Nintendo: The Mario Kart Brand Is More Powerful Than Ever


According to Nintendo senior communications director Charlie Scibetta, the Mario Kart brand is more powerful than ever. Scibetta has explained to GameSpot that he thinks the Mario Kart brand is strong due to Nintendo’s efforts of innovating and pushing boundaries with each new installment of the series. Scibetta said Mario Kart 8, which was revealed yesterday, will combine existing Mario Kart elements with new features to form a desirable product. Mario Kart 8 will be released exclusively for Wii U in spring 2014.

“I do think that the power of the brand is more powerful than ever because you have all the people who grew up on it, so you have that carryover; the fact that they still keep playing into their adult years. And then you also have kids getting into it and you get them involved too.”



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    1. Rather wait and get it perfected than rush over it, Hoping we get a Demo in a few months time so at least we can see how powerful it really is Wii U but in a way, this game does not need to be considered but just buy it! XD

  1. Its true. Rather then change everything that makes Mario Kart what it is, its much better to add stuff to expand it.

    1. Nah, Rather keep what made Mario Kart what it is today and then bring the wicked new features. Retro tracks is one of the best things ever done because not only do you get play an old favorite, but the new graphics on retro tracks are awesome! Dry Dry Desert is from Double Dash and looks crazy on Wii U! Rather keep some of the old stuff <3

  2. I agree. This game has shown the power difference in Wii and Wii U. I would of said that actually, this game has to be the nicest looking game for Wii U so far.

  3. DOES THIS MEAN THERE WILL BE A FUCKING MODE FOR 2 DRIVERS PER KART????????????????????????????????????????????????/

        1. Im goin to reply you first cause you think you are smart. Double dash is not a 2 drivers game is a cooperative driving game. The reason is that you cant have 2 persons driving the same car at the same time idiot.

    1. Looks better in person. Got lucky and they were still up and running at the World of Nintendo Store.

    2. I don’t blame them,
      It was hard enough doing 4-plyer split screen on previous Mk titles I would majority of the time confuse my self for another and just ultimately fail lol.
      I think it would be even more challenging with gravity-hover-ma-doo-dads (quote; Old Man Jenkins) and HD so yeeup.

  4. I want this game for the 3DS!! I guess I’ll be understanding since they’re concerned about the Wii U sales… >_<

    1. Lol concerned!? Yeah right. Very concerned from what I saw on yesterdays direct. Telling us to be patient. Ive been patient since launch day. Stick your console. Ill lose 200 quid on trade in. Never buy nintendo console again.

  5. Notice he said that this game has amazing graphics. But according to Ness Wii U is just a little more powerful than ps3. Yet we don’t just a little better than 360/ps4. Do we? 3 CORES. ONLY 3 GOD DAMN CORES!!!!

    1. Dude the other console extra cores are for the background things not even pc use more than 4 cores.

  6. Goddamnit, every time you think they’ve got to have run out of ideas, they pull something new out of their magic hat. Nintendo, take my soul. You’ve earned it.

    1. in sonic riders zero gravity you gon the wall so nothing has done we’ll have wait and these different game modes

    1. Lol, the video for trainer made me laugh xD I guess Sakurai has a good sense of humor

      Im hoping to see Ryu,Tales of the Abyss Characters, Sora, Resident Evil Characters, Professor Layton characters, and Rythm Theif for the 3ds version of smash since they said the stages are based of handhelds so the characters should be too.

      1. Fuck sora. Until square say something about a wiiu version i dont want him near smash and i think many fans will agree.

  7. Ness. I thought the Wii U was weak!!! I’m holding you haters to y’all word. It’s only on par to 360/ps3!! Right? I thought you said PS4/0ne would blow Wii U’s graphics away? What happened? I thought it was not next generation!!!

  8. Mario Kart 8 looks absolutely fucking amazing!

    ALL THEY NEED , is races with no blue shells for all you whiny bitches!

