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Kamiya Tells Smash Bros Fans To “F**k Off”


Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya is apparently sick and tired of Smash Bros fans contacting him via Twitter encouraging him to put Bayonetta, Viewtiful Joe and Okami into the next Smash Bros game. Kamiya vented his frustrations on Twitter and told Smash Bros fans to fuck off. He then linked to the huge amount of requests he has been sent by fans on Twitter. Clearly he has lost all patience, so please don’t bombard him with requests.

“Enough of smash idiots. Fuck off”

Thanks, Waluigi

230 thoughts on “Kamiya Tells Smash Bros Fans To “F**k Off””

    1. No one can. Being annoyed by people who can’t take no for an answer and what have those people done to have their characters in smash bros anyways? There not even for Nintendo consoles that much. If they were exclusive to Nintendo then ya they should be in it but their not.

    2. Man WTF is wrong with that dude? I mean he lashes out at his BIGGEST supporters just because alot of them were annoying him? Thats not cool. Nintendo gamers are kinda used to being treated that way by trolls, but our our Platinum guy lol? Maybe he’s not used to the way Nintendo has an ear always open for us, their fans… He obviously doesnt operate in the same fashion. Wow. Is he 13?

      1. maybe he’s never goten a swift kick in the face for being a deuce bag to people who don’t really mean to annoy him, i mean sure he gets this kind of thing a lot i dunderstand he hates repeat questions but after the sixteenth time someone asks me the difference between shaolin martial arts and muay thai i don’t tell them to f*ck off, i just tell them, some people are just curious, he keeps this up and it’s gonna come back to bite him, he needs to just chill out, if it annoys him then he should ignore it, i mean lots of game designers and people in the industry hardly ever talk to fans and i imagine it’s because they’d probably react this way so to me, the best way not to kick the dog is the keep walking by when it barks at you, i mean sure he sounds great, but he keeps acting like a dick when it’s really unnecessary

        1. since you aren’t first, my penis still inside of your butthole. Feels good to be fucked by me, don’t it, bitch

  1. It’s quite an immature thing to say. I honestly don’t want to see Wonderfull 101 or Bayonetta in Smash. Why ? because you have to prove yourself on Nintendo platforms before you’re worth of Smash consideration. Bayonetta 1 was amazing , but not on Nintendo platforms.

    After the two Wiiu games release I might wish these characters were in smash , but not right now.

    1. So imagine tons of people asking you the same question over and over, when even if the answer is “yes”, you’re not allowed to talk about it anyway. Id say telling them to fuck off is a understandable.

      1. You clearly don’t have a professional job, do you, nor can you keep your composure at all, like, ever (actually, don’t answer that, your actions on this site spells that out clearly)?

        What’s so hard with just saying “Please stop asking me about Smash Bros; that’s not in my power?” No, by your simplistic logic, just saying “Fuck Off” suffice because rationality doesn’t exist, right?!

        Come on, now…

        1. i know for a fact that for months he did use please, he got fed up with it, its not like he’s gonna lose his job over it, especially since he didnt leak any information

      2. Yeh but when you have the status that he does , you have to be Mature and responsible even on social networks or look : it ends up all over the internet.

          1. Sets a bad example , especially considering a lot of Nintendo fans are like 12-18 years old or what ever…

              1. i know that :/ lol , I never said he did. All these smash bros fans that are posting on his twitter could be 12-18 and to say FUCK OFF to them is flat out , out of order.

                1. Meh he did better than me. I would have said fucking leave me alone allready. who gives a fuck anyway? and most smash fans are middle aged men and college students. so I doubt it was not that offensive. in that light but i see where you are coming from. But enough is enough

                  1. yeh , I’m sure he meant it an a humerous none offensive way. But there probably was some younger peeps who read it..

    2. But people don’t seem to understand that, then it’s a given that they should just go away and learn a bit, instead of begging to get swear words right back at their faces ^^

  2. Bayonetta would be pretty cool, but I don’t think a walking, talking double entendre would really suit Smash Bros.

  3. I’d be pretty pissed if a bunch of fans wasted every minute of every day lobbying for something like Joe and Okami in Smash. First, he has no control over this, the only one of those he owns is Bayonetta. Second, Namco’s making Smash, not Platinum. And third, it’s distracting him from getting games we want on Wii U done and out to us.

  4. Now that I blocked firstfags, I can make a real comment.
    I know people are saying he should be less rude, but when people keep asking you questions you’ve already answered, it’s a matter of time before you finally explode. I’d have told them to fuck off too.

