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Satoru Iwata Graces 3DS Users Screens Through Spotpass

2013-06-07 11.14.43Satoru Iwata has been busy recently, not only has he been getting ready for the latest Nintendo Direct on June 11, but he’s also been trotting across the globe in the form of his Mii. In anticipation of E3 next week and the slew of information we’re bound to receive, Iwata has taken a stroll through Mii Plaza on the Nintendo 3DS to visit you in order to remind you about upcoming events.

To meet the legendary man himself, simply turn on your 3DS and visit Mii Plaza, where he’ll come and greet you through SpotPass. Not only do you get an achievement for meeting a special Mii, but he also brings a puzzle piece a long with him too. Don’t miss out on adding Iwata to your collection, especially when he’s in his Luigi hat.

36 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata Graces 3DS Users Screens Through Spotpass”

    1. Great job again oh master of being first! You’re making us all mad by being so pure awesome, now choose your insult and the size of the penis here ^^

    1. Wait for a bit with Streetpass enabled while the 3DS is in sleep mode (ie, the lid’s close down).

  1. LOL! You know, I took out my original black 3DS out the other day, and Shigeru Miyamoto appeared in the Mii Plaza. I was shocked. Hehe.

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  2. Ok, I never got him yesterday, even though my 3DS was in sleep mode the whole time! Why didn’t I get him??? X(

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