Nintendo Announces Longer-Lasting Battery For Wii U GamePad


If you’re not happy with the Wii U GamePad‘s three to five-hour battery life, you’ll be pleased to know that Nintendo is making a new larger capacity battery for the Wii U’s 6.2-inch touch-screen controller. The new battery, which launches on July 25th in Japan, promises five to eight hours of battery life, will cost 3,000 yen – about $39 – and it will need to be manually installed by the user. There’s no word yet on international availability, but would you purchase a bigger battery for your Wii U GamePad? Or are you happy with the controller’s originally-installed battery?


  1. I think this shouldve came with the wii u becaus myine dies all the time and i dont like that because its really bad at staying alive when i play family barn and I hate it. add me on miiverse TheBenSanders!

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      1. Uhh hello! Willy urve always been liek a brotha to me 2 . im glad i told u about this site they post alot of nintendo news and reviews on it and its so awesome. i just love it. the community is nice for the most part but be careful of the few bullies on here. i tell them to be nice and spread the luv of christ like what mother (ur ant) tells us because we love her. but enjoy ur stay here on my nintendo news because we love it.

        1. Uhh hallo! Ben dnt wrry abot the cybur vermn here. As the sayin gos: don feed dem trulz! I tink uve been doin jus fine wid dat. <3

          1. Uhh hello! thank u for the support because i love u and u need to come see mother and i sometime this summer and we can all play nintnedo land and luigis mansion dark moon together because i love them. it sucks monkey balls that our family cant afford fones but we have our 2mps inernet so im happy and i love it.

  2. I personally have mine plugged in all the time since both my bed and computer desk are close to each other. So, it’s no big deal to me.

  3. I’ve managed fine with the default battery. It’s pretty simple to play for a few hours, and then set it on the charger. If you’re playing more than 5 hours at a time, you need to get up and do something else ANYWAY. Geeze, people. (And this is coming from someone who plays a lot of games)

    1. it’s actually worse since it only charges up to 2500mAh

      40$ is way too much for such a small battery…
      they should just include it in every coming wii U and be done with it

    2. Because Nyko battery packs are third party batteries, which have been known to ruin electronic devices in the past. I have heard plenty of stories of people replacing the batteries in their 3DS’s with Nyko batteries, and their 3DSs got ruined because of electricity overload. You also run the risk of voiding your warranty because you wrecked the device due to opening the device and replacing a component with third party hardware. I cannot confirm if this is the case with Nintendo consoles, but most electronic device warranties write that if the insides are fiddled with by the user, and doing so ruins the device, the warranty is void. It’s safer to get the battery directly from the maker of said electronic device, aka Nintendo. This means there are lower risks of electricity issues in the device, and even if there is, your warranty won’t be in void, because you used a Nintendo branded battery.

      1. Really? The worst i’ve had is that for some reason two of the Nyko rechargeable batteries I bought for my Wii remotes just stopped working for some reason (just one left). They still worked after when I put in normal batteries. Guess i’ll probably go with the Nintendo battery for my GamePad.

          1. are the nyko batteries li-ion/li-poly batteries by any chance? if so then maybe you let them discharge for too long.. if they discharge below a certain threshhold the electronics inside the battery will make the battery unusable since a completely discharged lithium battery will be damaged and damaged li-ion/li-poly batteries can be quite dangerous

        1. The difference though is wiimotes were built to use AA batteries, which means Nintendo had to make sure the wiimote complimented how much power AAs were giving, so no matter what brand it was, any AA battery would work fine, because wiimotes were built around drawing power from them. The Gamepad is different, it is not built to use any common type of battery, it is built to utilize its own custom battery type that supplies a very specific amount of power to the gamepad at a very specific rate, making it hard to replace without Nintendos help. Nintendo are the only ones who know exactly how Wii U power supply works. Though Nyko batteries technically work, Nyko does not have that knowledge of the system that Nintendo has, so it’s very easy for Nyko to mess it up, since the battery is custom.