        1. hahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha oh lol xD

      1. he is mad cause a why u mad madded him to the maddy mad lvl and both why u mad madded their maddy mads to the maddy mad limit ,
        This doesn’t make since just like your existing

  5. I understand to be honest. Being asked about if his game character is on a different game and not caring about the fact Bayonetta 2 is out.

  6. lol good old Kamiya.
    He also said to read his log before asking questions, to Google it or to ask your mom.
    He’s hilarious, and that’s why I’m following him.

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  8. I don’t get it. What’s so hard about checking his log and asking your mom before you ask him a question? :P

  9. U mad bro? Lol Jk. Though I get how he feels but I doubt it will really affect anything. The only character he could put in it is Bayonetta.

  10. Umm sorry but i deem this news article to be inappropriate. There is a young demographic that reads this blog and i think the use of swear words will encourage bad behavior.

        1. News is news. I think a lot of stuff shown on tv is innapropriate. But, they don’t set the scripts and news to my tastes. So I shut up and deal.

          Trust me, you can bitch all you want, the article isn’t gonna come down.

          1. News is news but there is something called censorship and the quoted twitter post on said article isn’t even censored.

            “Enough of smash idiots. Fuck off”

            Damaging the children of tommorow.

            1. If you’re going to leave this article up then i implore you to at least censor the quoted social media message.

              1. Your manners are intolerable. Were you raised properly as a child? Did mommy drop you off a cliff? Were you left to rot in an orphanage? The answer to all of these questions is…


                Grow up and never point that filthy tongue at me again.

                1. Also I’m one of the smartest kids in my high school, and I assure you that I’m very mature for my age.

                  1. You don’t seem to understand that i don’t actually care? I don’t know you and i don’t want to know you. Now if you will excuse, my delicious hot warm bubble bath calls.

                    1. You cared enough to make assumptions about me. It’s hilarious that a swear could make someone so mad, it’s funny.

    1. Maybe you should take your republican garbage to a site much less violent and horrifying than Nintendo…

      Barney the purple dinosaur maybe…

      1. Excuse me? Please remove this comment, I find it disguisting that I’m being mocked by this pathetic urchin.

    2. Oh please 3rd graders swear nowadays by 4th grade kids get their hands on cigarettes. Kids arent innocent anymore. As for kids when it comes to gaming…well COD ruined them.

  11. hahaha just saw his most recent reply, someone asked “why are so many rude people soamming your twitter? It’s so bizarre”
    And he said “Coz i’m cute”

    Fucking love Kamiya.

    1. He obviously has said over and over, he can’t answer those questions, and people just don’t get it and keep asking. Telling them to Fuck Off is perfect! Maybe they will “get it” this time.

    2. Your accusing him of acting immature, when these so-called fans are doing nothing but bawling on HIS Twitter to include characters that he probably has no say in adding? Don’t be ridiculous.

      1. So why not state that he has no say in adding.

        The best thing to do if people annoy you is to ignore them.

  12. Hes representing a company. It doesnt matter how annoying fans can get. Just ignore the tweets. Its a bad look for platinum games

  13. As a Smash fan, I have to say…….
    I empathize with the guy. I can’t be upset at him for this.
    I understand the fan’s desire, because yeah, I’d love to see Viewtiful Joe in Smash Bros.
    Or Bayonetta, though I feel she’d fit less than Joe.
    But in either case, being asked about it time after time after time after time ad infinite, would be enough to make any sane developer think “fuck off” towards a fan base.
    This guy just had the nerve to say it up front, that’s all.

    I actually sent him a tweet in support of his message, telling him that they only keep asking because they love the characters and that they want to support him, and that we’re all looking forward to Bayonetta 2.
    I hope he gets it, and I hope it does him some good.^_^

    1. As few 3rd party characters as possible.
      Personally I hope they remove Snake. He barely has any games on Nintendo systems, so I don’t think he belongs in Smash Bros.

  14. Ignore the indigenous smash brothers fauna and carry on with the work provided by our Empire…

    We do not support this type of behaviour…

    And I order you Smash Brothers fanatics to retreat and stop bothering him with your abnoxious questions!

    1. I agree Commander! I mean dam them are more important things, like getting games over to us on WIIU! Put that effort into bothering lazy Devz who are cutting content, or not supporting us all 2gether!

  15. I can think of hundreds of better ways to say that. Whatever. That bastard Kamiya clearly doesn’t want my money.

  16. Surprised people are fine with this guy voicing his opinions like this, but when a guy from EA says something (much more politely) about Wii U, you all go crazy…

    1. Perhaps it’s because the engineer issued an unsolicited attack that bordered on libel. These Smashiots won’t stop bugging him about this, despite the fact he HAS NO FUCKING CONTROL OVER THE GODDAMN ROSTER. I’d be pissed off too. When he has REPEATEDLY told them to stop, they just troll harder. So he trolled back.


