Microsoft Seems To Be Advertising Xbox One At Best Buy Wii U Events


Apparently, there are multiple reports of Microsoft employees advertising their products at Wii U events taking place in select Best Buy stores this week. One report says a Microsoft employee tried to convince people who were waiting in line to demo a Wii U game to pre-order the Xbox One. According to another report, someone wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the Microsoft logo lingered around the Wii U event and talked to people around a demo station. The next Wii U event at Best Buy this week takes place on Saturday, June 15th.


      1. I think is a waste of time cuz those people there learned about the event online the same online that is kicking there ass. Lmao

        1. And what about the casual buyer at Best Buy who happens to stop by the demo station with their kids? These Microsoft employees is pretty much trying to take advantage of Nintendo’s E3 plan, and fool these consumers, who want to try out Nintendo’s newest games, into buying the horrible Xbox VCR.

          1. There is a law that the consumer must be told of a product restrictions so now more people will know about the drm fiasco.

                1. Im on a phone but i have see similar things from other sites also the spying is ilegal in all of europe.

                2. it’s not like they care about the scandinavian market.. or the european one in general.. or any other market besides the US

  1. Microsoft are a joke.

    Every one of those people they talked to either bought a ignored them, WiiU or pre-order a PS4.

  2. I wish microsoft would just die and get the fuck out of gaming I really do. GO THE FUCK AWAY.

    1. yeah… like you GO THE FUCK AWAY Nintendron, Sony gonna be the King of gaming and you gonna cry like a bitch!

      1. You forgot the “e” in Nintendrone. Keep up the good work there fella’.

          1. Well I have had a PS1 , 2 , 3 , PSP and now 4…

            Nintendo is my favorite company in gaming (Nintendo fanboy… can’t help that) But I do indeed like games like GTA , Borderlands , Metal Gear etc etc etc…

      2. -_- i hate people like you,people who nickname and makes fun of anyone who doesnt like their company(like the so-called “xbots”).

    1. Nintendo doing their own thing, Microsoft trying to take a shot at them, and Sony actually landing a blow on Microsoft. How very accurate.

  3. LOL Microsoft is so desperate now.That’s so sad. Smart gamers won’t choose Xbox One over the Wii U or PS4. Go away Microsoft, let this be a Wii U vs PS4 console war.

    1. It feels like the hardcore gamers will (or atleast SHOULD) get a PS4 because they have FPS-games and other action games and the people who play for fun and like to derp around while playing will get the Wii U because it has got kids and adventure games!!

      1. You’re an idiot Martin. You don’t even know what a hardcore gamer is. Just because you play mindless shooting games doesn’t mean you’re hardcore. A hardcore gamer is someone who plays A LOT of video games, whether it’s shooting games or Nintendo games.

        It’s funny how you said that Wii U is for people who want to play for fun. THAT’S THE POINT OF VIDEO GAMES. You play games for fun, you aren’t supposed to take video games seriously. And Nintendo games are not for kids, that’s just a misunderstanding. Nintendo games are for everybody.

        1. Everyone knows you only play video games to get good at them. Trying to have fun while doing it is illegal obviously >_>

        2. Apparently you take video games REALLY seriously because go all fanboying and insulting me…

          When i wrote “for fun” i meant 10-year olds that will remember those games like forever and when i wrote “hardcore gamer” i meant anyone from 10-20-year olds that will get the latest, newest and most popular (that probably are preeeeeeetty expensive) games just because they are new and expensive.

          EXCUUUUUUUUSE MEEEE for not following YOOOOURRR dictionary!!

          I know Nintendo aren’t just for kids, i’m 14 and i love Nintendo, but i think a 9-year old kid would like to get Super Mario World intstead of Call of Duty: Ghosts

          casual gamers or hardcore gamers, we can all agree on that when it comes to advertising Xbox One, Microsoft hit rock bottom!!

          1. I’m 35 and I prefer the range of games that Nintendo offers me. I can play Call Of Duty on my Wii U or I could play Assassin’s Creed, Mario, Pikmin, X, Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2… All different games, all different genres, for all different ages.
            But for me, the biggest thing the Wii U offers me is a chance to play with my friends around me. I much prefer that to sitting alone playing against strangers on the internet. This is what gaming SHOULD be about.

