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A Hat In Time, The Wind Waker Meets Banjo Kazooie Game Is On Kickstarter


A Hat in Time, the 3D collect-a-thon platformer in the spirit of the beloved Nintendo and Rare games from the Nintendo 64 era is now on Kickstarter. The development team Gears for Breakfast are looking to release the Banjo Kazooie and Wind Waker style game on Steam and Wii U. The team is looking to raise $30,000 to kickstart their platforming project. A Hat in Time looks fantastic and Gears for Breakfast is hopeful they will have the game out next year.

74 thoughts on “A Hat In Time, The Wind Waker Meets Banjo Kazooie Game Is On Kickstarter”

    1. It does. But I can`t help but wonder if it`s really OK to so specifically take all the inspiration from those two games and say it out lout afterwards. Surely there`ll be some trouble…

      1. Misleading title…… The creator says Super mario 64, banjo kazooie, Ocarina of Time, and Donkey Kong 64…… Click the kickstarter in the passage and it will redirect you to the page and video

    2. Uhh helllo! I think kickstarter should be illegal and its morals are rong because i hate it. It just takes money away from ur everyday normal guy and gives it to peopel who should just find investers .

      1. What are you talking about? It doesn’t “take money away” from the normal guy, people want to invest in certain projects so they donate. Nothing about asking for help on a project is wrong.

  1. this seem cool and all, but will MS even allow this? doesnt the Banjo IP belong to them? unless I missed something in the past few days.

    1. It’s an “INSPIRED BY” game; it doesn’t take anything from aforementioned games. It’s just inspiration! It’s a totally legal game.

    1. They are looking to be backed by a Publisher! Wouldn’t it be crazy if Nintendo became their Publisher!!! :O 💋

    1. Hopefully there will be plenty for a lot of good games, because many supposedly good big-budget third-party companies have been fucking up their own games recently.

      1. Haha yea that will be cool ^_^ i can split the screen so i can watch TV and play a hat in time at the same time XD wii u cant do that.

          1. Yeah and why would you want to split the screen your playing a video game on, and even if your favorite TV program was showing and you can’t watch it because you’re playing a game you can always just do off-TV play with a Wii U or you could just record the TV show with your cable box.

            1. I was being sarcastic, split screening a video game and a tv show is the most retarded thing ever.

    1. So far it only says PC and Wii U.
      And considering that Microsoft demands that indies self-publish if they want their games on the One, I would say, don’t count on it.

    2. Oh you must be confusing this game with Asshat in time which is scheduled to release at Launch with the xbox 3

  2. I hope the manage to get to the goal and even be able to make it for the Wii U. For the looks of it, that game is something today’s games are really lacking.

  3. These are the kind of games the industry desperately needs. I just submitted my contribution, I can’t wait to play this.

  4. as much as i’d love to support it.. but any game that goes on steam.. even if it’s also released on other platforms.. will receive absolutely no backing whatsoever from me…

      1. because of the DRM steam uses… and steam can be as great a platform as it wants.. as long as it uses DRM i’m going to boycot it

        1. use the offline mode, and shut the hell up, complaining about STEAM DRM?! are you RETARDERD OR WHAT?, what do you want?, Download the game to a usb? hahah sheeeeesh

          1. rofl you moron.. before you try to talk back to me about DRM how about you read up on what it is first? ridiculous
            as if offline mode had anything to do with it…

          2. “what do you want?, Download the game to a usb?”

            YEEEEES! This is EXACTLY what people who don’t like Steam want! If I can download a game to a USB drive, then there will be no doubt that I’ll be able to play it in the future, which is something Steam CANNOT guarantee.

            And as far as Steam’s “offline mode” goes, it’s not very offline if you have to go online before you can use it.

    1. Pc steam and wiiu eshop games are the games that needs the most help cause thats means we will get the best instead of the crap.

      1. steam doesn’t require my help.. DRM crap like steam needs to be rooted out and if i back a game i want it to be DRM free

        me backing a game that’s gonna be released on steam? not gonna happen

        1. as an addendum: i don’t have anything against steam per se.. i think it’s a great platform actually.. but in its current state i’m not going to support it or any game released thereon with my money

    1. Can someone start a petition to get Nintendo to fund Shadow of the Eternals!?! Or maybe we should start something on Mii Verse. I really want to see that game! But, it looks less and less likely every day :( 💋

      1. hooweee!!!! hooweeee!!!! come on children, (turns on music) the itsy bitsy spider (clap) went up the water spout (clap) down came the rain and washed the spider out (clap) then i rip your guts out (bite) have a nice life (kill)

  5. Might I humbly suggest you all give it a look and chip in some bucks? This game looks amazing, I’ve been following it for months and I’m glad they decided to go with the Kickstarter. I think it will do very well.

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