Miyamoto Spotted Playing PlayStation Vita Game Tearaway


Mr Miyamoto was spotted by Polygon writer Mike McWherton visiting the Tearaway booth at this year’s E3 event and grabbing some hands-on time with the ambitious title. Tearaway is a PlayStation Vita exclusive and is created by the development team that brought you Little Big Planet, Media Molecule. Miyamoto has been spotted in the past checking out the competition at E3, so this is nothing unusual. Let’s hope he enjoyed it.


    1. I think it was last year when Miyamoto wasn’t impressed with the Kinect .. lol he watched the demo.

    2. I think this is Miyamoto giving his nod of approval to Sony’s stance in the industry. Sony should be extremely proud of this. You wouldn’t see the big M anywhere near the Xcocks one.

      1. Probably so, also, it might have something to do with Shuhei also mentioning that he has 2 Wii U’s at his house. Miyamoto maybe wanted to check out the competition for himself.

  1. and this is what gamers should be doing as well, instead of bitching what console/PC is the best

      1. No guys you got it all wrong! We should be complaining and comparing which one is the best. It is like comparing oranges with apples. I like apples but I hate oranges. This is why people who like oranges are not a real fruit eaters. :P

        1. I know right? Oranges suck! I mean, before you can even eat them you have to take of the peel. With apples you just bite right into it. Plus apples are just better overall.

          1. apples, ewww, people pick at them with dirty hands, and you never know what they were touching last. With oranges you peel off what people touched. What if the last person who touched the apple you just bought had just went to the crapper and didnt wash their hands? can you live with the thought that you just ate the fruit skin that had feces physically touching it?


          2. No no no no apples are stupid man and you’re stupid for liking um um…apusyles xD (Haha I couldn’t come up with a crazy name for them!)

        2. Apples are for little babies who need their parents to mash it up for then in a spoon! Oranges are adult fruit eaters who can handle knifes and shit to peel the fruit off.

          You guys are pathetic, Oranges can make juices and candies, not to mention this generation of Oranges are really good because of the seasons. Apples are dead fruit, but if you like your kiddy kiddy meal then by all means go ahead and eat it.

    1. Except when companies try to pull shit as restrictive as Microsoft is trying to do with the Xbox One.

      I have all current home and portable consoles and just ordered Gears of War: Judgment (as it finally dropped to half price, which was the most I was willing to pay for more Gears), so it’s not a matter of preference. It’s a matter of voting with your dollar. If you like gaming, even if you’re an Xbox fan, it’s in your best interest to NOT support the One until sales hurt and MS is forced to backpedal.

      /rant over, sorry. Couldn’t help. I hate console war shenanigans, and I’m afraid the very real issues the One is bringing to the market shouldn’t be swept under the “it’s just fanboyism” rug.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly; irrespective of your own preferences, the Xbox One’s stance on ownership is negative to almost everyone who’ll own it and, potentially, the entire industry as a whole.

        At least there’s someone logical an unbiased on this site. Kudos.

        1. There’s plenty of unbiased ppl we just choose not to voice our opinions because we are above all of this stupid console war foolishness

  2. Miyamoto gets respect from everyone everywhere he goes. So, he could go to Sony’s booth if he really wanted to

  3. I love how everyone else surrounds him. Either his fans or just people wanting to watch the game.

    1. Don’t worry my friend, he is immune to corruption and so can enjoy games made by Sonyans too…

      He might even be inspired by something and create something even better…

        1. Console gamers unless he or she doesn’t like Microsoft then I would say Xbox haters.

          1. Then I’m half-Nintendo Drone, and half-Nintonyan. I’m no fan of Playstation and I don’t plan to buy it, but I have nothing against it.

  4. Yeah, this is nothing new. Contrary to what the internet would have you believe, most of these industry members are not fanboys like those individuals who fight all over internet message boards.

    While they have a duty and responsibility to put their company first, most of them enjoy games from other companies too, including the competition.