            1. I completely agree with you Zombie Boy. The fact that the Wii U now offers games that were previously only available to other consoles has widened its audience. Nintendo tends to target a different kind of audience to Sony or Microsoft, or at least did initially (which is why it has always blossomed so well), but the range is now broad enough to attract all kinds of gamers. I have an Xbox360 and a Wii, and I spend a great deal more time on the Wii with my friends and family.
              The Wii U seem,s to be the best of both worlds, and although it started off slow, the 3DS did and look at how that snowballed. It picked up pace and followers and I reckon the Wii U will be doing the same in time.

              In truth, from a student games designer’s point of view, I really think Microsoft continues to shoot itself in the foot. It’s all about the restrictions and what they can get out of their consumers, not what the consumers can get out of what they are offered – something at which Nintendo has always been good.

      2. Go join your soon to become Xbox hobos and stay there in the abyss…

        You clearly don’t know the meaning of gaming…


        Sony ps4 is pacing buck pretending it aint. Drm drvice U fool

        And eho on gods earth plays fps on a derp shock

        Il be plsying fps on a sii rrmote and chuck lol analog stick fps aiming I dont eat shit or drink urine and I dont fps on a twin stick pad with a retsrded touch panel ripped out of a laptop

  4. Ahahahahahah!

    These Xbots are truly evil and just keep sinking even lower!

    The Sonyans destroyed their defenses, let us deal with their Realm ourselves!

    All Nintendo Drones to your battlestations and send these foul beasts to the abyss!

    No Xbot will get the luxury of selling their infected abominations!

    1. This is better for Nintendo lol
      xbot : care to reserve a xbox one is the future?
      People in line : maybe what it does?
      Xbot : it has very good graphics and can let you watch tv.
      People in line : great whats the catch?
      Xbot: it needs internet always or it wont work
      Persons in line xplodes in laughther.

    1. oh trust me they can
      they have not talk about what happens if xbones gets red ring of doom or xbox live cost to use all its servives (aka dont go online =brick)

  5. Macro$hit is becoming more like EA all the time. I will never so much as touch an xbone as long as I live.

    1. Even the Electron Army would never do such a blasphemous act like the Xbots are doing…

      They are not even 100% sure about DRM like the Xbots are…

      This is the lowest point in gaming history since the dawn of the human race, period…

      1. Considering they at least tried to support the Wii, with the definitive version of Madden (At first) and stuff like Boom Blox, they already have more respect from me than MS.

  6. At this point, I feel bad for Microsoft. They kinda blew it, and Sony stomping all over them during their conference didn’t help.

  7. Microsoft that is just really really sad.
    I am stunned. It is like they are admitting defeat.
    This is such a mean bad thing to do. I now very disrespect Xbox One.

  8. i would lmao if these were actually nintendo fans that were trying t make microsoft look even worse

  9. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Hope those Microsoft employees are saving their pay cheques…….

  10. “Don’t you wanna buy this chocolate covered turd, we call it the microboxBonemoneymachine?!” “You can buy licenses for ‘games’ but you never own them, we tell you when and if you can play the games you buy for it… Don’t you want to preorder it?!”

    1. They probably photoshoping those pics to make it look like a line of people interested in XBox One

  11. Lol people queuing for the Wii U event at best buy wouldn’t really be interested in the Xbox One anyway…. I’m sure some would.
    But if it were me I’d be like no thanks lol I’m here for Nintendo

    1. I went to best buy and put a deposit down on my xbox one. I have no intentions of playing that mediocre piece of hardware (the wii u) anytime soon.

        1. Have you not seen the new xbox? i recommend you watch their latest e3 conference. the new console they unveiled called the xbox one and it looks absolutely sweet.

          Here’s a link to their entire conference @ e3:

          Seriously, once you watch this you’ll never go back to a nintendo console again. THIS SHITS the next best thing. The graphics are unimaginable, compared to that of the wii u’s ‘current gen’ looking graphics.

          Now imagine a zelda or 3D mario game on this console. Imagine how GOOD it would look. Nintendo seriously needs to stop making consoles and just focus on developing games for microsoft.

                1. Let me reiterate, I’m being sarcastic, the Xbox is a piece of shit. I am merely taking the piss out of it by pretending to support it.

