The folks at Canada-based studio Next Level Games have thanked the millions of Luigi fans out there, via their Facebook page, who’ve purchased their latest video game. Just in case you didn’t know, Next Level Games is the developer behind the critically acclaimed Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, which was released earlier this year, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Despite being a sequel to Nintendo GameCube launch title Luigi’s Mansion, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is the better game of the two – because of many reasons, as explained in our Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon review. If you haven’t already, purchase Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon from a retailer near you or the Nintendo eShop. Read Next Level Games’ thank you note below:

Thank You Luigi Fans!

It has been just over 3 months since the worldwide release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and at Next Level Games, we’ve been overwhelmed by the support from our fans. We’d like to express a big thank you to everybody who bought the game, 3DS download played it or simply talked it up near the water cooler. Your continued support is most graciously appreciated.

We here at Next Level Games are honoured (this is the Canadian way to write it) to have the opportunity to entertain the millions of Nintendo fans.
We relish the everyday challenge of continuing the tradition of making fun for everyone.

High Fives all around,
Next Level Games



  1. They did a good job, but not that Nintendo grade quality. Boss fight were poor, and the way each mansion is split into different 6-7 chapters each was dumb, you end up walking through the same place over and over with minor changes sometimes, and vacuuming every single inch of the game multiple times, was just a little taxing…


    • The reason it was split into chapters is because it’s on a handheld. They wanted it so people could play the game in short spurts mission by mission.


      • This ^ … And it’s perfect to do one mission on a bus journey or what not. A lot of people judge 3DS games by console standards sometimes.


      • Great, but it doesn’t change the fact it was just 7 levels of going through the exact same thing, and vacuuming every damn corner. It was a dumb design, just have instant save points, or checkpoints, that’s why they exist, so you don’t have to play for an hour straight. In fact the DS has that build in, you just close the damn thing.
        That’s a poor excuse.


          • It was good, but not great. Just had questionable chapter layouts. I just wanted a full level where i can go around the entire mansion, not just separate ones that take you to the same places and end abruptly, goes against the entire point of exploration


            • My main problem was always being rang up on the DS with the same monotonous ring tone. They should of let us unlock different ring tones or something that would be sweet! And always getting sucked in out and out of levels too often got a bit repetitive. But I liked the actual structure of the missions themselves.


        • This was my problem with it. I had to vacuum every inch every mission in case there was a gem or a Boo. Each level takes me around 12-20 minutes and the story isn’t good enough to keep me going. I would’ve given it a score in the 7s.


          • Pretty much. Better than Sticker Star, but yeah, 7, maybe 6.5.

            People act like 6.5 is bad though, it’s not. People just throw 9’s around like assholes, 9 is the score you give to game like Metroid Prime, or Wind Waker, or MGS3, not Luigi’s Mansion 2 -.- don’t even get me started on 10’s. The only games i’ve played that deserve 10 are Mario Galaxy, Shadow of the Colossus, Chrono Trigger, and that’s probably it


            • 10 is the score to give to Metroid prime good sir , 10.

              I feel Luigi’s Mansion 2 deserves a 9 personaly. Not cus I’m ”throwing a 9 round like an asshole” but cus I really really enjoyed the game and It impressed me in every way.

              Having to suck things to often isn’t a legit complaint in a game based around a hoover lol…


              • No, no fucking way.

                Metroid Prime is so overrated in the community, it’s not even close to the best Prime game, it’s full of such bullshit, why would you put such excessive amount of backtracking in a game that takes so long to get from one area to another, because Samus walks to slow, sometimes enemies lock you into a room till you killed them, like those fucking Chozo ghost assholes, and have the most awkward and useless weapons system ever, why are their 4 different beams that dont do shit different, other than hurt different colours guys, it’s dumb. Prime 1 deserves a 8, easily.


                • I respect your opinion good sir , But to me , Metroid prime 1 is my joint favorite game of all time. It gets a 10 from me. Now yes it does have a few very minor issues… but the Pros outway the cons 100/1.

                  I don’t know , i just didn’t care or pay attentions to any negatives of the game because I was enjoying it so much from start to finish! The music , the art style , the gameplay , level design (including the amazingly designed backtracking elements imo) all supreme.

                  the game has barely even aged imo also , it still shits on games that are more than 10 years newer xD


            • One of my favourite games for the GC was Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. I spent hundreds of hours on that game and I was awesome at it. I recently found it got 6.9 from IGN. I really don’t care. That game was the best. (But playing the game again, the camera is awful and the voice acting is cringe worthy.)

              I like looking at IGN’s scale because it puts everything in perspective.
              IMO, Luigi’s Mansion, based on these words, is Okay or Good. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. But it’s not great or amazing or a masterpiece.


          • That’s what he means. 3DS can close and the game will be in sleep mode. That’s why the whole “We’re using missions so you can play the game in short bursts!” logic has a giant, gaping hole. You can just close the dang thing.