    1. Agreed. I thought it was CGI myself. I would have to say that of all that games I’ve seen at E3, Mario Kart 8 was the most impressive. IT is 100% proof that the Wii U is powerful and capable or making games that look as good as anything on the PS4 and XBOX One. Which is what a lot of us have said all along.

      It not always about the hardware. It’s about the talent of the artists. The PS4 pwns the Wii U in raw horsepower, but the talent of Nintendo’s developers and the ‘efficient’ power the Wii U has can close the gap. If Nintendo can load up the Wii U with more games that look like Mario Kart 8, Windwaker HD, X, and Bayonetta 2 they should be alright.

  9. Ness remeber you said the GamePad was a Gimmick? Will we have the option to use the GamePad or pro controller or wii mote. Im going to play Pikmin 3 with Pro controller while using my Game Pad as the map.

  10. Yeah, it looks nice and all. But, next year? so, you released the Wii U 1 year too early? I’m going to chuck that useless brick through my window. and I hope it lands on your thick head mr i what ta! >:O

    1. So what if it comes out next year? Can you say, PS4’s graphics knocks Wii U’s out the park?”

        1. What’s wrong to coward to say the exact words? Which troll is man enough to say what I told you to say? Anyone?

    2. Ok xbot, you are now a fossil. Feel the beauty of X, Bayonetta and yes 3D Mario and the return of peach.

  11. So what if it comes out next year? Can you say, PS4’s graphics knocks Wii U’s out the park?” So Ghost is coming to Wii U. Developers are feeling more at ease bringing games to Wii U.

    1. Was watching the final fantasy XV for PS4 and even the xboxNone. The Wii U can run that game on two CORES. Need for speed most wanted U PC edition only used two of the Wii U’s three cores. SMH. Developers have realized it’s the artistic talent and not the machine that most of their employees lack aka THQ and Vigil.

  12. Nintendo won e3 by having sheer gamessssssssss. X has me posing my monster hunter 3 Ultimate. Am a little biffed it releases next year. Bayonetta is beautiful. Donkey Kong country, island freeze whatever looks nice too. Mario Kart FTW.

      1. Don’t be silly Sony only helped preserve our rights as gamers. I love them for that. I am getting a PS4 for some FF XV. If it comes to the Wii U then I will still by a PS4 for Sony exclusives :).

        1. Sony annihilated everyone. FF XV won’t come to the U. Kingdom Hearts has more of a chance than it.

  13. Let me get this right. You mean to tell me that it is possible that more games are still using 2 cores? This really makes Xbone and PS4 look bad!!!

    1. Ehhh now you’re overestimating Wii U’s guts. The graphics may look the same on PS4 and Xbox One as it does on Wii U, but the PS4 packs alot of power.

      1. The original XBOX was far more powerful than the PS2, yet the PS2 beat it by a country mile 154 million to 24 million. All that matters is that is is powerful enough to do whatever the PS4 and XBOX One can. All that extra power is not to make game look better, but for the console to last LONGER without needing to be upgraded and to multitask while keeping gameplay seamless.

        Since all the Wii U does is game, it doesn’t need all that extra crap in there.

        He’s not overestimating anything about the Wii U’s power and no offense anyone after today that questions whether the Wii U is truly 8th gen doesn’t have the elevator go to the top. Nintendo may not have given the exact games people wanted, but NO ONE can deny the Wii U’s power anymore. NO ONE. That debate is over, buried, and consecrated.

        THE END.

        *credits roll*

  14. I can’t believe how amazing Nintendo’s E3 Direct was! I am sooooo psyched for Super Smash Bros. Wii U!!!!!!!!!!!! MEGAMAN!! All we need is Ridley and Krystal and my top three are there!!! 💋

  15. I read Nintendo does not know how powerful the Wii U really is. I want to know how behind in power is Wii U from PS4 now!!!

