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Nintendo Recommends Buying Digital Version Of Animal Crossing: New Leaf


All Nintendo-published Nintendo 3DS games are available in the Nintendo eShop. This means that Nintendo 3DS users have three options to buy select games. They can purchase a physical copy at retail, a digital copy from the Nintendo eShop, or they can just buy both! If you’re wondering which version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf you should get, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recommends buying the digital version of the game, which launches in the Nintendo eShop at midnight. Read Iwata’s recommendation below:

… Animal Crossing is a game that I hope people will play throughout the whole year. But we want people to play other games too. So something I would recommend is the digital download version. I think a title like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which you can play throughout the year, is ideally suited to this format. That makes me sound a little like a salesman, doesn’t it? (laughs)

We at My Nintendo News also suggest purchasing the download version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, because it’s a game that doesn’t have an ending, and you’ll want to play it frequently to check out what’s new.

221 thoughts on “Nintendo Recommends Buying Digital Version Of Animal Crossing: New Leaf”

    1. Translation: Buy the digital version because it brings in a bigger profit. Just buy it digitally and then fuck off.

      Seriously, Iwata should start the next Nintendo Direct admiting, “We Nintendo are greedy company. Please give your money so we have make more Mario games and kiddy shit. Thank you for understand.”

      1. Every company is like this. I guess every company that says something along those lines are greedy.

      2. That’s fucking dumb. Animal Crossing is £35 on the store, that’s retail price, it’s actually quite cheap consider the price of games in stores these days, plus my local stores are shit, id have to pull out an extra £10 to get a bus, to go into town, to get the game, all time and money i save by just sitting on my ass and waitin for it to download.

        And before you say it, shut the fuck up about your dumbass boxes.

        If you bought digital, it would be cheaper, but people like you are making physical a requirement, so technically, you’re the greedy one.

        1. re: If you bought digital, it would be cheaper, but people like you are making physical a requirement, so technically, you’re the greedy one.

          You are a freaking bonehead who lacks any sense!

          1. How?
            Production and distribution costs companies millions, makes our games more expensive, all because “durrr boxes”

            Why? What a waste of money that could go into stuff like i duno, more and better games? Consistent online sales and price drops?

            1. Then companies should lower the cost of the digital version. The physical version cost the same and you can sell it, trade it, or let people borrow it. It is worth way more. Since companies save money on the digital version, they should in turn pass the savings on to consumers. The do not do this, the just add up the profits.

              1. So wait a minute, this article was about a recommendation to “Buy it digitally” and now we are talking about differences in mere dollars? This is a useless argument. Of course Nintendo wants money that’s how businesses work. What you guys are saying is if Nintendo came to E3 this year and said “Hey we are making a new Star Fox.” You guys will go “Damn them, they are trying to make money.” If Nintendo wants a profit then that’s their total right. If they wanted to, they could take games off the shelves altogether and leave it just for digital downloads. You still have the right to go out and buy it from the stores if you want to, but Nintendo are making another option for you. Is that really that bad?

        2. I’d love to buy the digital copy, but with the way my Internet is here in Australia, I’d be waiting a hell of a long time to download, as opposed to driving 5 minutes to a shopping centre and walking around for 15 minutes to find which shop has it cheapest.

      3. How does digital bring in a bigger profit??? It costs the same on the eshop as it does in stores. It is actually cheaper to buy it from eshop than wasting gas to drive to Gamestop. 💋

        1. Wow, you really don’t understand that profit equals revenue minus costs? The costs are much higher for physical.

        2. Idiot! Through digital sales they don’t have to spend money on production and distribution and do not need to give retailers a cut off the profit. That’s how…

          1. what if u loose your 3ds,boom there goes all your games 2,plus when u r in walmart getting eggs u might buy the game bc it looks neat

        3. When the game is bought digitally nintendo does not have to pay to make the cartridge and game case. They also do not have to give any retailer a cut of the profit.

        4. @mamajynx
          Hello dumbass! Of course companpies profit from digital sales. For one it reduces the purchase of used games. & If someone were to steal ur 3DS, you’d have to
          rebuy all those lost games ‘cuz Nintendo sure as hell wouldn’t reimburse you.

