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Reggie Says “Worried About Used Games Sales? Make Better Games!”


Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has concluded that the best way to make sure gamers don’t trade in your video games is to make them so good that they simply don’t want to trade them in. Fils-Aime also reiterated that it was vitally important to support used games. Here’s what Reggie had to say on the matter.

“We have been very clear, we understand that used games are a way for some consumers to monetize their games. They will buy a game, play it, bring it back to their retailer to get credit for their next purchase. Certainly, that impacts games that are annualized and candidly also impacts games that are maybe undifferentiated much more than [it] impacts Nintendo content. Why is that? Because the replayability of our content is super strong.”

“The consumer wants to keep playing Mario Kart. The consumer want to keep playing New Super Mario Bros. They want to keep playing Pikmin. So we see that the trade-in frequency on Nintendo content is much less than the industry average – much, much less. So for us, we have been able to step back and say that we are not taking any technological means to impact trade-in and we are confident that if we build great content, then the consumer will not want to trade in our games.”

“I don’t see [Nintendo stopping the sale of game discs] in the future, certainly not the near-term future. For us, retail is a key part of our overall business. Retailers play a huge role in driving awareness. Their stores play a large role in consumers having an experience with their interactives. We couldn’t do a program like what we are doing with Best Buy without the power of retail and letting consumers play four games that haven’t been released yet. The only place you can see these games is either here at E3 or at a 100 best buy locations in the U.S. and in Canada. So we see a very strong role for physical product in the near-term.”

68 thoughts on “Reggie Says “Worried About Used Games Sales? Make Better Games!””

        1. How come you keep getting ‘first’. Such a remarkable achievement. What’s your secret.. ? Please share with us..

          1. This is true. And MAKE DLC, on top of the game, or after the game is released so people can remember the game and play it again!

            1. A good game doesn’t need DLC to keep you coming back. I think the fact that so many games these days rely on DLC to prolong their enjoyability is a reflection of what Reggie is saying.

              1. Exactly.
                Expansions are nice, but nowadays that idea has been exploited to the point where it’s just to get more people to do the same old thing.

                1. True, but you’ve got to admit, how AWESOME would it be if, in a Zelda game that has already been out for a year or two, we could get a follow-up adventure in the form of a new game plus, as a DLC that could only be bought and downloaded after clearing the game once?

                  Cuts the wait time for more Zelda goodness in half and extends the length of the game we already have and love.
                  That’s just me, though.

                  1. I suppose it depends on your definition of DLC. An expansion to the game (more levels that add to the overall experience) is not the same as, say, extra characters or costumes that should have come with the original game. Injustice, I’m looking at you…

                    1. Yes, that’s why I said DLC is best used as an expansion, like you mentioned, not crap that should have come with the game.

                  2. bullshit, I live in the UK, so this does not apply to me. He certainly has a big false mouth.

                    I have sold all my games, some games I still own, are not nintendo games.

                    Unless you have some love in the 3DS, then nintendos flag is fast falling.

                    1. I live in the UK and haven’t traded any Nintendo games since the Snes… And I traded them for other Snes games! I sold loads of Playstation and PS2 games, however.

                    1. Indeed, our Empire will always have the best games out there…

                      Unlike the lesders of the Xbots who said this last day…

                      “If you don’t have a good internet connectionn or internet at all, then just settle with the 360 or something, sorry…”

                      Despiseful arrogant fools…

                      1. They are so out of touch from reality. Arrogant is right. They don’t seem to care about their customers at all, so it is high time for them to fall deep.

                    2. I could traded in New Super Mario Bros. Wii for $40 recently. I thought about it, but I still like playing the game!

                      1. You are only 22, haha! well you are young so you will hold on to them for a long time, but in time you will realise that you don’t want to take them to your grave.

                      1. Um they are doing exactly what their consumers have requested. I know of no less than 50 people playing New Leaf right now, and it JUST came out. There are already over a hundred thousand people clamouring for almost all the games they announced at E3. Change is good, but listening to your customers is better.

                      1. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Traded in my pkmn colosseum once and i fully regret it; especially since I can’t find it anywhere

                    3. That’s pretty much what i’d say xD there’s a reason i keep my Nintendo games (i do keep a few Sony games but not many)

                    4. So true…whenever I want to get rid of games, the Nintendo ones always stay at home…
                      Nintendo FTW, I don´t care about sales, I just want them to keep making games.

                    5. Reggie knows how it is. Heck I can still replay pikmin and still enjoy it a lot even though i’ve 100%’d it ! (that final boss is a doozy still dang)
                      Idk lately it’s just. Why pay $60 for a game that I’ll play once? And then they charge $20 per dlc and never patch stuff ? This goes for multiple game companies. Step your crap up, gamers are sick of getting cruddy games.

                      1. ..and now xbox one owners even can’t sell those crappy games with no replayability when they sometimes buy those because all false advertising and hype. :|

                        I’ve got quite a lot of those games in my 360 but atleast i managed to sell them and then got money to buy new games.

                        1. the XBONE isnt that bad (at least not tragically bad) my only grip with it, is that you are essentially “renting” the games at full price. If i pay $60 for a brand new game i expect to play it forever (or aslong as it doesnt break.) Just like with my NES, i can still pull it out and play it, as same with my Genesis, GBC, GBA, DS, Saturn, Dreamcast, PSx, GCN, N64, SNES, and CD-i. i can play those to this date, but the XBONE will essentially cease to exist in maybe 20-30 years when MS decides to pull the servers, what the fuck do i have then? my whole XBONE library will be but useless plastic.

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                      4. Reggie, you are god damn awesome :)
                        Nice aticle, I love the discs and want to actually be able to hold my game ^-^

                      5. but Reggie……
                        if they (Activision&EA) made better games, then they wouldnt be able to pump out the garbage they pump out every year. Can they (Activision&EA) afford that?

                      6. also i think it looks pretty when u see those pre ownd fifa games in those bargin bins and thinking that where they should have been in the first plas

                        1. I think that’s because they intend that to be a huge single-player experience. There probably wouldn’t be room on the cart for two save files worth of all the things they’ve crammed into Pokemon these days.

                      7. He’s got a point. I’ve never sold or traded a first party game. 3rd party games that tend to be on all platforms tend to be limited in their scope and quality so those are usually the first to go.

                      8. sssoooo hahahah reggie do yyoooouu no what games people wont trade in fatal frame 4!!!! bring it over sony would have all ready. do you know what else nobody else trades in xenoblade!!!!!! dumbshit it took a fucking campaign to convince you, or should i say gamestop to make the first move to you on that!!!! aahhhh, he needs to get the fuck out.

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