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Ubisoft Releases E3 Teaser

Ubisoft has released a rather amusing E3 2013 teaser video to get gamers hyped about their upcoming press conference which takes place on June 10th 3pm Pacific Time. The teaser video shows previous Ubisoft E3 host Aisha Tyler convincing Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO, to let her host the E3 2013 media briefing. We should get a look at a number of quality titles from the studio at E3, including Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends and Assassin’s Creed 4.

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49 thoughts on “Ubisoft Releases E3 Teaser”

  1. Not to sound like a jerk or idiot or something but she sounded like a guy, did she seem like that to anyone else?

    1. Likewise, I’m so bloody stoked for Watchdogs. Already got a PS4 copy pre ordered, I hope there is enough difference in the Wii U version, then I’ll get that too!

      1. Im hyped to see what the gameplay will be like on the wii u. Hope they will do something like what EA did with fifa on the wii u.
        ∑(O_O;) uh i mean

        ::|  \
        ::| 、_ \ I dont have a Wii U
        ::| (●) \ I gave it to my toilet
        ::|人_)⌒:: |
        ::|⌒´  /
        (⌒ー―′ )

        1. Toilet ha ha lol. Same here though not sure on the fifa part played the demo and the only thing i liked was how you could swap player whenever you liked. The rest is well… fifa though this is the only game I’ve won three own goals in one game

        1. They honestly do. Watchdogs is my most anticipated game this year. I’ll gladly buy a second version if it means awesome use of the tablet.

          1. My most anticpated game of this year is 3D Mario’ (if it releases this year) Rayman Legends, and now Sonic Lost World but then It’s not like I can get these games since I can’t afford a Wii U. :(

        2. Hopefully they use some effort in that part. Well E3 is almost around the corner so we will have to wait and see. This E3 is on fire all i want to see is some smash bros picture, well of course other games as well but smash bros is the main focus for me.

  2. There where mocking hints to almost all the big publishers if you look close enough. My fave is the one against ea.

    1. this is a funny teaser produced by ubisoft.. you know? it’s not supposed to be anywhere near the truth it’s just supposed to be funny and make people excited for e3 (because apparently tyler will be hosting again)

    2. But then she said afterwards that she didn’t get gift baskets and robotic dog, she made it up so she could look, as they say, “Hard to get”.

  3. Can’t wait! I’ll be checking out their conference, in addition to many others. As for EA, hell no!!!

    1. niooooo not even ME pious eats dog…. i mate with them!!!!!! anyways im going to die because MY game isnt going to make it unless nintendo funds it……. good bye

  4. Notice Eric Cartman on his office? I’m sure they’re gonna talk about the South Park game.
    Wii U version maybe?

  5. Nintendo Commander

    If anyone announces Destiny for Wii U, the PS4 will look less appealing and the Xbox Done even more…

    1. PS4 look less appealing? No.

      Xbox One? How the hell is it even possible for it to look less appealing?

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