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Ubisoft Teasing Beyond Good & Evil 2 Reveal At E3?


Ubisoft posted the above image of Pey’j from the critically acclaimed Beyond Good & Evil on their Facebook page. The team at Ubisoft wrote “We’re a bit busy prepping for E3. Time to call in some reinforcements. (Points if you remember this classic character!)” Beyond Good & Evil 2 was announced way back in 2008. Hopefully we will see the return of the long-awaited game at E3 next week.

115 thoughts on “Ubisoft Teasing Beyond Good & Evil 2 Reveal At E3?”

    1. Actually Ubisoft has got a good track record on the Wii U so far so really its 100% confirmed that BG&E 2 will be making its way to the Wii U and other Next gen Platforms, including current gen.

      1. Micheal Ancel did tease that ”Beyond good and evil 2 is a natural fit for the Wiiu” and remember , BGAE was on Gamecube…

        99% sure they will put it on Wiiu. Seems odd that they would put games like Splinter cell , Assassins creed and Watchdogs on Wiiu but not a franchise that Nintendo fans would appreciate the most!

        1. Oh and I just scored a free copy of DKCR 3D with the so many games promotion (UK) ^_^ !!!

          Get on it UK gamers!

            1. ;) . I couldn’t be bothered waiting for it lol. I’m not gunna buy it right away anyway… I’ve got a few games on my plate already.

        2. Yeah, i mean BGAE was one of the first games i thought of when i saw the WiiU, using the pad as the camera and what not.

          1. Yep , that’s what he was getting at with ‘Natural fit’.

            It would be outrageous by ubisoft to presume that Nintendo fans would want Splintercell or Watchdogs more than we would BGAE2 :S

            It’s comin ;)

        3. It’s amazing how sarcastic your last sentence is, yet it’s even more amazing that you’re actually sincere about it. *Shakes my damn head*

          1. What? Sarcastic? ”Seems odd that they would put games like Splinter cell , Assassins creed and Watchdogs on Wiiu but not a franchise that Nintendo fans would appreciate the most!”

            Why would Ubisoft put all their Hardcore M rated franchises on Wiiu and then skip BGandE2 (a franchise that was on Gamecube and loved by many Nintendo fans)… can you not read?

    1. With Nintendo publishing it. That, because I really don’t trust Ubisoft’s suits department. All what outrage this would cause, in fact now would be the best time when Microsoft is taking the heat lol.

  1. I thought this was a long way through dev tbh and was supposed to be out in Sept.

    It’s the only Ubi thing not announced yet, and considering how Ubi are U friendly and the first game being on the cube. Would be surprised if this doesn’t appear

    1. Michel Ancel said it was on hold but since Rayman Legends, decided it was time to go back to it.

  2. COOL! Since Ubisoft has been cool with Nintendo, it should come to the Wii U. Would be great if it was exclusive to Wii U!

  3. Because it is Ubisoft I am guessing it is coming to all platforms, but I hope it is Wii U exclusive (despite my hopes being not very likely). 💋

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  5. BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 made for the Wii U.

    Wii U specs :

    1) No DRM
    2) No Spying on your privacy skynet Cam
    3) 1080P display 60FPS
    4) Used games traded freely
    5) planetary family members can play
    6) direct X11 equivalency
    7) nintendo’s seal of approval
    8) nintendo EAD’s got game
    9) 3DS cross play ( handheld supreme )
    10) Shigeru Miyamoto
    11) Smartest gamers
    12) greatest mynintendonews posters
    13) game was built for Wii U
    14) only game machine for games
    15) Need I say more ?