        5. *companies
          Nintendo said it themselves, they would not cover for any game/s lost under any circumstance, even with proof of purchase. Were you dropped on ur head by any chance?

        6. @Mamajynx
          Fuck them, fuck you & fuck those premature idiots who think buying digital is better. The overpowering amount of pros for buying the hard copy overshadows those of digital.

        7. Physical copies of games cost money to make because of the cases and chips they use to create it, plus shipping to the stores. Animal Crossing New Leaf costs the same in physical form and digital form, but the digital version should be cheaper. If Nintendo doesn’t have to spend money making the cases and chips for a digital game, the price should be cheaper.

        8. Is that so? I’ve pre-ordered mine from GAME (website) for £30 and no extra payment or anything and it gets delivered to my house for free!
          eshop is a waste, you’d have to pay £35 and wait ages for it to download.

      4. And I, the consumer, recommend that Nintendo offer the Digital version at a discounted price of $24.99.

        That makes me sound a little like a consumer, doesn’t it? (laughs)

      5. Neutron, I’m sorry you were butthurt by Nintendo at some point in your life. But being an asshole doesn’t make it any better.

        1. A complete idiot who’d defend a company’s interest before that of his own? Unheard of! …Unless we’re talking Nintendo – then it would be an everday occurence. >__>

      6. Basically he says you might play this game everyday, and therefore having it easily accessible allows you to have another game inserted in the gamecard slot, so you won’t have to switch out the games as often.
        Besides, Nintendo has previously stated that they support retailers with the income they make off digital sales, hence why they’ve priced digital games the same as retail games.

        1. Yeah… thank u for restating, simplifying & adding more explicit details to EVERYTHING I just finished reading. Much appreciated. I would’ve also liked a drawing of that w/ smiley faced ppl, but hey, what am I gonna do?

      7. … OR so you will actually play it. I’m sure money is a factor. But as a consumer, if there is one game that I’ll EVER download, It’s Animal Crossing. I don’t want a hard copy of that, I’m never going to be looking at my games and think… should keep Kid Icarus in the slot… or Animal Crossing. I LOVE animal crossing, but it’s a game that should always be with you so you don’t forget about it and let your town go to hell. If I had a hard copy and a new amazing game came out. BOOM. my town is dead. It just makes sense.

      8. I think maybe its more the fact as proven by the play year round comment that having the game digital, is one less cart to deal with. Also, I know this is a pretty new concept, I’ve heard that almost every company out there is seeking a profit. FUCKING CRAZY. I know its a scary world…

      9. Well done. You called Nintendo (the company who allowed Madworld, ZombiU and Fire Emblem) a greedy company that brings kiddy shit, on a Nintendo news site.
        Congratulations! You’re a dick box.

      10. They’re saying to get the digital because its beneficial that it’ll be saved in your Club account to redownload again and maybe have some other goodies in the digital version. You wanna talk shit about greed? Look at EA and Microfail. And if you wanna talk about kiddy shit? Go back to grade school and play those education games which are far more childish than all of Nintendo’s best franchises combined.

        Don’t be an idiot fangirl..oh, too late. :/

      11. He is saying that if you’re going to be playing it a lot but don’t want to keep switching it out for the other games you’re playing then you can just get the digital copy so you don’t have to worry about taking the game everywhere.

      12. I think that the point is that the downloadable version is with you everywhere you take the 3ds, there’s no, “oh I forgot my cartridge” and since it’s the kind of game you might play just a little everyday it’s easier to have it always available instead of switching cards

    2. never buy digital if theres an alternative especially with Nintendo how its tied to just the system and not the account, and on top of that the digital copy cost the same ass the physical!

    3. I have terrible luck, fire emblem awakening and animal crossing are sold out everywhere were I I have to get another digital copy game. ; n;

    1. I disagree. Yesterday I sold Monster Hunter ultimate on 3DS (was my for my little bro , I have Wiiu version) and got £14.

      I like having that freedom. That’s why the xbox one is shaping up to be an absolute nightmare.

