Animal Crossing: New Leaf Character Face Guide


Are you one of those people who reset a game if they’re not happy with their character’s appearance? Do minor details – like eye color, shape and hairstyle – bother you if they’re not what you wanted? Do you want to change your in-game character’s look but don’t want to restart that particular game? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, the above guide may come in handy when you start playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

When you start the game for the first time, you don’t see your character until you’ve answered a bunch of questions posed by a chatty cat named Rover. Depending on your answers, your character’s face is formed. To view a complete Animal Crossing: New Leaf face guide chart, click here. Animal Crossing: New Leaf launches in North America tomorrow, June 9th, at retail and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.


          1. I agree with you. But dude you tell him to grow up when your name is “Strippers!!!”. Really! I mean C’mon man think before you post.

    1. I think your mom should be listed in the genre “horror”. She was quite a spooky ride. Made me pounce quite a few times.

  1. I don’t get why that stuff isn’t just available from the beginning? I have green eyes, i dont want a character with blue eyes, silly game.

    Getting hyped though, Animal Crossing, The Last of Us and Man of Steel, all on the same day. Just jizz everywhere.

      1. Well after only 10 seconds, a person wouldn’t get worn out, so they’d have the energy to clean up.

    1. In this game you can change your eye color though. So the only thing that really matters is the eye shape.

        1. yeah u can change your eye color but like I want a different eye design and I don’t want to start over because I got really far in the game…

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  2. This is only HALF of the faces you can get, and you should mention you can change the eye color as well.

    1. Yes, you can. And you can change the color as well. And you’re able to get the other gender’s hairstyles too.

  3. I’ve never been too fond of the face design for the AC games. There’s just… something about how the characters’ eyes are stuck perpetually looking left that bothers me. Yes, I know there are straight-ahead-looking eyes, but there are too few, imo.

    1. Go to Shampoodles and request and pick the makeup option. You will then be able to select your Mii’s head from the design Menu.

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    1. Yeah, I wish I would have known earlier, I would have done things differently…Debating on starting over now since I’m not even a day into the game and I want a different face… :/

  5. HOLY CRAP!!! i got the rare blue eyes. its not up there in the pics XD. I said my names cute then said i was a boy

  6. I want to know the giude to the second & so forth players because the dialogue is different

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