  2. this is one of the ways you can tell if a developer is good or not. if they thank there fans that makes them all the better :)


  3. No need to thank me. I personally found this game very disappointing in comparison to the first installment. Why the hell would you turn luigi’s mansion into a ranked mission based game? Too lazy to design an over world between each mansion?

    I found the overall experience quite short and repetitive too. You clear most of the mansions ground within the first one or two missions and there is only really five or six different types of ghosts. The only real unique ghosts were the 3 sisters in the rescue toad mission at the haunted towers in comparison to the twenty or so the first Luigi’s mansion had.

    I’d give this game about a 5/10.


      • Instead of telling me to pack my bags and leave why don’t you instead come up with a relevant response to my ‘review’ if you will, pointing out the things that i thought were wrong with Luigi’s mansion: Dark Moon. Surely you couldn’t of thought the game was perfect? I’m entitled to my opinion you know? That’s what this comment section is here for. Not just trolling and telling people to fuck off ….


        • I didn’t mean to come across rude :) for that I appolagize.

          I just feel a 5/10 is absurdly low for this polished gem of a 3DS game! 7/10 is too low imo….

          Everyone has their own opinion and I have to respect that. Metacritic/gamerankings has the final say really on what ‘score’ a game deserves…


          • 5 is low, 6 might be pushing, case of opinions, but 7 is certainly not low.

            But reviews and stupid review scores, which are dumb, and only very simple guidelines to “how good a game is”, they’re still a persons opinion.
            I wouldn’t give GTA anything other than a 6, yet what do you know, GTA4 is ranked 5th on Gamerankings


            • GTAIV’s Meta ranking is the one that makes me lose hope in that system a bit… The game was a solid 9 and a step backwards from near perfect , San Andreas. Only areas it trumped it were Graphics , Physics…


              • Honestly, the whole point system for reviewing games is dumb. Super Metroid is full of tons of bullshit, it’s so annoying to play, and it’s mechanicsare awkward, like switching your weapons, or the dumb wall jump/ space jump 0.0001 millisecond accuracy needed, it’s dumb, yet everyones like “oh masterpiece, 10/10”, same with Ocarina of Time, why the fuck do i go back to Kokiro Forest everytime i load the game after finishing it, or the Temple of Time? Why are the items dumb, like the hover boots? Why was the Water Temple and menu system so poorly designed. But we can’t blame them because they’re old games, but that should mean they loose their original ratings because they reflect how those games were THEN, not NOW. PS2/GC/XBOX games are only just relevant enough to keep their ratings, but every game before that, aside from a few should loose their ratings.


                • They shouldn’t lose their ratings… A game should be judged within the limitations of the hardware it was released on. On a 10 point scale you can directly compare a games overall fun factor and value as a game.

                  You can compare Super metroid to Prime very easily. Which one did you enjoy more ? Simple.

                  AC3 is a technical marvel , but that game is a forgetable turd compared to Ocarina of time from 97.

                  If a game is re-released like Ocarina 3D on 3DS then it has to be judged on how it has held up and whether or not it is still worth playing , and in that case it was an emphatic YES.


  4. Next Level Games created my favorite Wii game of all time, Punch-Out!! Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is awesome as well. I hope they’re working on something for the Wii U now. Maybe they’ll revive another old franchise?


  5. I LOVED this game , thought it was excellent from start to finish and to give you a numerical idea of how much I liked it ; it would be 9/10.

    I liked the Mission structure , thought it was ideal for Portable gameplay chunks. The graphics , gameplay , sound and presentation are all near flawless.

    The game could be slightly better in a few minor , nitpicky ways. Other than that it’s definitely one of my top 5 3DS games.


  6. You indeed are welcome dudes and dudettes. Ah! on to new leaf for the Nintendo folk buying it. This game is still selling remarkably world wide. On! to your next project padawan Level 5 developers :).


  7. I never had the game, but I have played a portion. The story just doesn’t seem as good as the original, But that wouldn’t stop me from wanting it. The gameplay, I didn’t actually get to catch any ghosts either, but the graphics and effectcs were pretty cool. I’m getting as soon as I can.

    And with that, I thank Next Level Games for making it, so I’ll be able to play it and enjoy it. :)


  8. I loved this game. Next Level, please make a sequel for the Wii U. Luigi could save Daisy perhaps? Waluigi can actually make an appearance in a main series Mario game?


  9. Since most people here[and in general these days, it seems] seem to think in terms of everything below a 5 being too bad to consider, then let’s start going with a 5-star scale instead.
    Much simpler.

    I’d give LM2 4 out of 5.
    It’s got a far better story but the mansions themselves feel much tinier in scale, which is a bit of a let-down.
    It’s also quite a bit more challenging.
    The backtracking, isn’t that big a deal. Most people I know who played the original would backtrack for the sake of finding golden enemies for more treasure opportunities anyways, and LM 2 just increases the benefits of backtracking in that sense, so yeah, I see no problem.


  10. I’m willing to bet that if I played all the way through Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, I probably wouldn’t agree that it was BETTER than the original. Longer maybe, but better? I’m skeptical. I loved the first one so much that I played it multiple times. Something no other game has made me do.


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