      1. ^Truth
        If Microsoft and EA don’t do a complete U turn (ah, funny… cuz Wii U), I think they’re gonna lose a fortune this gen.

        1. Fuck em. Let them lose a shitton of money and fans like they’re the world’s biggest morons. I just hope Sony wont repeat the same or the industry is in deep shit.

      2. Well the idea is that digital will make games overall cheaper, and have frequent sales meaning you don’t have to pay as much to begin with, and no bein able to sell it becomes obsolete

        1. Well here it’s more expensive for digital on 3DS and Wiiu than it is at retail :S … God only knows why.

          £39:99 for a 3DS game or £54:99 for a Wiiu game (max price) huge off put for me.

          Just bought Fire emblem awakening a few days ago , £39:99 eshop or £32:99 retail with the oportunity to sell and get 45% of my money back in a few months…

          No brainer.

          1. why on earth would you sell your games? :(!, i cannot make myself to do it, games that i expend hours and hours, of enjoying them, i cannot do it, i’m too sentimental :/ hahaha, don’t sell your games! >:C!

            1. I don’t sell them all , just the ones I have no use with anymore. I wouldn’t sell a Nintendo first party game or an awesome thirdparty/other game for Wiiu. Only games that I get bored with and want to recoup some money!

        1. Indeed. But even then I like to have physical copies of games that I do want to keep. Wiiu games that I want to keep are NSMBU , Nintendo Land , ZombiU , Monster hunter , Lego City , Batman …. Everything i’ve sold or will be sold once i’ve finished with it!

          I only keep games that A – are collectible first party and awesome B- Are third party collectable and awesome C- have extreme replay value.

  1. I will still probably get the retail version, due to the fact the case looks pretty neat, and I prefer not to buy large games that are sown on to a console, in case it breaks

          1. Quartz , when you did the ”So many games” promotion for 3DS , hbow long did it take you for them to email you the code ? I did it hours ago and they still haven’t sent me the code :/

            1. Well since i chose animal crossing they wont e-mail the code until the day of release on the 14th (I think?). I have no idea how long it takes them to send you the code if the games already out sorry =/ I wouldn’t think it would take longer than a day though.

              1. I don’t see it. The 3DS has an extremely large amount of great games for a 2 year old platform bro.

              2. What are you talking about? The 3DS has around 140 games in its library at the moment in comparison to the Vita’s 100~. There are games still upcoming for the 3DS, as well.

                1. While Vita hardly has any good shit to play. Every time I visit a Vita session, I see nothing but COD Declassified crap.

              3. What do you mean? The 3DS has around 140 games in comparison to the Vita’s 100~ with games still coming up on the horizon. It’s only two years old like Nintedward said, as well. Furthermore, the 3DS has eshop games, some of which are exclusive to the platform, such as Harmoknight.

                    1. The VITA’s not a bad handheld, but it’s struggling to be honest. Poor thing, lol. Hopefully it gains some traction soon.

                    2. You’re obviously tight mad because dumbass Sony drove Monster Hunter away to Nintendo’s arm and Vita trying to pathetically imitate 3DS and iPad which are both superior anyway. Ahhh. What a bitch Karma can be. ^_^

          2. Hmm, that seems a little low, but that would be great if it’s less than a gig.
            I’ll google it also, Thanks!!

    1. That and the fact digital is something all companies want, just some handle it differently.
      Which i’m fine with as long as Sony keeps PS+ and Nintendo either does a same sort of deal or they reduce their overall prices, which they’re already doing, they seem very aware how much one of their titles is compared to another, Pikmin 3 costs more than a lesser game like Game and Wario or whatever, and most 3DS eShop games have been £40, but DKCR is cheaper, and Animal Crossing is cheaper, but that might relate to them having more frequent digital sales, or so make it more desirable

      1. Well, that’s pretty much the reason the companies are pushing forward in the digital arena. It cuts out the middleman.

        I still prefer physical, but as you said, if it’s handled right, I can live with digital. I literally have hundreds of downloaded games.