    1. 1)no 3rd party support 2)shitty lauched 3)bad sales 4) no games 5) weak hardware 6) gimmicky controller 7)overpriced 8)for family and kids 9) irrelevant to gamers 10) cheaply made 11) anoying and unessasary touch controls 12) 3ds is much better 13) outdated architecture 14) no one wants this shit 15) iwata ruined nintendo

        1. Wii was a fad, the reason itnsold was because of the motion control gimmick which was new at the time, Wii U has nothing going for it this time… oh and i dont care for xbox. Sony 4life

          1. Wii = Over 100 million consoles sold

            1) Mario Galaxy one of the greatest games ever made, on the Wii an underpowered consoles

            2) Mario galaxy 2 one of the other greatest games ever made on the underpowered Wii

            3) Xenoblade chronicles, the best rpg of last generation. A game that is in relation to class and nostalgia generation like Chrono trigger. What I mean is that Xenoblade has made it’s own history, system you may ask? Well underpowered Wii. Please now let that soak into you brain with gaming goodness. Let it marinate then comment.

            1. Wii was 100 m sold? hmmm meh sales only matter to a company not consumers… MG1&2 greatest games? that’s an opinion. and xenoblade best rpg last gen? you mean current gen? next gen is yet to come.

              1. You are sounding more and more like a desperate drunk who just wants to be right all the time but you can’t really prove it.

                Just give up, you are a failed troll who can’t live with the fact that the PS4 will be overpriced and use DRM which will effect sales.

                1. PS4 will probably have DRM but it won’t be as much as the Xbone. Unlike the the disaster known as the Wii U, ps4 will have a better launch line up and better 3rd party and PC game support. No one wants the Wii U.

              2. Next gen which started with the 3DS then the PSVita has become current generation. It contains these consoles 3DS, PSVita, Wii U, XboxDone, PS4, OUYA, SteamBox. By the way here are the standings of the currents gen leaders :

                1) 3DS
                11) Wii U and PSVita ( 4 million consoles sold each )
                14) PS4
                15) Xboxone

                1. In terms of lifetime sales i think it’s going to be

                  3)Wii U
                  5)Xbox One

                  Just my opinion :)

                  1. MS has to fuck up pretty royally, to sell xb1 worse than vita.
                    Americans will buy it just because its american (made in China).

          2. Fuck you Ness. Go take youre troll ass out of here to an xbox page, oh right… there aint shit going on over there but Cable News LMAO! Dont you understand that Nintendo fans dont care about your opinion? 1) You are NOT a professional Dev. 2) Shinen, Ubi, Crytech, Precursor, and many others disagree with your retarted claims. 3) Youre a troll, with no common sense. 4) Youre an asshurt bot/drone who hasnt got over the WII owning last gen with weaker hardware lol. 5) WIIU GPU several generations ahead of ps360-Suck on that big one buddy.

            1. WOW Wii U GPU several gens ahead or current gen LOL do you even know what that means? oh you nintenfags just love to lach on to anything. PS4 will still be Supreme #dealwithit

      1. The Wii U is gimmicky and casual, but the 3DS is not?
        What you just described was the 3DS, you ninny!

      1. 16) The Nintendo Commander a venerable and distinguished field Marshall. One that foresaw the downfall of xbotopia. One that now calls out the deluge and copycat pomposity of Sonydeezia. You are not forgotten protector of the realm nintendo Euro-verse.

        1. Nintendo Commander

          That’s better, Gamer you honor our Empire with satisfaction and I’m sure we will all be rewarded for our joyful loyalty!

    2. But wait!
      ! 1) xbone got 50$ a year fee for online.
      2) not backward compatible.
      3) force to be online atleast once a day.
      4)the kinect is always watching u like god
      5)the use game systems that the gamers love is for ever change now if ur friend wanna borrow a game to try it remember he have to go on your account to play it free.

      Now enough about getiing rip off lets talk about what the gamers want the most.. television!!!

        1. 4) The Kinect is always watching you like God. Flatlined________________________________dead laughing my butt of at that statement. You are too much trainerblack hahahahahaha. Microsoft is funny.

      1. Its not just used games buyers that get fucked in the a…
        But also people that loan games to and from friends.

    1. Okay xbot no DRM corrupted circuits allowed here. We don’t need those trade once only, be a friend for 30 days before you can buy my game xboxone DLC features.