          1. the wii U battery delivers 3.7 volts.. that and a rough estimate of the amperage the pad needs are everything a manufacturer needs to know to produce a working battery pack
            it’s not rocket science.. and certainly not as difficult as you’re trying to make it sound

      2. “You also run the risk of voiding your warranty because you wrecked the device due to opening the device and replacing a component with third party hardware. I cannot confirm if this is the case with Nintendo consoles, but most electronic device warranties write that if the insides are fiddled with by the user, and doing so ruins the device, the warranty is void.”

        nintendo would never be able to confirm that a third party battery was used unless you are actually stupid enough to send it in with the broken device

        that these third party battery packs should damage a device is complete news to me however.. i’ve been using third party power utilities (batteries/AC adapters) on quite a few notebooks and never had any issues
        a quick google search for your claim concerning the 3ds returned no results confirming that claim

    3. thats the one im waiting for, i dont think u can even get it online yet.
      25$ is a good price, but 40$ hell no i would rather get a game for that price.

      1. they have 2 different versions, one that sticks out and a slim one that replaces the old one.

    1. just get a third party one.. will end up cheaper and quality won’t be any different

  4. That’s why I’m waiting to purchase this console. Does anybody knows when Nintendo’s going to release the Wii U with the Miiverse update pre-installed?

    1. They said “later this year”. But why do you need to wait? You clearly have internet and it only takes and hour or two to install…

  5. They aint dumb. Give the gamepad a weak battery so they can release a better battery for some profit.

  6. I’m quite happy with the current battery. I usually play around 2 or 3 hours and I don’t need more. And also, you can play while charging it, no big deal.

  7. Oh I’m very happy with the current battery, I’ll lay it down by the fire, and make sweet love to it all night long while it puts my black salty balls in its mouth and listens to me singing a sweet deep song.

  8. $39 bucks for an extra 3 hours playtime? I’ll pass. I never really spend more than 2 hours playing games anyway. The only time my GamePad has run out of juice is when I forgot to put it back on the charging stand or it was unplugged for some reason.

    1. They are being shipped now. has an image of someone’s that came in. I just ordered one of Amazon and it they just shipped it :)

  9. can u buy a charging cable extension? it would probably be cheaper and you won’t ever run out of juice.

  10. Actually, Nyko already has one that is an external add on. It works great, and has a built in stand. They also have one coming out that’s an internal replacement that gives about the same if not more battery life to the stock.

  11. I don’t even care about the battery life. I just want them to hurry up and start selling the controllers separately so I can buy a new one. Mines broken. >.>

  12. Nyko’s long-delayed Wii U Power Pak (a fully internal extended-life battery) is now finally starting to become available. and Gamestop are both stocking it, but I’ve yet to see any Canadian distribution.

  13. I never play for more than 5 hours at a time now, but when I first got mine I played Nintendo Land for hours straight to the point where I’d need to charge the GamePad while I was playing. I can only imagine what it’ll be like with a new Zelda game or Smash Bros so this battery might be a good idea.

    1. My God when Smash Bros comes out both my GamePad and 3DS’s batteries will be raped with a Subway foot-long

  14. Nope…nyko has one that do the same for 24.99 why i will pay 39.99 for it…ni.tendo can give this as a free upgrade or doit for 19.99

  15. I have my Gamepad plugged into the front USB port on my WiiU with a long USB charging cable.

  16. I have had the nyko version of extended battery on presale but they keep delaying its release date, its a power pack 24.99, maybe their delaying thier date for release cuase nintendo wants thier 39.99 battery to released first , wtf i got u boost to hold me over

  17. I’m really not sure, Nyko promises 3x the standard battery (3-5 hours, which if you do the math, the Nyko last 9-15 hours) but I prefer first party so

  18. 5 to 8 hours ain’t shit still. 8 to 10 ok thats good. But we already get 3.5 hours about, so an extra hour and a half ain’t that much. Especially for $40. If it was 10 to 15 hours I could MAYBE see myself spending that much.

  19. I will definitely be pleased, but to be fair, i do not mind the 3 to 5 hours battery life “short” term, it just tell me when I have play more than enough for one day, and in the night i can plug in and charge it without fear, sure that in the morning it will be full and ready for another 2 or 3 days for playing.

    Mind you, I’m one of those that do not play that much, I work in the morning and go outside in the noons and only play in the night when everything of the day has been said and done; and even if I play even more in the weekends, I never put games above of anything exept sloth, and most of that free time, I pass it playing the game with my sister, a gamer in progress.

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