        1. Yeah. The vast majority of my PS3 games are digital, i’ve had Injustice just sitting in my disk drive and havent touched in weeks, and im downloading the last of us.

          I just find it easier.

    2. As for making more money, that’s not necessarily true.
      Let’s say hypothetically, Nintendo made 2 million copies of a game, and sell pretty much all of those.
      But if they sent out 2 million copies then had digital available, if the digital sales are substantial enough, which im guessing they are, they’re making a loss on some of those physical copies they made.

      It’s hard for Nintendo or any company to predict how many sales they’re going to sell on each method, there isn’t a sure set number. If there was it wouldnt be an issue as much, but theyre still going to want to push digital, even if it accumulated for half the sales, because now they’re making half as many physical copies, which costs them a more than usual because they aren’t producing in bulk.

      1. This is the reason why pre-orders are important to companies and also why many separate digital sales from retail.

        I understand that the physical costs are still there and it can go either way and impact the total costs including digital. However, if you look at it from the perspective of a company who is thinking long-term, they might expect a digital only era to eventually come.

        They want people to be more comfortable with digital downloads. Tons of PC and mobile games are digital download only and those companies are *probably* making more profit than they would have if they also had physical copies out there.

        At the same time, the manufacturer still makes money off of the physical versions, even if they don’t sell at retail. The retail chains purchase the games wholesale from them (thus the MSRP).

        In addition, with the digital versions, long after physical copies are being made, gamers can still download and purchase them (given that the servers are still running/game is still available).

        If you look at a lot of the PSN downloads, a lot of the top games, month after month, are games where they have stopped physical production.

        There are variables and other factors that must be considered when counting profit, but with a broader view, digital distribution is less expensive for a company than physical – despite which version sells more or less.

        Not sure if you understand what I’m saying.

        1. Yeah, i mean, if digital was bigger, i’d actually be able to buy Xenoblade without paying £120 on eBay (luckily i already have it).

          I just think digital has way more benefits, all the money saved goes toward more games and better games, sales, and over stuff, and our games would be cheaper, where as the only benefits of physical are “i have a box”, and “i can sell it for a pathetic price at my local game store”.
          Sharing is the only bad thing about digital, but i would hope companies would make that more accessible, but this is a situation that, in theory, should only exist in a fully digital market, which Microsoft clearly don’t understand.

      2. Their overall goal is to get rid of the sale of used games. To do this they promote the sale of digital copies & are slowly moving to strictly that. Microsoft’s main mistake with Xbox1 was not playing the game of “slow & steady.”

  2. That’s a good point. Glad it’s the one I’m getting digitally thanks to that special deal they were doing. ^.^

      1. If i wasn’t getting this game under the digital promotion however i would definitely pick up a physical copy. The digital ones are way too expensive.

  3. This would have been the case with Mario Kart 7 if it wasn’t for the Download being released nearly a year after it’s cartridge counterpart, lol

  4. Io prendo l’edizione limitata del bundle di animal crossing e anche la copia fisica, alla faccia vostra! :P

  5. I can understand why they’d think that, cos then you can play it on and off without having to change cartridge, however I plan to get the physical version! (I don’t plan on getting digital versions for any game, except the free game in the current offer)

    1. That’s your opinion.
      Instead of carrying a game case with hundreds of dollars worth of games, I can play Luigi’s Mansion, Fire Emblem, (Soon Animal Crossing) and a shot ton more WITHOUT changing a cartridge, and without worrying about losing my games.

      If I drop or break my 3DS, Nintendo will transfer the games to new hardware, so I’m always protected.

      Downsides I will agree with:
      Cannot play on someone elses DS (No sharing)
      Cannot Trade in game later (Not a prob for games I plan on keeping)

      Some people just like the idea of having a physical game cart. I respect those people, and I also would rater have some physical.

      But It’s an amazing convinience to have my favorite Titles available to play anytime on my XL.

        1. I’m confused, What memory cards? I have one SD card in my unit, but it stays there. All my games are on it… Which makes it even easier to transfer to new hardware in a disaster recovery situation.

