Animal Crossing: New Leaf Launches In The Nintendo 3DS eShop


Animal Crossing: New Leaf has launched in North America. As Nintendo promised, the game was available for purchase from the Nintendo eShop right at midnight. The digital version of the game costs $34.99 and requires 6,000 Blocks to download. If you’re still deciding on whether you should purchase the game, be sure to check out our Animal Crossing: New Leaf review. If you do pick up the game and want to know how to make your character’s face look like how you want it to, check out this Animal Crossing: New Leaf face guide.

46 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Leaf Launches In The Nintendo 3DS eShop”

    1. Here are the step-by-step instructions.
      First, you get the hell off of your computer.
      Second, go grab your Wii.
      Third, run a bath full of water.
      And lastly, jump inside of it.

      Your game should be downloaded within the next hour.

      1. You shouldn’t joke around with nintendo fans like that on average they are kids and tweens they might take your comment as factual


  2. I wonder how many people will download it just because they’re too impatient to wait one extra day for the physical copy?

    1. i think animal crossing will have good % of download, since it’s simulator game and its comfortable to always have it on SD card rather than changing cards. so a lot will download : P

  3. It’s cool to make it a digital release and everything, but are you allowed to do everything from the beginning at midnight? Like, aren’t the shops open until nine o clock or something?

    Eitherway, this game is gonna bomb. Can’t wait to buy one! :3

    1. Bomb? Doesn’t that mean its gonna suck. I think the word you’re looking for is the game is gonna be awesome!

  4. Just downloaded… though there’s nothing much to do right now. Everyone’s sleeping… Oh, and I got a bunch of random/ugly neighbors xD

  5. hahahahahhahaah 1700$ for an xbox!!!!!

    the reason why they hit the tv down because it was actually the xbox one, YOU DONT NEED A TV< WHEN THE XBOX ONE CAN BE YOUR CABLE BOX!!!!!!!

  6. before I looked at the receipt 4 $7940, I didnt believe …that…my friends brother was like truley earning money part-time on their laptop.. there moms best frend has done this for under eight months and by now repaid the depts on there cottage and purchased a new audi. this is where I went,

  7. I’m gonna go to the store and buy this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excitement level, over 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💋

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