play on the console and the desire of the consumer to purchase said games for the console, then they are not actually selling it at a loss. And they especially aren’t selling it at a loss if the consumer goes all digital for their retail titles, since the return on digital copies of games is about 97%. I only know this because, I distribute things in the digital realm and if you sell enough of the items to pay for dev costs then all you have to pay for after that is the power consumption to keep it online and available… no cost to manufacturers for making a physical copy. They sold the 3DS at a loss and that thing is killing it now! If they took more of a “loss” on the Wii U then it would sell better and draw more fanfare.

    1. I don’t mind Nintendo doing a price drop as Lon as they give the early adopters like us something for buying it right away. Some free downloads or a game or something would be nice

      1. you guys are already getting thing for being early adopters like great games at 30 cents.

        1. most people don’t buy an expensive new console for the same old titles over and over again though, imo its not enough.

          Nintendo knew beforehand they wouldn’t be getting their games out on the shelves in time but kept on saying games like pikmin and w101 would be available within the release window. This pushed me to buy it anyway.

          Upon release the console needed a fw install, the firmware isn’t performing like expected, system software feels rushed, features like TVii don;t work, …and there are more things to mention that nintendo just blundered on .. but thats not the point.

          The point is that these things causes consumers to be unhappy with their purchase, I’m a big nintendo fan but can’t do anything but be critical about nintendo management and imo its not weird that people are expecting some kind of compensation for their loyalty.,

          also when seeing that a wiiu is now cheaper then a 3ds om amazon uk. I for one feel like I bought the wiiu too early, and would want nintendo to show some compassion in some form.
          Which isn’t buying these games that we already bought on the nes,snes, then on the wii.. and now on the wiiu again.

    2. yes… that would be awesome, 20 free Nes, Snes, and n64 games would be amazing but unlikly.

    3. As long as it’s a deal through Target, I don’t think Nintendo will have a special deal for early adopters of the hardware. The 3DS only had the Ambassador program because the hardware itself had a universal price drop at all retailer locations early in the 3DS’s life-cycle.

    4. It’s a sale not a price drop. I really wish people like you would learn the difference.

  1. I thought by selling it at 300 basic set and 350 deluxe set they can only make profit by selling a game that accompanied the buy if the system so shouldn’t they be losing money if they lower the price? And if it is lowered
    It’s gonna be the 3ds all over again
    Especially for first buyers like myself

      1. Yes, it’s currently a sale price – according to their website it’s on sale until June 1. So if you don’t already own one, it’s probably a good time to buy one, unless we see a price drop entirely.

    1. Apparently, Nintendo is the only company that stumbles twice over the same stone

      1. Yea they don’t learn from
        Mistakes until it affects their money big time

        1. Well I hope they lear from their success to and give the same treatment they gave to both, the first customers and to the 3DS, to the Wii U and to their early owners

    1. i dont, i knew what i was getting into… i have a lot of great games… i dont know what people are complaining about. i fell for doom and gloom propaganda for 3ds, not falling for this, nintendo is a great company and xbox and ps4 WILL FACE SAME PROBLEMS. look at vita… just now barely picking up sales in japan, while 3ds is trouncing it weekly… same will happen with next gen boxes, worse so because last gen boxes will outsell this gen for at least one more year!

    2. If you own one you prob wouldn’t be calling it shit. I paid full price on day one and have no regrets. I’m longing for more games, but they are trickling out. Think RE is out today, so I’ll be buying that either today or tomorrow. Plus I have a selection of roughly a dozen games that are all quite good. M.E. Is my only semi regret. Should have known better then to buy a bioware/EA game. Bioware used to be a great little company, but now they are kinda crappy.

  2. Nintendo needs to stop being in denial about a price drop. No one is buying the Wii U, it needs at least a $50 price drop and still no one is going to buy it unless there are great games. Nintendo is not being realistic. The 32 Gig Deluxe should have been the basic and they should have made a 64 gig for the deluxe. Also it would be nice to be able to download eShop games to the SD card drive, it useless not to. Also, the Wii U should have been $50 less from the beginning.

    1. Im not to sure what the SB cards use on the Wii U at the moment but im using a 1 TB external HD on my Wii U to hold it all.

    2. Dude, solid state hard drives are expensive. The price is fine. If you want a larger HD go buy an external one, your money will go a lot farther. It’s the games that are missing, and the lack of advertising for the system that has been an issue. Peole won’t spend money on anything if they don’t know about it.

  3. One would think that after the fiasco of the over price 3DS launch with a tremendous shortage of games for the console and then apologizing for the gaffe, pledging and bowing that they will not make that same mistake again, end up making the same fucking mistake with their next console.

    1. You keep saying the same thing. One of the bigges issues with the 3DS launch is that it is something that people need to try to be sold on it. Up till it was released 3D was only available with glasses, very large hurdle to get over. Also the game issue as well of course. The thing the Wii U has in common is that it mostly needs to be tried to really see the appeal of the system and the game shortage, but marketing was crap for it unlike the 3DS. Also, many people are waiting to see what MS and Sony do with their consoles.

  4. you guys are lucky for that kind of price here in Jordan the WII U Basic is the only available version and its priced for 375 JOD = 529.811 USD and the sad part is there are no available games …. and i don’t know from where should i get one

  5. I wouldn’t buy it even if it was an even $100.00. This is the first Nintendo console I have no interest in. And that’s like a fat man saying they have no interest in food. That is, until so good games come out. Pikmin 3 is the first game what will tempt me into buying one.

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