        1. This is the most common misconception.
          If your hardware breaks, you send it to nintendo for repair. (they have a kick ass repair center, i use it often X.x)

          If it can’t be repaired, Nintendo transfers the games to new hardware. WE can’t do it, but THEY can do it.

          Your games are tied to an account. Your account is tied to hardware.
          They transfer your account to new hardware, and your games go with it…

          Get it?

          1. And why exactly is that account locked down to the hardware? That doesn’t change a damn thing bro. Why make it so damn hard for their consumers, if we break or lose our consoles why can’t we just get a new one, login to our accounts on it and voila we have instant access to all of our games? What’s so damn wrong with that? Besides that fixing thing only works if you actually still have the console, if it’s shattered to smithereens for whatever reason or worse yet STOLEN then you’re not getting squat back bro, you’re outta luck. I can see this problem is a far bigger concern to international folks like me as you guys have Nintendo centers right around the corner, we don’t and this shit would take weeks if not months, that’s not exactly called being efficient. If they’re concerned about people abusing it by having the same game enabled on multiple devices that may or may not be their own, both Sony and Microsoft, even Valve, have successfully limited the number of devices that can download and use those games based on the account to their own preference, all of them to a single device while Sony max 2 (for those that want the same game on their Vita), if they don’t know how to implement that then they should go to Sony HQ and take a damn lesson

            1. Yeah. That’s my only a few of my gripes with the 3DS. Why not implement account ties like Apple? They have no problem doing so because I can get a new device, login and bam. Got my purchases ready to redownload. Nintendo need to change that I mean, I got a Club account too for god’s sake. Plus that system transfer limit as well as the demo play limit, those have got to go too.

            2. it’s because, and yes this does sound ridiculous, if the games are not tied to the console you could just install all your games to as many consoles as you wanted and share them with your friends

      1. this “tied to your console” thing is shit. I have hundreds of digital games on the PS3 but that’s because I never have to worry about what would happen if my PS3 ever broke down, because they’re tied to my ACCOUNT not console! That is a really really simple concept which I’m completely aghast about how the fk Nintendo doesn’t comprehend something that simple. And that contact them to have it transferred, read this – and even if they would transfer them over, you have to ship in your console for repair which they charge an absolutely ridiculous amount for, and for people like me that buy consoles of a different region’s (I’m from the Middle East we don’t have native “region” consoles but usually lumped together with Europe, but most of us prefer US as I do) then we’re most likely either completely out of luck or have to pay twice that ridiculous amount to ship it off to Nintendo.

        On ANY system, be it a PS3, PSP, Vita, Xbox 360, Steam, etc. as long as you have access to your account, it doesn’t matter squat what happens to your system because you can always get your stuff back. With Nintendo’s half-assed policies, the moment you accidentally drop your 3DS in water or under a car, that’s it they’re gone, hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of digital downloads are flushed down the toilet.

        We can always enjoy the up-sides of having digital versions until the moment a crisis strikes, and then we’ll find out which company’s policies would not cause a riot and which would. There is a reason why tying digital downloads to accounts rather than hardware is the norm for EVERYONE except smart-ass Nintendo; because it fkin works the way digital downloads should.

        Rant over. Needless to say, I rather pay a few extra BDs (or dollars, w/e) for shipping in a physical version of the game rather than risk losing access to it forever if my hardware ever fails. I take really great care of my consoles and I never had a single one of them ever fail on me they’re all still working great all the way to the PS1 slim, but this is still a risk I’m unwilling to take due to the fact I tend to buy a LOT of games and this is just too big of a risk. I really hope someday they smarten up and stop scamming their consumers and shift to a locked to an account model, only then will they see any digital purchases from me and I bet MANY others.

        1. Agreed.That’s another good reason to bring up on why it’s not worth buying digital games(especially in Nintendo’s case). My case:I’m a collector&prefer the box w/manual&artwork.Its physical value is much higher if I ever decide to sell my collection.

