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EA Says No Wii U Games For The Fall, But They Haven’t Written Off The Console


EA president of labels Frank Gibeau has revealed that the long-established company has no plans to release any new Wii U titles this fall, but says that they haven’t written off the console just yet. Gibeau also says that EA consider the Wii U to be a next generation console like Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. They have four titles out for the system and are closely monitoring how well they are performing.

“We have a good partnership with Nintendo. We released four games on the platform over the last year and we’re pretty proud of Need For Speed, and Madden, and FIFA and Mass Effect. We have guys that our looking at the Wii U in the studio system right now as an opportunity for the future, but we have no publicly announced Wii U games that we’re going to release this fall.”

“We’re really excited about the Xbox One and the PS4 and that’s a pretty big endeavor in and of itself,” he said. “We have four titles out on the Wii U that are active right now, so looking at how things unfold, that’s where our focus is right now.

“Gen 3 is an awesome platform. It has a huge audience and has a lot of capability and we’re going to continue to publish games on gen 3 for as long as there is an audience there. We have a tendency as a company to support the last-gen platforms for many many years. I can tell you we have products planned for next year, the year after that and the year after that for gen 3 for sure.”

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

129 thoughts on “EA Says No Wii U Games For The Fall, But They Haven’t Written Off The Console”

    1. I think for EA, Gen 3 is the current console cycle. Basically, the birth of the console cycle started with Playstation and N64… I know, it doesn’t make sense.

    2. Man knowing EA, they’ll just try n make Nintendo look stupid again by gimping games. Trust me. The only reason they changed their tone was for the fear of all Nintendo fans saying screw EA lol. Also someone with a brain told them their childishness would backfire. You can be sure them Star Wars games will come to WII U… watch.

                    1. I got a couple of chicks checking me out while playing Tennis. Isn’t that right, iceazeama? But I do love NHL Hitz and Mario Tennis since I can’t throw my racket across the court or knock the ref over without getting a penalty. :P

            1. Nintendo Commander

              And nothing said today is truer than those words which is what I live by when it comes to games…

          1. Just shut the fuck up, I hate sports games too, but people play them because they like having fun, not because they are stupid. Geez, just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you should hate everyone else who does.

      1. Football * , and it is not a problem if one can play football as a video game or as a real football ,i do both

  1. jesus, ea…
    ”the wii u is crap”
    ”we are not making any wii games”
    we are making wii u games”
    and now this?
    just shut up and work on the sims 4.

  2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Well that’s kind of stupid. They’re closely monitoring games no one’s going to buy now. Fifa and Madden are about to get new entries, so why would I buy an older version?

    NFS was a good port but IIRC there’s a new one coming out soon.

    Did ME3 not get the DLC or something? I heard there was a big problem with the Wii U’s port?

    1. Mass effect on wiiu is fue best version it includes the graphical quality if the ps3 with the 360 stability the only down side was fue dlc and the trilogy fiasco.

          1. Nintendo Commander

            We are focusing on their newest machine the PS4, the PS3 has been dealth with and it was a success…

            However, the main focus is on the Xbot Extermination Program…

            1. A thompson machine gun is a obsolite machine gun and still is a very high treath. I sugest we dont let our guard down.

              1. Nintendo Commander

                Well obviously we won’t entirely, we still have thousands of soldiers playing on the Wii and buying them to counter this threat…

                But my division is mainly focused on the Xbots considering my region is heavily infected by them…

  3. EA first started off by calling the Wii U crap, but now is re-tracking its statement on the console after the negative reception of the Xbox One reveal? The publisher is on track to become the Worst Company in the US for the 3rd time in a row.

  4. Reading comprension fail sickr. They said that they havent anounce the games that they are goin to release at fall not that they dont have any. Still they have to be pretty big games for me to raise my boycoting of there games.

  5. Nintendo Commander

    “We have a good partnership with Nintendo. We released four games on the platform over the last year and we’re pretty proud of Need For Speed, and Madden, and FIFA and Mass Effect. We have guys that our looking at the Wii U in the studio system right now as an opportunity for the future, but we have no publicly announced Wii U games that we’re going to release this fall.”

