Bayonetta 2 Features Multiplayer


At E3 today, Nintendo announced that Bayonetta 2 will feature a stand-alone two-player mode. As of now, not much else is known regarding the game’s multiplayer mode. Earlier today, Nintendo released the Bayonetta 2 E3 trailer, which revealed Bayonetta’s new hairstyle and costume. Bayonetta 2 is being developed by Platinum Games, and it’s scheduled to launch exclusively for Wii U in 2014.


    1. Uhh hello! I love this game. it look prettier than mother because i oove it .. i wanna play multiplayer with u all so add me on the miiverse my name is TheBenSanders Love YOU ALL! <333 you are all my friends and we can be nice and spread the love of christ because i love him!!!

  1. Can’t wait for Bayo 2!! Did anyone see Oddworld in the Nintendo direct or was that just me ? lol , the same one shown at PS4.

    1. NSLU , Pikmin 3 , Wonderfull 101 , Windwaker amaziballs HD , DKC Arctic Freeze , Super Mario 3D world , Sonic Lost world , Batman AO , Watchdogs , Deus EX , AC4 and more launch this year ;)

        1. It just slipped out… But from what I’ve seen Windwaker just looks like pure 1080p Eye candy on Wiiu. can’t wait!

          Aonuma mentioned something about streaming that stupid triforce fetch quest as well!

      1. Good, but I more excited over X (I want this game now), Smash, Bayonetta 2 and SMT X FE (hopefully next year).

        1. Yeh , i’m going to buy all those games for sure next year. But I’m looking forward to some of the ones on my list ;) not to mention some interesting indie titles and stuff like Ducktales HD

    1. 10 hours ago, Wii U was a fail. It was weak. Not treated as next generation. Haters attacked saying PS4’s power would blow it out the water. Today, Wii U has respect. It suprised people how 3 cores perform graphics nearly as good and as an 8 core console. Now it’s up to how Nintendo markets the Wii U!!!

    1. You sure?? Nutron was wrong about Wii U being weak in graphics. I mean if that’s what you think. That’s fine. Ahhh who cares. 3 cores in Wii U suprised many… and that’s all that matters.

        1. If you’re going to call me an idiot, you shouldn’t have spelling errors in the same sentence …

      1. X I have to admit looked pretty fucking sweet. But that’s all that interested me in the Nintendo direct.

        1. X surprisingly held it’s own against many games that were announced for other platforms. I say surprisingly since it’s a JRPG which is not known to grab the same amount of appeal as a western made game. I think the good folks over at MonolithSoft have real talent and X shows it. I think they are the first developer to truly utilize what the hardware can do.

      1. Price is quite cheap (Only $100 more than Wii U in Aus). Has the power to satisfy spec/graphic whores. Interaction with the Vita (For those who have it), Amazing game line up shown (with more to come). Supports used games, no Online, best 3rd party support out of the 3, the indie support is spectacular already. Awesome use of Gaikai, PS Plus is a whole lot better now. If Sony keep there promise of 100 or games out in the first year, they’re going to win. Easy. Only negative would be the backward compatibility issue, but they found a way around that.

        Only thing Wii U has going for it now, is exclusives and the controller to an extent. That’s all.

        1. True the PS4 is starting to look like a good fight for the Wii U.

          But everyone thought the PS3 was going to destroy the market, and it ended up being the worst ( in it’s launch window ).

          & If you think a 100 dollar price gap isn’t much your mistaken. In are economy a 100 dollar price gap Is pretty big, enough to turn people towards the wii u.

          Not to mention the used game situation, although not major, will still drive people looking for cheap games to the wii u for backward compatibility.

          The Wii U has a lot behind it.
          – Exclusive Games (SSBB best selling fighting game of all time, just to name one)
          – Cheaper Price Point
          – The ability to even lower the price, due to the amount of funds they have saved up.
          – Money in the $$$ Bank ( Compared to Sony which is a much worst financial state )

          The PS4 is a make or break system for playstation/sony.
          The Wii U is not a make or break for nintendo.

          & I’d like to note that everything your stating about the PS4 vs. the Wii U
          IS VERY SIMILAR to what people said about the vita before launch.

          I am going to be picking up a PS4 at launch, but your tripping if you think it’s easily going to beat the Wii U.