          1. the collector side of me activates in the case of -naturally- collector’s and special editions, and sometimes physical goodies like artbooks or soundtracks as pre-order bonuses, you can’t get these with digital versions of the games. For a close by example take at Project X Zone, buying that as a digital download feels like an utter waste to me because I can get it as a special edition with a poster I’m more than happy to hang on my wall and a soundtrack CD for the exact same cost of the digital version. Unless digital versions of games are much, much cheaper like at LEAST $15 cheaper it’s not really worth bothering

            1. take a look*

              also I pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts 1.5 for the PS3 simply because it has an artbook bundled as a pre-order bonus, at the basic retail price of $39.99.

              Unless they figure out how to get people physical goods for limited editions and such we’re not wanting physical copies to disappear anytime soon. The best thing I can see about digital copies is for smaller games and for ones that are super rare to find in the market a few years down the road. I’d still prefer to hunt them down all over the place than risk losing access to them though, in the case of the 3DS

      2. Wow, what kind of lazy sack of shit seriously can’t be bothered to reinsert another game cart when they’re tired of playing the one they’re currently going through?

    1. I’ll save you an hour Mike and tell you what will happen on the June 11 Nintendo Direct now.

      Iwata will stand like an Emperor Penguin and announce Mario and mini game collections in broken English.

      You’re welcome.

        1. Man… I’m just saving you guys some time.

          But don’t worry your sound effect is still relevant. That is what everybody will be doing after Nintendo’s E3 Direct.

            1. Denial of what? Do you even know what you are talking about?

              Sorry to burst the pathetic little bubble you’ve blown but Nintendo is irrelevant to a majority of the video game community. The failure of Xbox One will not help the Wii U, it will help PC and PS4.

      1. That sound pretty much like Microfail’s XDVRBOX One reveal with only two games and the rest is TV BS with non-understandable resources of them backlashing gamers with restrictions, dictations and BS fees.

        :/ You’re hilarious..for a fangirl.

  6. For £35 compared to about £20 for the boxed retail version? Hell no.

    Not changing cartridges might be convenient, but it’s not £15 difference convenient.

    1. I’ll agree the digital pricing is a little fucked up. (Or a lot fucked up) depending on what country you live in.

      1. I believe my exact words were “about £20”.

        Which you could get from I get all my games there now. Just find the game the cheapest you can, In Animal Crossing’s case from for £26.86. And Flubit will beat that price. On all the 4 games I’ve purchased from them so far, they’ve beat the price I gave them by approx £5.

        So I would guess if I wanted Animal Crossing and gave them the shopto price of £26.86, they’d make me an offer of about £21 or £22.

        1. I don’t buy online, postage is bullshit for my places, the only reliable one i’ve used is GAME and their prices are retail.
          I’ve waiting 2-4 weeks for stuff even on Amazon, i want the game when it’s out, not when they can be bothered to send it, not to mention they’re often out of stock on stuff.

          But i also see digital as my way of directly supporting the company who made it, i’d rather Nintendo used all their money to make games rather putting millions towards production and distribution.

  7. I’m going to buy the retail copy. I recently lost a game cartridge, though (Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns), so digital sounds kind of appealing, but what if something happens to my 3DS? (I’m too protective of it, though, so that can’t happen.) ;) I wouldn’t be able to play it anymore. And, sometimes, I borrow my brother’s 3DS if mine is charging.
    I just can’t bring myself to spend so much money on a digital copy.

  8. The game more or less is tied to the sd card with the save data so if you 3ds breaks then there is a way to put it on the new 3ds and I have done it beforw.

  9. This was my thought too. I feel it’s good to kind of classify it as a “social network app”. Like, you go to check it in between doing other things, knowmsain?

    1. Especially Nintendo systems because they have next to no internal storage. I can’t believe they thought 8 and 32GB FlashDrives would suffice for a console released in November 2012.

  10. Agree on that, im doing the same with games like Mario Kart and Smash Bros on the WiiU.
    But id buy the digital version anyway, i want digital to take over, because it works out way cheaper for us (shut up about dumb boxes, just by artbooks for the game, maybe with all your spare money youd have).

    I like Nintendo aproach to digital, they want it to become the norm, but they arent enforcing it and putting on restrictions, sorry “features” ( what a load of bullshit) like a certain company….

