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Flipnote Studio 3D Coming To Europe On August 1st


Nintendo Europe has announced via their official website that Flipnote Studio 3D will be available on August 1st. Flipnote Studio 3D is a free application, and it includes  two whole new communities – Flipnote Gallery: Friends, which will allow you to share your creations with friends, and Flipnote Gallery: World, which will let you share them with users from all around the globe. Flipnote Studio 3D will be coming to North America sometime in August.


    1. I like to express my creativity in a cool way. I used Flipnote Studio, it was the only reason I had a DSi, and Now that Flipnote Hatena shut down, the only way to share my creativity and artistic talent is a Painting app. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while.

      How would you even use that on an xbox one? It requires DRAWING. The 3DS is capable of more than just games, and I can bet that there are tons of people that DO care. so WATCH IT.


      1. do you do art in real life too???? thats pretty cool too, so that everyone can see it, besides on a 3ds app.


      2. Yes, I do, but with the 3DS, I can share it with people all around the world, rather than just my neighborhood. Flipnote Studio was the coolest application on the DSi, and eventually became the reason that people bought them. Now that they’re bringing it for the 3DS, and it’ll be even better, I’m just so excited. The original application greatly increased my artisic ability, that’s why I appreciated it so much.


      1. no, microsoft made me appreciate nintendo more even after all the shitty carp they have been doing. the xbox one along with microsoft have nothing over sony or nintendo, and all people around are selling their 360s knowing what they have eating into, shit!!!!!


      2. I doubt more than 2% of those fantomboy idiots will sell their 360 console when the controversy of XBox’s One (Stupid ass name) is blazing everywhere in every minute. By E3 when Microfail doesn’t repent their BS plans to destroy the gaming industry with all their dictating restrictions of buying, sharing, reselling games and playing for how long, then XDVRBOX One (A freaking cable box that spies on you like the Government’s NSA program now) will be DOA on the spot by release date.


    2. The XDVRBOX One (Xbox One: God awful ass name) thats only good for two things: T.V BS that’s already done ages ago and ripping off the next thousands of dumbass fanboys planning to waste $400-500 for a black “75% bricked” cable box with Sony’s Blu-Ray drive with all their fees, restrictions and that bulky crap spy camera Kinect 2..Hell that’s still a sad ripoff of Sony’s PS Eye and Nintendo’s revolutionary Wii Motion Remote combined.

      Have fun playing offline for one hour every 24 hrs needed to login which is now Microfail’s next confirmation this week that makes the console look more pathetic and certain to be DOA by Q4 2013.

      By, Flipnote is far more popular than any Live apps thats also available everywhere else which isn’t special.


  1. Come on, Really? So I still have no exact date? Why didn’t Nintendo announce the US release date, too?

    Don’t give me an answer like, “It’s Nintendo of EUROPE, not America.” I know that. But I also know that I’m probably the most excited person in my town for this.


  2. so that’s the North America release date too?, or just on UK?

    well sorry if I sound like an ignorant but if we remember, Nintendo of America says that the release date would be Early August, so maybe is the same launch date.


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