    2. The situation is entirely different.
      No one went to that EA guy’s twitter to constantly bug him about the system; he just went out and attacked it for no reason other than self-satisfaction.

      There’s a huge difference here. Kamiya is rightfully justified in his annoyance towards the Smash community.
      EA and employees like that one guy are just twats on a war-path.

  17. Hey Kamiya –

    Fuck OFF Yourself. I’m a fan. While I’m not on twitter, I understand it’s fun for the fans to want to contribute. That’s what a social network is for.
    Maybe start appreciating your fans a little. If not, then don’t get on a social website.
    I won’t be buying anymore of your games.

    1. Maybe he wouldn’t do that if people didn’t bother him about stuff he has answered a million times.

      1. Why? Why should I be glad? Give me a reason you little kamiya c**ksucker.
        I think he’s the ungrateful one.

        1. How the fuck is he ungrateful? He told people politely not to ask him about this, and when that didn’t work, he outright told them to fuck off.
          Not his fault you think being obnoxious and asking the same question over and over is your idea of contribution.

        2. You are mad this kamiya says fuck off to the people that are annoying him, yet you call this guy a C***Sucker cause he annoyed you…DBag.

          1. Love it how you cowards get on this thing and insult. He didn’t annoy me. He insulted me, so I insulted him right back. Stand up for yourself. Grow some balls. But no, you are fans, yet you let him talk to you like this. Good for you.

            1. He has no right to talk like this, but you do? Seems fair enough… -__-
              You and those other guys are just a bunch of butthurt little fanbrats who are getting all worked up because he’s not tending to your every need. And then you act like the victims because he told you to stop bothering him.

  18. Kamiya doesn’t even own the rights to Viewtiful Joe or Okami. I would love to see Amaterasu in SSB4, but you can beg to the WRONG PERSON.

  19. Even if you are frustrated with fans it is always important to keep your cool. Because of his actions he looked very unprofessional. Nintendo is a company who cherish their fans and customers. I love Bayonetta, but just because you made a good game doesn’t give you the right to act anyway towards your fans. Remember with out them you would have no fame or recognition in the gaming community.

    1. Obviously he could have been a bit nicer. He wasn’t though. He was blunt and expressive of how he was feeling. His frustration is understandable. A lot of people are stupid when it comes to smash.
      Everyone try and not overreact to two words, okay? This obviously doesn’t make him look good to pathetic whinebabies which there are too many of. Be an adult.

  20. only two types of characters belong in smash. The tried and true characters like mario or zelda, and the classics that still hold a place in our heart despite only a game or two like ice climbers or pit.

  21. In this case, I got to agree with him. People spamming his twitter for things like this is out of the question. Sometimes, I feel embarrassed as a loyal smash bros fan. I just hope that we don’t turn out to be a second call of duty fanbase.

  22. I can guess what’s on that list of requested characters without even looking at it. EVERY VIDEO GAME CHARACTER, and probably a whole bunch of non game characters.

  23. Hideki Kamiya, just calm down. I know you don’t like the Smash bros fans who kept request you to have Bayonetta, over and over and over again. But please, DON’T USE THAT BAD LANGUAGE TO THE SMASH BROS FANS!!!! (Such language in front of the Smash Bros fans) YOU EVIL/VILLANOUS VIDEO GAME DIRECTOR!!!!

  24. Are you Fucking kidding me, are they for real these idiots smash fans.

    IT’S NOT HIS FUCKING DECISION, it’s Sakurai’s decision not his.

    why keep spamming the wrong guy with this stupid question?

    damn the stupidity, seriously can’t blame the poor guy.

  25. its not his fault because right now hes busy with bayonnetta 2 and wonderful 101 also what if hes having problems with his personal life or busy on something personal

  26. I can understand his frustration, but as a professional, he should have thanked fans for all their suggestions, then recommend that they forward these suggestions to Nintendo. If the problem persist, then he should close his twitter account. Better to stay professional at all times, especially since two of his games are being released to Nintendo fans, potential customers!

  27. So according to everyone who has posted if you are a smash bros fan then you are a complete retard well I love smash bros but I don’t want these characters in the next game really because I have no interest in these franchises. Although I don’t think he was being rude or unprofessional at all I believe it was all justified.

    1. No, not all Smash fans, just the ones that kept spamming his Twitter account with goddamn Smash questions he would never have an answer to. It’s like Sinbad’s one comedy routine. Think of the Smashiots as the kid who goes “Momma! Momma! Momma! Momma!”