    I hope once they do go full digital that Nintendo have a market place similar to Steam, or a PSN plus type deal

      1. Earth.

        All my local areas sell new releases at £35 for 3DS and £40 for home consoles (depends on the game though) although the common price for releases ive seen is £41.99, for some reason.

        Digital price are only abused by the publisher. The Last of Us is £40 on PSN, and i get the soundtrack, theme, and other bonuses for that, and it’s ready to downloaded and play on the 14th.
        Where as Capcom usually have £45-50 with a preorder bonus, and then cunts like EA have £60 for new releases that last months

          1. 1. Where did i display any anger in that comment?

            2. Seriously? You’re telling me this? Really? -.-

  11. I would normally buy boxed versions of games but for a game like Animal Crossing where you would want to check in every now and again, digital is definitely the way forward.

  12. that actually makes sense, i like gettting a physical copy to have on my shelf, but if i go somewhere i end up bringing a box full of cardtridges

  13. It’s not because they’re being greedy, although I would imagine they would get more profit from digital sales. It’s because Animal Crossing is the kind of game you want to step into daily regardless if you are playing through another game or not. Having it digital means you can quickly go into AC to check on your town during a short-play session without having to go through the hassle of switching cartridges if you intend on playing another game. Animal Crossing isn’t the best for 3+ hour long sessions of playing.

  14. That logic doesnt follow. Nintendo wants to get people to buy digital for greater profits. Retailers get a large chunk of the 40$ so I see why they want digital sale s

    1. Why? The eShop is Nintendo’s store. Any profits that a store like GameStop would make, why shouldn’t Nintendo make from their own personal store?

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  16. I’m getting the digital version because Animal Crossing is a daily game, if you want your flowers and stuff to survive and reach the elusive “beat the game” perfect town status.

  17. I am all for supporting digital purchases and I make many (from Android apps to Kindle ebook’s) however I am not seeing the great savings that such a delivery system should offer…..

    Maybe its because many people still sit on the fence in regards to physical v download…..I think it will be a few years yet before xmas presents are given via digital means rather than wrapped up under a tree because the mindset of the consumer is still not 100% with the download….and what would you rather give to someone as a present? A shiny new game in a box or an email to say download your present here? – I think the majority would go with the former (certainly in respect of the average mainstream consumer)

    I also have concerns that when/if all media is download/stream only, then the consumer choice and natural competition between suppliers will disappear, leaving the consumer to pay the price asked and no arguments….You either buy it off the app store or not at all.

    I agree with the comments above about Nintendo and greed. Nintendo isn’t greedy, it does what any other good company wants to do – make money. No money = no business. Of course it does have to keep the consumer happy and also fight competition…. With that in mind though, if anyone believes that Nintendo the company is in any way similar to the cute friendly characters in their games, I think they are gravely mistaken and just like any other company will fight hard in order to preserve (and increase) revenue…..

      1. you are a microsoft fan…. how do i know, of how lame and boring you are, also you are a fat greasy nerd. your mom jokes, are lame, and is only said by rejects of society.

  18. On topic: If I get any of the Animal Crossing games, New Leaf looks like the one.

    Off topic: Lol Microsoft cancelled all of its interviews with the press during E3.
    (3:03 – 3:14)

    1. Okay why did i watch this entire video lol. The presenter pisses me off so much >_< The smiley faces were more interesting than him.

  19. By this logic I’ll save my digital download game for Smash Bros. 3DS. It’s the only 3DS game I’ll want to have on me at all times. My other 15 or so 3DS games (by the end of this year) can be packed 4 at a time with my 3DS case, but my current SD card only has enough remaining memory to store one 3DS title.

    God, I can’t wait for E3! I hope they show off the 3DS Smash Bros not just the Wii U version!!!

  20. While I see the logic in his statement, I just can’t bring myself to buy something digitally when I can get a physical copy for the same price.

  21. I don’t care how much Nintendo recommends it. You couldn’t pay me to download a crappy digital game. Only when Hell freezes over and the devil gives free sleigh rides.