    1. Hey ness remembered you said how Nintendo not having a press conference was a bad idea? Well why is the Direct more effective on Wii U than last year’s traditional conference then? Now Wii U proved haters it has games, it is powerful now they have to prove sells.

  16. bring back that all race cup, where you do all the tracks in the cup. thats the best thing about mariokart. it was only in one game though, it was a good challenge.

  17. Amazing lol! Im still rewatching all the trailers on the WIIU Eshop… Im speechless… Metroid is coming soon mark my words, but there is plenty to keep us busy and happy!

    1. I think because is still a long way for release they would show it on the last day e3.

  18. So why in the hell can’t they have it ready by holiday 2013? Nintendo fucked up big time for catching the sales back up of it’s console. What it needed to do was announce a price drop for the 32 GB version and then bundle it with Mario Kart 8 for the holiday season and it would’ve have been a smash hit but no. They wait until after the holiday season and are just leaving us Wii U owners stranded. This year has been probably the biggest letdown for Nintendo gamers and therefore I will be switching my gaming priorities to the Playstation brand. You screwed up big time Nintendo.

    1. What the hell is wrong with you two? They show the best games in the industry and you criticize them. They are taking they’re time with the games to make them good quality. If they release any of those games now they would be full of bugs and glitches. Be patient, there is still many great Wii U games coming this year :D

      1. Yeah you’re right. I admit I was a little butthurt after my initial viewing of the direct (granted most of E3 this year left me disappointed) but when I got to see the developers go in depth about their games I was a bit more optimistic. I also composed a list of all the Wii U games I will be buying this year. They include: Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Game & Wario, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze, Batman Arkham Origins, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Assassin’s Creed IV, Watch_Dogs, Sonic Lost World, and Deus Ex Human Revolution-Director’s Cut. That’s quite a bit of games and I didn’t even get started about 3DS games. I just wish Nintendo would have done a two hour direct and talked about the summer update, gave more game details plus in-game footage, and a price drop with a game bundle. But hey I’m still going to buy their games so it’s all good.

      2. thats the most important part of course is to take time and make the games good. its just nintendo in general. they need new management its horrible. iwata, reggie, and the many horrible others need to leave. then maybe nintendo can fix all there shitty problems, dont get me wrong nintendo games are fun, there is more to it.

  19. The only problem I have for Nintendo’s E3 was what happen to news about SMT X Fire Emblem and Yoshi Epic Yarn. I guess in a future Nintendo Direct.

    1. That’s right Nintendo and Sony, you enjoy that money while poor Microsoft is out in the cold needing money…. you sexy bastards!!

  20. all the disappointment…. so many slaps in the face, im sick of nintendos bullshit, 2012, 2013, what is there. they lied about almost everything, promising things and what happens…complete garbage again. last gen huge drought of games, but so many great games stuck in japan to fill the gap, but still they remain there and we have no games. its only getting worse. im switching to ps4… fuck you nintendo, im done with your bullshit. the wii u is the last console your going to get for me. if x sucks, its going somewhere else im sick of this dust collector and your shitty ways of doing things. the problems keep getting worse and im done waiting. to the worst of localizations to having no 3rd parties, lying from keeping promises, huge droughts of games, and all you can say is please understand. well fuck you im sick of your bull shit!!!!!!!

    1. I would feel the same way as you, but then they lured me back with Smash Bros. Hell Nintendo put Wii Fit Trainer in Smash and now i feel like buying Wii Fit U for some reason.

  21. I think everyone agrees that aslong as this Mario Kart is better than the Wii one, it is all a success…

    I mean I liked the Wii game but you got tire dof it after 1 year or so…

    Mainly because the courses were very non raceable…

    But this game seems to have a combination of Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7 and Mario KArt 64 courses…

    Which is just excellent for me…

  22. I like the graphics, gameplay and character list :3

    I can’t wait to get this next year, it will be perfect sitting next to my copy of DriveClub on PS4 and my copy of Forza 5 on my Xbox On- Hahaha just kidding about that last console XD

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