      …You can only take so much.

      1. I totally understand his frustration with those fans. But it seems like everyone here is targeting the entire smash bros fanbase.

  28. Of course it’s ridiculous that people spammed the hell out of him, but I think he should have just ignored it or something. It’s part of being an important person, and if you can’t handle it then don’t be important.

  29. I would be tired too. All what Nintendo fanboys do is talk about Mario and Smash Bros and Zelda blah blah blah, as in if everybody should be excited about those games. Personally none of those games appeals to me. Only because you like a certain game doesn’t mean others do too.

  30. This is a bit overboard if you ask me. I understand that the man is a busy guy and has lost his patience, but telling everyone to fuck off? He should be more professional. The only time I can see this being appropriate is if he had asked nicely more than once before.

  31. Oh my god some of you people are retarded
    First of all he wasn’t telling every smash bros fan to fuck off, just the ones that kept asking him about smash bros on twitter
    second of all he told them to fuck off because he was tired of people that keep asking him the same questions over and over about a game he isn’t even working on

    1. If you are talking about me I never said Kamiya was in fact I stated the I believe his response was justified but what I meant was that most people HERE are targeting the entire fanbase or so it seems.

  32. Gee, didn’t know how aggressive defenders and offenders of Kamiya could get, but I think we can all agree that the Smash Bros. fanbase is obviously tiring him out with messages over something he not only has NO control of, and he has obviously tried telling them as politely and as calmly as he could. It failed, obviously, as these queers continue to bug Kamiya, so he had to “push them away” with a bit more of aggression. I don’t blame him. No one can. I myself love Smash Bros, and have been a fan since the first game came out, I myself would love to see a couple characters join in such as Waluigi, you know? But you don’t see me pestering people who have no control over this over and over, and in my opinion, yes, maybe he could have been more professional about it, but who can be professional while you have kids pestering you for days, even years about the same subject and constantly saying “no”? You’d be pretty mad too. That is all. Now stop killing each other.

    1. words, words, words, words,
      words, words, words, words,
      words, words, words, words,
      words, words, words, words…

  33. Why would he put two of the three in? Viewtiful Joe has more of a chance than okami and bayonetta… But if bayonetta gets put in, Dante will be demanded shortly afterwards.

  34. Oh my god… This guy is AWESOME!!! He did something everybody in the VDG community wanted to say to the SSB community and that was to tell them to shut the fuck up! Especially when the SSB community are mostly composed of annoying little fanboys that get offended by any criticism directed towards their amateur ideas they come up with.

  35. Well that was a little unprofessional but I do agree with what he’s saying. I don’t want third party characters to even come close to the number of Nintendo characters in Smash Bros. Don’t let Smash Bros. whore itself out to the third party characters.

  36. Ōkami is NOT A CHARACTER! That’s like calling Link Zelda or Samus Metroid. the character is the goddess Amaterasu.

  37. Now i don’t feel like supporting platinum games anymore. that’s unprofessional to use such language and that’s not good customer service to boot. he need better training in customer service.

    1. Not customer service, but something close to that. although it’s on a personal account he can say whatever he wants.

  38. thenintendoreviewer

    While I think it was a very rude unprofessional response, i do kinda feel for him since was bombarded with messages.

  39. Sorry mate… can you do one thing for me though. Put Viewtiful Joe in to the new Smash Bros game please.

  40. He said the same thing to All Stars fans I respect him but he pissed me off when he called it a ripoff after he made the same game twice with Bayonetta and is using the same art of VJ in Wonderful 101

  41. TBH, that is a immature rude thing to say.. Are companies these days like this? Or is it just me.. If annoyed, the guy could of just did something else, in a honest way.

  42. i like smash bros when its strictly nintendo characters, didnt like the addition of sonic and snake in the last one

    1. I agree. As cool as it is to see third party characters join in, it’s supposed to be a Nintendo brawler and it feels a lot better when it’s that way. Was Brawl came out, Snake had hardly been in any games on Nintendo platforms. It was weird.

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  44. Confidentially you can’t blame him, regardless of professional or not, because fans need to learn to stop badgering people about things they have no power over.

    To the one who keeps griping about censoring this article: you DO realize there is a wonderful innovation on your browser, the back button and the X button, meaning if you don’t like it, then don’t read it.

    And if you got off your high horse and soapbox for once, you would have NOTICED the offensive word was censored by blocking out the two letters. Standard censoring procedures.

    Stop acting as if everyone except you has to watch themselves, you’re not the Internet Police and your not Queen Elizabeth. Because MNN has a right to post any topic they deem relevant, whether you think so or not.