    They are all ports…

    Useless lives…

  6. that’s funny

    mere months ago they declared that wii U wasn’t next gen

    anywho.. either relations with the nintendo board of directors (after the suspected mudslinging that took place after the origin deal got busted) are finally warming again or disney used some leverage with their star wars license to make EA come around

    there will be no star wars games released this year after all.. and i’m sure disney would want their license to appear on every console

    not like it matters to me.. after all the lies, deceit and defaming that went on at EA and their associated studios i’ll have bought my last EA game for a long long time

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      “either relations with the nintendo board of directors (after the suspected mudslinging that took place after the origin deal got busted) are finally warming again or disney used some leverage with their star wars license to make EA come around” or they’re afraid the Xbox One won’t do well. Maybe all three or a different combination of the three situations.

      Personally, I think it’s mostly Disney and Xbox that’s influencing their change of heart.

  7. Why dafuq is he calling the Xdone & PlayStation 4 Gen3/Gen4? I understand that he means *3rd generation Xbox* and *4th generation Playstation* but they are 8th gen consoles………………….maybe the XBone not so much but I think you get my point.

    On topic:
    I really don’t care about them or what they say.

    “EA (Sports) It’s not a game” is a very honest and true statement XD

  8. oh sickr… i just noticed.. nowhere in his statement is he saying they’re considering wii U next gen… he’s talking about gen 3.. but in EAs universe the coming PS4 and xbox one are gen 4

  9. I bought Need for Speed Most Wanted U and raced the fucking paint off those cars. After 6 weeks I had an issue with all the miles and mods after I did concours and now nothing saves when I race online. EA has “been working on a solution” for 5 weeks. I can’t race online with my friends and they don’t give a fuck cause they already have my $$$! Should I call BBB? Help me!

    1. They don’t want to even talk about compensation until they have resolved the issue but its been 5 weeks since I’ve been able to race online. EA UNDERSTANDS IM UPSET.

  10. EA is sounding schizophrenic.

    I hope they do keep supporting the Wii U though. I only buy Nintendo consoles, so it was really nice being able to play Mass Effect….

    1. Nintendo Commander

      They just sound like the US goverment…

      Not a surprise there considering they are spying on basically every country, why wouldn’t the Xbots be in this evil agenda…

  11. Sounds like EA is changing tunes because they know Nintendo will bring the pain for E3. EA is waiting to see if the Wii U picks up in sales in the fall when all the heavy hitters come out. I expect full EA support by 2014 for Wii U. 💋

      1. I dont know commander i always find good that a company after all the bad talk try to kiss my ass.

        1. Nintendo Commander

          Yes but they have to beg so much that they are basically giving us the games and the money instead of us buying them…

    1. Or its because they know that Xbox is shit and making games for Sony and PC isn’t enough to make profit.

      1. the shit box one probably scared them off, but the greedy in it suits them so well…… maybe they are so greedy that all the bad stuff for the xbox one will scare off consumers, meaning less money. yep thats probably it……

    2. None of us will be bending over for them anymore. Our message to them is clear: Either makes games and not any weak excuses or STFU and stay the hell out. They’ve already pissed off virtually every Nintendo fanbase and its gonna be a bitch to redeem that respect back. I was thinking of buying Battlefield 3 if it happened but I won’t be buying any EA games anymore after all the lies and disrespect from them the Wii U/Nintendo doesn’t deserve. I hope they flop like hell with the XDVRBOX One just like they did because if they’re THAT stupid like Microsoft to go with it, I can’t wait to hear the news of them either filing bankruptcy or crawling back to Nintendo and beg for forgiveness like bitches that they really are.

  12. EA, either you STFU with all the weak BS coming out of your crap-filled mouth just because your precious and most hated service Origin didn’t have the chance to go spyware mode on millions of Wii U’s or just don’t fucking bother with us at all because we don’t care anymore. Fuck you, your games, your lies, your retarded ways of thinking about gaming and your pathetic greed that already ruined most of your reputation.

    You only have two options: Either keep your word that you publicly promised back at Nintendo’s 2012 E3 that became nothing more than a weak ass political lie in millions of people’s face and Nintendo’s or STFU with all of your “Wii U is Crap” excuses and stay the hell away. You don’t deserve us anymore and we don’t care about you just like you did to us for over a year. If you ever do realize your wrongs and decided to crawl back to beg for our forgiveness, heed my words: DON’T EVEN BOTHER..EVER!

  13. they know after the microsoft’s confirmation of always online + DRM and other shit that no one gonna buy the xbox, so they trying to makeit up

  14. EA oh EA! Now that DRM mess has hit the fan with Microsoft, EA is crawling back, like we told jelly bean, aldarazz and other Sony and Microsoft loyalists. If Microsoft is booed tomorrow, EA should be booed 100fold.