      1. Hey, gfy! No one is forcing you to lick Nintendo’s shit infested ass clean, so “chill your balls >_<" and get bent.

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  23. I don’t recall asking for your opinion on which version to get, Nintendo.

    If I want the physical copy, I’ll get the physical copy. I always prefer the physical copy.

  24. Getting the physical copy, because I only download titles that are more like mini-games than more mainstream titles like Animal Crossing or Super Mario. Having a physical copy ensures I will have it forever in case something bad happens to my 3DS, and it’s a nice collector’s item anyway.

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  26. If buy the digital version if it was tied to an account that I could redownload it if my 3ds broke

  27. So you should buy the digital version because “you’ll want to play it frequently to check out what’s new.”?? I can do the exact same thing with a physical copy.

  28. Something no one has brought up is if ur 3DS breaks once a new console is out&they don’t fix 3DS/othr old consoles-you’d be screwed if u wana go back
    & replay a game.While u can always rebuy a console online w/o having to locate&rebuying ALL those games.

  29. Unless it’s considerably cheaper than the retail version, I’ll be going with retail. Sometimes it’s to have a hard copy.

  30. No matter what Nintendo (or it’s employees) says to convince people to download the digital game (for ANY game), it’s a waste of breath. Retail copies are better. Bottom line, case closed. I think that most people prefers to see a physical copy sitting on their shelf. One they can keep, or let someone else borrow, OR sell/trade if they ever want to. You can’t do those things with digital games.

  31. If you think Arthur`s story is inconceivable,, a month back my boy frends sister basically brought home $7204 sitting there an eleven hour week from their apartment and they’re classmate’s sister-in-law`s neighbour has been doing this for 9-months and got a cheque for more than $7204 part-time at Their laptop. follow the advice here,

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  33. The only reason I’m buying a physical copy is because my internet would take at least 3 days for it to download. I’m too impatient. Woo for living in BFE! -.-

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  35. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to buy download; less packaging, no shipping costs, no faffing with game cartridges, (potentially) supporting the creators of the game more directly, better for the environment as boxes etc. don’t need to be produced and theoretically lower prices!

    Yes Nintendo want to make money, that’s the main goal of any business. Keeping customers happy is just a way of getting repeat business so yeah, they’re going to be gready. However in their case digital isn’t going to be a viable alternative for people when it’s so much cheeper getting it physical! Do I download it for £35 or buy the physical copy for £25? No contest. Unless they start either drastically lowering prices or giving you extra content or security with your download I can’t see this taking off. I might pay a few quid extra if I knew my game could be re-downloaded from an account if I lost my console, and my save data could be backed up onto an SD card or harddrive. However, as it stands I’m getting mine physical – which is a shame.

  36. I don’t like nintendo’s digital content tied to the console, for a few reasons
    1. if system is stolen/lost you lose ALL digital stuff but not the pysical as you probably have most of you physical games stored separately or at home. Digital was initially designed by companies to make retaining games/carrying many games easier by tying them to an account and allowing a few systems to use by activate/deactivate which can also be done online on a computer. tying them to a system kind of defeats the purpose. Though that can be blamed on pirates and in my opinion is a wasted effort as it stings honest players and probably only slows down pirates rather than stopping them.

    2 it makes it impossible to play on multiply systems, ie if a family wants to share a multi-save game rather than get multiple copies.

    I love both Nintendo and Sony platforms and play many games by both companies but when it comes to digital I won’t do Nintendo. I love the way Sony does digital. there are some great games that are exclusive to each company which makes it imperative for an avid game lover to at least try both.

    1. forgot to mention it makes taking advantage of a enchange system for newer system deal difficult as I doubt stores are going to allow you the chance/opportunity to do a system transfer in store. ie when the 3ds xl came out gamestop was offering a deal for exchanging your old system for 3ds xl but there were no details if one could do a data exchange in store for it.

    2. you also forgot to mention this is the case if your 3ds breaks, your sol. and if I hear anyone use the lame excuse then don’t drop it well stuff happens ppl don’t mean to drop something like that and it doesn’t just happen with dropping it XD

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