    1. of course i can blame him
      he’s a representative of a major corporation and as such he has to show a minimum measure of composure, no matter how much the fans (they’re actually fans of the game he’s making.. FANS) bug him.. this statement makes me think he lacks that kind of composure

  45. Exactly! I’d get annoyed too if people came to me asking me to put a character I clearly don’t want in a game put in the game. The last time I checked, it’s the company that decides who and what is put in to a game not the nutty, superpsycho, ragin’ fans. Then those fans wonder why they can’t get character THEY want in a game. Annoying a professional ain’t gonna get you ANYWHERE.

    1. Although it is rather irresponsible to talk down to those who support the franchises the company introduces. Nonetheless, it was the ignorance of those who have nagged him (even though he’s not even in charge of the game’s production) that led him to the moment of unprofessional behavior. Most businesses unfortunately do have atleast one rotten apple in the bushel of employees, and he unfortunately took the brunt of the ignorance these fans placated uponst him. In this case, the pesterers and the pestee were both immature and could handled things better than they did.

      If the pesterers could’ve been polite instead of saying “We want this character! PUT IT IN THE GAME NOW!”, and just waited for the info. That causes not only those pesterers to look foolish but the person who’s not even in charge of the game to look like an even bigger fool than they may already be.

      1. Besides everyone should know by now that the fans suggest an Idea to Nintendo.
        Then Nintendo brings it up with the game director for the game the character will be placed in.
        If the game director approves, they will then ask if the company wouldn’t mind contributing the character or characters in question to the character roster for the game.
        If they approve, then Nintendo will place them in the game.
        It’s called the ladder of approval.

  46. i mean if you get bayonetta exclusive to wii u (by no fault of platinum’s own but still) she could at least be an assist trophy. didn’t have to be a dick about it. but its all their choice. people should stop dogging them about it but he shouldn’t have come across like such a prick

  47. Here’s the dilemma, folks: On the one hand, I do concur that Kayima could have handled his frustration better and given a more professional reply. However, on the other hand, the fans could’ve stopped being obnoxious and keep pestering and insisting his characters be included in a game he has no input, nor control of.

    The thing here is the problem that fans feel they have an entitlement to endlessly harass those whom they support, regardless of the obstacles.

    And to be honest, how would many of you would like thousands of people pestering you endlessly over something you really didn’t want to be a part of, despite your fame and popularity? After awhile, you too, would lose your cool and let forth some epithet to get your message across, especially after you kept POLITELY informing them: a) you simply don’t want to do it; or b) you really have absolutely no control over the thing they want you to get involved with.

    Sure it’s easy to criticize and throw judgment calls towards Kayima, but think about it, if you were in his shoes, would you do no less after your polite declines fell upon deaf ears? Mainly because in the end, we regrettably all do have our breaking point. You might think, ‘oh sure, Fanger, these guys were just making a simple request, and Kayima had no right to just up and go lose it like that.’ But then again, think about it. If these guys were making a ‘simple request,’ why did they keep endlessly badger him about it? Especially after he did attempt in being professional and tell them up front he had no plans of doing so, since he technically no involvement in the project.

    Bottom line here is: The fans are equally to blame as Kayima himself. It’s okay if you want to make a request about something, but not if you keep persistently pester the guy like a two-year-old over it.

    Personally, many are lucky that’s all Kayima did, he could’ve done something far more unprofessional than hurl a common epithet at them.

    Just something to think about.

    1. Exactly!
      Plus, like I forementioned, the people pestering him should’ve technically followed the ladder of approval by asking Nintendo first, since they are in control of the SSB game series’ production.

  48. Smash bros sucks anyways. So you can’t blame him. Why would he want his character to become well known in the us alongside a bunch of kiddy characters? That makes no sense. And telling fans of his series to fuck off was very smart of him as well. I mean, who cares about reputation? Look at the guy who created the game Fez. He was a racist asshole to Japanese game developers and no one gave a shit.

    1. Dude. Calm down I get that you are upset about how kamiya is acting toward the fans but its the crazy smash bros fans not the Bayonetta fans.

  49. 新スマブラキャラ: little mac! wii fit trainer! rockman! pacman! animal crossing villager! your mii! shulk! rhythm heaven chorusman!

  50. If they would only include female fighters that weren’t damsels in distress or punching bags (Jigglypuff) besides Samus for once, I would be more than satisfied, but they never do. Look Pokémon includes a MALE and a FEMALE trainer, the least they could do is allow people to pick your gender and not be stuck being male, like with that new animal crossing character.

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