        1. You are the saddest person I know, you devote your time to fighting fans of other consoles, on the internet, If you are older than 10, I take pity on you. Just grow up, and enjoy every console, except Xbox One, because of DRM.

          1. Nintendo Commander

            And I feel even more pity on you considering you have’t understood IT yet…

            And you never will…

            1. Whatever, at least I can leave here a REAL gamer, who doesn’t care which platform I game on, 3DS, N64, wii, xbox 350, ps3, pc, it doesn’t matter, I will play on it, because I like fun! And video games are one of the best way to have fun. I can’t believe that you act like this, seriously, if you are older than 10, I am really sorry for you, even my 9 year old brother plays a better selection of games than you. Oh well, if it makes you happy, act like a 6 year old commander of a company who only wants yourmoney. I’m sure when you are older and you tell your kids what you did all day on the internet, they will be proud (sarcasm)

              1. Nintendo Commander

                And yet you keep following me, don’t know what sarcasm means, pretending means and most of all you don’t know what fun means…

                If you did you would understand but you don’t, and considering how much you like me, you must be jellybean…

                1. Hah, you accuse me of not knowing what fun means, sir,I probably have more fun than you do because of my awesome selection of gamers from a wide variety of glorious platforms. You are stuck with only nintendo consoles I presume? Then you have roughly 1/3 the fun I have. Are you blind,my name clearly states “JOSePh4”, not “jellybean” isn’t that an android OS? Also, how am I following you, I’m replying to your messages, you sad confused little kid.

      1. Therefore my comment was all encompassing Sony and Microsoft loyalists. Nintendo commander and I stated numerous times that EA would crawl back; no matter how innocent and shrew like the play it. I like Aldarazz and jelly bean don’t get me wrong. Also find Aeolus a cool but at times angry dude ( Sony influence ) lol, like his dedication though. Tomorrow e3, again ms and Sony show their hands first :).

    1. I don’t know about Adarazz but Jellybean i believe is a Nintendo and Sony supporter, like me :D

      1. Why can’t you people just support ALL platforms, your gaming life would bemuch more interesting, actully nvm, don’t get Xbox one, drm is retarded. Just respect peoples opinions though, gaming is for fun, not hate.

        1. Nintendo Commander

          If you think most gamers out there hates others because they really hate then you don’t know the meaning of the word FUN…

            1. Everything you said i agree with… Nintendo commander was just saying gamers don’t really hate other Gamers, they are just having friendly competition.

  15. Can anyone name any games by EA that are any good (I’m curious)? All I can think of is their boatloads of crap sports titles. Unless I really go back into the past.

    1. I had to look up there game history and I didn’t find anything I really liked. I must say a friend swayed me to buy NFSMWU and it’s sweet. I wish my game didn’t break after 6 weeks of its release. Hell, it would have happened sooner if I was a better racer.

  16. Gen 3? So EA thinks that Nintendo hasn’t been around for nearly thirty years in the gaming market to be considered a generation console every time until PlayStation and Xbox arrived. Are you people in EA THAT fucking stupid? IT’S GEN 8 YOU MORONS AND YES NINTENDO HAS BEEN AROUND LONGER THAN THAT!

    My god the more I hear stupidity from them, I more I despise them.

  17. Nintendo e3 predictions

    1. platnium games or some third party developer are making a new wave race and 1080 snowboarding, due to the lack of sports titles from ea and others Nintendo will expand the 1080 series and have be centred into different sports examples, 1080 Basketball, 1080 Football, 1080 soccer so on

    2. Nintendo will show us a glimpse of the artstyle Zelda U will have.

    3. Nintendo will announce all the new 3rd party games that will come to Wii u this is what they will be, destiny, GTA 5, COD Ghosts so on.

    4. Because of the success of Disney games on Nintendo platforms, the stars wars games that ea are making will come to it, also battlefeild 4, sports games will not come.

    5. Retro will showcase it new engine along with its new games.

    6. Retro has been working on two games one is to release this year the game will be star fox u, the second which will be Metroid U which will release next year.

    7. Smash Bros 3DS will release this year, will have demo at e3, and come with exclusive characters and stages, Wii u version to use retro engine and will release next year, Q4.