          Just Sayin’

          1. I just found out PS4 is region free. I can now get a PS4 cheaper than a Wii U. It’s looking better by the hour.

        1. Features are good imo, but games come first. It depends on what you want.
          the ps4 has no region lock, which is a plus. However my main issue is playstation + tbh. they promised us it’ll be optional when they initially launched it with the PS3, and now they’re trying to get their fingers in microsoft’s pie. The free games are a plus, but some people who do not get it will be denied a very large feature in many games. Online mode. Many games are pretty much online centric like BF4 and COD for instance (and let’s be frank. who the heck buys those two games for the single player).

          I’ll probably get a wii-u though cause they got more games i like. and maybe a cheap ps3

  2. Frankly, I could care less what anyone thinks of these games. Nintendo did what they needed to do and that was to prove Wii U displays next generation graphics!! Notice now, haters want to blame it over the games. 24hours ago, the Wii U was a fail, it was on par of 360 and ps3. It was playing catch up. How can cores play catch up if it shows visuals nearly as good as an 8 core console?

    1. I agree bro. The WIIU kicked ASS today! The games all looked amazing! Nothing shown could ever be done on last gen. This proves ALL trolls were wrong all along. We have our respect there. As for ps4, Im even less motivated to buy one at launch then before! I need ALL them Nintendo games! My money belongs to Nintendo this Gen.

  3. Wii U haters said the hardware was from 2008! While the PS4/One’s hardware was 2012. Yet Wii U’s visuals appear to make 2012 hardware look bad… don’t you think?

    1. No we won’t unless Platinum Games wants to see Nintendo in court. Nintendo PAID, produced, and helped develop this game. It’s going nowhere. Get over it.

  4. I’m being a bit pessimistic here, but they probably will introduce 2 player multiplayer, LOCAL ONLY.. Just like with all the other games.. *cry*

  5. Bayonetta short hair is so damn hot.

    And, well, the game actually looks very good. Like they were taking full advantage of the GPGPU.


    I cannot believe something like this is on a Nintendo console. This is absolutely incredible. All the particle effects, lighting, scale, draw distance, textures, with no slowdown or frame rate issues running at a blazing 60FPS in native 1080p. I’m absolutely astounded. Nintendo actually managed to show off games that look as good and arguably BETTER than what was ‘shown’ by Sony and Microsoft.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

      1. Well, it’s not really fair to compare the two games in that way because they are two different genres. I would compare X to Final Fantasy and the graphics in those games to me look on-par.

    1. No it doesn’t look better than for example FF XV. Graphics is something like ps3 but quite better, and fps is good also. But yeah it does look good and it’s enough for a couple of years with such graphics.

      1. Before you get on to what’s better. Why don’t you figure out how the hell isn’t a 8 core console with Jaguar from Bobcat NOT smoking the Wii U’s graphics. Why don’t you figure that out!

    2. Did you hear what he just said? A 3 core console showed a game he think is better than 2 eight core Jaguar consoles showed at E 3. Now that is amazing. Wii U already proved it’s self. Its up to Nintendo on how to promote it. Its up to retro. The hardware is there waiting for those games to show consumers Its a must buy.

      1. I’m not going to even acknowledge the presence of people whom are still trying to hold onto the Wii U is last-gen tech argument. They are in denial and irrelevant. I suggest you do the same. Don’t respond to these guys.

        I went off on Nintendo (mostly Retro) for what the did yesterday and took a little flack, but I don’t care because I’m an agent for truth. I will ALWAYS defend the truth and the truth is that the Wii U is a monster in terms of horsepower. IT’S FACT. IT’S REALITY. IT’S HISTORY. A Rottweiler may be bigger and stronger than a Doberman-Pincher, but I bet you won’t mess with that Doberman-Pincher if he is bearing his teeth now will you? Same goes for the Wii U. So what the PS4 and XBOX have ore core and more memory. All the extra horsepower is being used to run and maintain non-gaming elements while you are playing games. Whats left over to use for games only makes the PS4 and XBOX One “marginally” more powerful than the Wii U. So in effect, it’s just like the 5th generation.

        In terms of least to most powerful it was Dreamcast, PS2, GameCube, and XBOX. This generation it will be Ouya, Wii U, XBOX One, PS4 (I’m not counting the Steambox as a console just yet.) In the 5th gen the second least-powerful system WON the generation and became the best-selling console of all time.

  7. As long as its not forced in to it, it will be cool.
    Local or online? Should have both in my opinion.

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