American Retailers List Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures For $40

pacman ghostly adventuresIt seems as though Namco Bandai’s Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures will be released with a slightly lower price tag than other games on the market. North American retailers Amazon and Best Buy are currently listing the Wii U version at a budget $39.99, roughly £26/€30.69.

The title is to be based on the animated series storyline launching this summer, and will feature unique power-ups, multiplayer and maze modes for both co-operative and competitive play. So far, Amazon are detailing the release date for December 31, while Best Buy are looking at an October release, but both dates are unconfirmed by Namco Bandai. Remember to check out the trailer in the meantime to see if you fancy grabbing Pac-Man’s new adventure for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.


  1. It’ll probably end up being 599sek (around 60£) here in sweden, like Game & Wario, and New Super Luigi U.

  2. I won’t doubt Namco Bandai on this. They don’t usually fail. I’m sure they made the price cheaper because $40 looks alot better to parents’ eyes, rather than $60.

  3. If this was like Pac-Man’s world, I would probably look forward to it.. Even if it’s those kind of graphics.. At least if they made other worlds too (Other than the city) and had a hub world to explore, it could be good enough for me also. But seeing a game base off a show from the Disney channel is probably a bad sign. xD

  4. Out of all the great franchises, they pick this one from ATARI? Imma bite my tongue on this lol…

  5. I love PacMan and most of the not so great games (well, in everyone elses’ opinion). I guess I’m easily pleased, but ah well. I don’t think that having a lower price point necessarily means it’s a “budget title”. I’ve bought some games that were at a lower price that were 1000x better than some of the $60 titles.

  6. A cheaply developed game. But considering that it is Namco’s own IP, it might be a decent game.

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