    8. Smash Characters for 3rd party will be, pac-Man, Klonoa, Mega-Man, Sora, Classic Sonic will replace modern sonic, bayonetta, A tekken Character and street fighter character will also appear.

    9. Smash Characters for 1st party will be, girraham, demise will replace ganon, pushmo and dillon (exclusise 3ds), crystal, a new captains on pikmin 3, skull kid, king k rool

    10. One of segas games in development is f-Zero

    11. A new 3ds model will release at the end of this year, with a sleaker finish, 10 hours battery, beats audio, hd video streaming, hd camera, a 3g and WiFi will be avalable, smash bros combo day one

    12. Disney will make square enixs kingdoms hearts 3 exclusise to Wii u

    13. Miamotos new ip will be shown off.

    14. Nintendo will anounce miiverse and facebook, Skype, Twitter, YouTube will all be intergreted on to the new 3ds model.

    15. Nintendo will announce linked accounts and in the new up date all your game will be linked to your account.

    16. Wind waker hd will have all the three cut dungeons not included in the original.

    17. New ip fps game that Nintendo is working on will be announced.

    18. Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, gba, N64 and GameCube will all be on the virual console.

    19. Sega 3rd sonic game is, sonic adventure 3.

    20. Perfect dark and conkers bad fur day ips have been rescued, bango kazooie was nearly they asked to much money for it

    I hope this made someone happy out there :)

    1. @beemothelittleboy.. I LOVE your E3 predictions. Heck if 60% of your predictions are true, then I’ll say Nintendo has won E3!

    2. I would love for your 3DS predictions to come true, but Nintendo NEVER gives us what we want when it comes to hardware, only software. Man, if only that prediction would come true…

    3. Thenintendowatcher

      I doubt retro is doing starfox think there doing Metroid and something else, although I would really like them to do starfox. also if anyone’s doing waverace or 1080 it’s next level games.

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  19. Still no love to Nintendo huh…… I hope you will make games on Winter (actually, I’m from Philippines) so I can support you more whenever I’m looking forward for more The Sims 4 details……

  20. Im not supporting ea anymore i dont care if they release their games on wii u or not after all that crap talk. Sega replaced ea easily so that means Nintendo can do it too!

  21. Thenintendowatcher

    I wish ea would go back to there older games they made and published like the older medal of honor games and nightfire etc.

  22. That’s funny… hasn’t everyone written off EA? Worst gaming company in 2 – 3 years running. Yea… Microsoft and Sony can have ’em!

    Nintendo, you can totally do better than that whore!

  23. “We have a good partnership with Nintendo”
    so your just gonna act like none of that happened huh, more like Disney is twisting your arm and telling you to grow up. and having to have a corporation for kids tell you to grow up is pretty sad

  24. “Haven’t written off the console”… That would be nice, considering it’s not even a year old, but whatever. I don’t believe them nonetheless.

  25. Fuck you EA.

    Only Mirrors Edge 2 for Wii U can soothe me.
    And BF: BC3, as long as you do not fuck them up.

    1. Maybe they started counting from Xbox (the first one… motherfuckers… name choice is even worse than Wii U)

  26. Unimportant Bystander

    I think in EA’s mindset Gen 1 started when Sony started making consoles (PS1) against Nintendo. Microsoft started to make its first console in Gen 2 (PS2/XBOX/Gamecube)

  27. Unimportant Bystander

    If EA wanted for their games to sell well in Wii U, then make the game with high quality! Don’t make the game just a leftover from the previous consoles. If you want a console to sell well you need quality games for it.

  28. *Sigh*
    Welp, that pretty much solidifies the fact that EA IS going to drop the Wii U’s support in the future.
    If they’re monitoring the success of the few poor excuses they’ve already released on the console, then they are guaranteed to be sorely disappointed, since most of us don’t want to buy ports with missing content or that were badly done in the first place.

    Step up your game, EA.
    THEN, we will talk.

  29. in a way I can see why a company would nt relaese a game on the “U” on account of not a big install base,but dont agree with tryn to bash specs of a machine in process,now I cant understand releasing xboxone and ps4 becuase” there is no install base yet”…also now ea is changing story about what gen the “U” is in ,putting nintendo in same sentence with xboxone and ps4…..classic damage control….smh @ea

  30. Look EA, just give me the Mass Effect HD trilogy port, a Dead Space Trilogy disc, and possibly Mass Effect 4 and we will call it good.

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