            1. Ness, copied a nintendo character, just like Sony always copying. One Titan has fallen, next it’s your Sony with its wannabe god skirt wearing Kratos and the other misfits occupying “mount Olympus.”

        1. PS4 price = £600

          Wii U Price = £310

          One of these things is cheaper than the other, one of these things is going to sleep with your mom

  6. Nintendo e3 predictions

    1. platnium games or some third party developer are making a new wave race and 1080 snowboarding, due to the lack of sports titles from ea and others Nintendo will expand the 1080 series and have be centred into different sports examples, 1080 Basketball, 1080 Football, 1080 soccer so on

    2. Nintendo will show us a glimpse of the artstyle Zelda U will have.

    3. Nintendo will announce all the new 3rd party games that will come to Wii u this is what they will be, destiny, GTA 5, COD Ghosts so on.

    4. Because of the success of Disney games on Nintendo platforms, the stars wars games that ea are making will come to it, also battlefeild 4, sports games will not come.

    5. Retro will showcase it new engine along with its new games.

    6. Retro has been working on two games one is to release this year the game will be star fox u, the second which will be Metroid U which will release next year.

    7. Smash Bros 3DS will release this year, will have demo at e3, and come with exclusive characters and stages, Wii u version to use retro engine and will release next year, Q4.

    8. Smash Characters for 3rd party will be, pac-Man, Klonoa, Mega-Man, Sora, Classic Sonic will replace modern sonic, bayonetta, A tekken Character and street fighter character will also appear.

    9. Smash Characters for 1st party will be, girraham, demise will replace ganon, pushmo and dillon (exclusise 3ds), crystal, a new captains on pikmin 3, skull kid, king k rool

    10. One of segas games in development is f-Zero

    11. A new 3ds model will release at the end of this year, with a sleaker finish, 10 hours battery, beats audio, hd video streaming, hd camera, a 3g and WiFi will be avalable, smash bros combo day one

    12. Disney will make square enixs kingdoms hearts 3 exclusise to Wii u

    13. Miamotos new ip will be shown off.

    14. Nintendo will anounce miiverse and facebook, Skype, Twitter, YouTube will all be intergreted on to the new 3ds model.

    15. Nintendo will announce linked accounts and in the new up date all your game will be linked to your account.

    16. Wind waker hd will have all the three cut dungeons not included in the original.

    17. New ip fps game that Nintendo is working on will be announced.

    18. Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, gba, N64 and GameCube will all be on the virual console.

    19. Sega 3rd sonic game is, sonic adventure 3.

    20. Perfect dark and conkers bad fur day ips have been rescued, bango kazooie was nearly they asked to much money for it

    I hope this made someone happy out there :)

    1. I like how you think my fellow Gamer supreme. Like wise I called that monster hunter on the Wii U would be a barrage of monsters with features abound. Weapons in all classes and limitless quests, laughs and side mission extension. They doubted me, some even laughed at me, then monster hunter 3 Ultimate was announced.

      Not even one of those people was I mad at, just smiled with them as they pre-ordered that marvel before I.

  7. Eh, BGAE was decent but mostly wasted the potential it had. Plagued with typical retarded Ubisoft pitfalls, too.

  8. I’ve never played the series but I’ve heard nothing but good about it. Ever since that trailer with that pig snorting flies, I was hooked! I thought the project was silently put to rest… After reading this, I’m excited to see where this goes.

  9. The xboxone detailed features article on IGN is approaching 30 000 comments, 29 990 of those are people mad and raging, supporting video gaming as our art. Attacking corporate greed and icrosofts xbox betamax one DRM VCR. 30 000 comment means over 3 million viewers, cause most people are too mad to even comment. Even none gamers are commenting furiously.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Can you give me the link to these wonderful comments of victorious escalating pro Nintendo epic proportions?…

        1. I don’t trust that connect in my living room. Who’s watching, sex predator, FBI, CIA, a crazy person, or computer hacker?

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  11. At this point Nintendo can release a portfolio of Mother 4 probable future Wii U title and win e3 lol.

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