    1. This has happened during all e3 but this is the first year i see a pic because of the easiest to have internet( dont care how easy is to get internet drm still sucks)

    1. Seems to be having fun to me. All those people are surrounding him and sometimes games can be frustrating.

    1. I was actually thinking of something like that earlier a sony char in smash bros and a nintendo char in sony all stars, sadly it would probbly never happen though.

      1. it would be cool though, Nintendo and sony leaving Microsoft in the cold while they print money

        1. theres bad blood between Sony and Nintendo, blood from back in the N64 Disc Drive days. Then again, if Namco and Nintedo can set aside their differences, maybe Sony and Nintendo could someday coincide.

          you never know though, Sega was Nintendos competition, if it does happend i hope its not because Sony or Nintendo failed in the console wars.

  5. i feel sony and nintendo have a great deal of respect for eachother, i love seeing a gamer be just that: a gamer

  6. Well Nintendo and Sony have started becoming friends again for a while so I’m not surprised. Nintendo basically gave birth to Sony and the PlayStation which must be why I love the PlayStation so much :D

    1. only the way they gave birth to the playstation was kinda ugly.. just like a real birth i guess ;)

      the xbox one must be the very belated afterbirth

      anywho like you’re saying
      relations between sony and nintendo are pretty good again i think.. they used to be very bad in the 90ies

  7. I love Mitamoto. He’s so cute ;) I thank him dearly all the time for being in existance, because he has changed the videogame industry for the better! Can’t wait for Pikmin 3 Miyamoto!!! 💋

  8. Why does it have to get political? Why cant somebody enjoy two companies’ games? Nobody fights third-party developers like “Valve vs Bungie” or stuff like that. Games were nothing like this 10 years ago.

    1. Itnis very much political now because of the Xbots…

      Even more so now that Microsoft is in this whole US goverment surveillance program…

      Republicans or Democrats, no difference at the core…

    2. yeah because Sega does what Ninten’dont.

      :l jesus, it was as bad as it is right now, the only difference is that we now have internet.

  9. Miyamoto-San, always wants to know in what the competition is working, He always gathered info and inspiration from everywhere, the same thing a lot of developers have learned from nintendo titles in the past, too. Besides that, he’s a gamer, so he likes to enjoy games and have fun with it.
    (sorry for my bad grammar -.-)

  10. I love it when everyone praising him for playing Sony games when they called us non-gamers for playing non-Nintendo games. -_-

  11. He’s done this at several E3s. He just loves games that have unique things about them.

  12. This miyamoto being himself! A gamer! He loves games! Damn why is it so hard to understand?

  13. Wow, I’m surprised of the maturirty of the people in this site. When I read the post I swore there would be a thousand comments like “ZOMG, SACRILEGE” OR “BETRAYAL!!!!!!!11!!1” Good thing that didn’t happen.

    1. yeah usually the site is pretty good, but watch out for the trolls on here, their nasty. thankfully there aren’t a lot

  14. maybe he’s not checking out the competition but just .. you know.. checking out games

    i’m sure he’s a passionate gamer himself and appreciates good games regardless of where they come from

  15. I think this friendly rivalry between Sony and Nintendo atm is kinda cute. Miyamoto checking out their games, Yoshida tweeting about a Year of Luigi pin… it’s nice to see that they can still enjoy and respect each other as a company.

  16. only because he works for nintendo doesnt mean he cant play other games from other consoles also maybe he could get some ideas for new games

  17. because the whole “console wars” is really just between fanboys. these companies know their competition, and have respect for each other’s work. yes in the business sense they can be agressive, but in end they just enjoy each other’s work and recognize the merits of each.

    this is just like Sony’s CEO buying a Wii U, and getting “excited”.

  18. what he is thinking is….. hhmmmm how can i make a game more babyish than little big planet…. hhhuuuhhh this is going to be tuff!!!!!!

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