                  Also, i’m pretty sure: ‘it amuses me that people can’t tell i’m taking the piss’ makes sense. >_<

                    1. not really, i get pissed to see a failed attempt
                      cuz in general, being on a Nintendo related site, makes me not to care about it

          1. I feal sad for your stupidity kid specialy if have to think for yourself. Another the same games coming to ps4 soon so who cares for Microsoft? Bill Gates do and he pissed at what his workers did.

              1. Not knowing how to write a word dosnt make me stupid buying a console that rapes people ass is.

          2. You are either:
            1) A dummy
            2) Microsoft employee
            3) Xbox fanboy

            Now, I will say this once in a… polite way. Get off this site and go buy a Wii U. Or as you call it, “a mediocre machine”.

  12. Am I the only one who wishes Nintendo would just give up on making bullshit systems and just port their IPs to Xbox and Playstation? I’ll give them some credit, they definitely found a way to stay alive with Wii when their hardware was far behind Sony and Microsoft. But the Wii U… just sucks. Ever since the Gamecube I haven’t bought a Nintendo system – they just don’t get a great assortment of games.

    I want Zelda, Mario and DK on my Xbox One/PS4.

      1. I’d rather love to see, once again, another GENERATION DEFINING Legend of Zelda game on a PS4/Xbone than yet another mediocre Zelda game on the Wii-U.

        1. They call it the XBox One because this guy will be the only one getting it. Enjoy playing with yourself!

            1. Why are you even commenting on this page if you feel so ill towards the Wii U and their “mediocrity”? I don’t support XB, yet I don’t go on their page and post my negative thoughts on their system.

        2. Another? There haven’t been any on the Wii U yet.
          Got you on a technicality lol

          But yeah, the idea is interesting. It just won’t happen for a very long time, and I am glad. The Wii U is powerful enough to support amazing Zelda games.

    1. You’ll have to wait a good decade for that to happen,and even if nintendos consoles die they still have handhelds

      1. Nintendo even said that if they die, (Which likely won’t happen during this CENTURY) their IPs are going with them.

    2. OKAY. Why are you here? What fucked up enjoyment are you garnering from behaving like this. Dude it’s cool you like other gaming companies. OBVIOUSLY you don’t like Nintendo. WE GET IT. Go play the games you enjoy instead of badgering Nintendo fans that you dont know. Why so much anger. Lets give this person a hug guys. What do you say?!?! Its obvious that he or she is miserable and lonely and is looking for interaction.

      1. He’s obviously needy for attention for posting on a page for Nintendo. People are so pathetic.

    1. No Nintendo staff is pathetic. silly asians sitting in donkey kong barrels and posing next to stupid pikmin.

      1. Not only are you stupid but racist as well. Troll, do you see why there are hardly any other trolls on this thread? Because no-one can refute that this is a ridiculous act by Microsoft.

      2. No, they’re just trying to have some fun. The way you say it, it seems like you think it should be a crime to have not completely killed the child in one’s heart by time one becomes an adult.

        Also, you cannot deny that what this story describes is pretty pathetic. It is truly truly sad.

  13. LOL.. I see Microsoft is nervous with their bad polices and bad product! Xbox 1 was gone before it was here!

  14. I really hope the xbox one is jizz resistant because the graphics on that thing look absolutely amazing :) Pity that nintendo don’t understand that the best thing to do is create their franchises exclusively for the xbox and scrap the wii u.

    1. It’s called the Xbox One cause they took 359 steps back remember that. Now come back when Microsoft gets worthwhile exclusives kthxbai

    2. Oh boy!
      Restrictive DRM and the Kinect spying on me! Golly, I can’t wait to play the Xbox!

      Honestly, if you support shit like that, you automatically revoke your ability to complain about the state of anything gaming.

    3. Because you want the best games on the xbox right? Get over it, you want the best games, buy the console that is made with gaming first and media as a compliment. You want shooters every month? Go buy a media device that plays games as a compliment.

  15. … Can’t keep up with Sony: Try to lure customers from Nintendo. And no, this is not going to work.
    This is what you call an act of desperation, hands down.

  16. it’s funny how people viewed the wiiu as a dying system….now microsoft resorts to this? how the tables have turned…

    1. The wii u is a dying system, microbrain is just trying to steal nintendo’s customers to turn the tide on sales. The wii u will still die anyway, because in the land of the dead, microbrain, and the wii jUnk is already there.

  17. Wow, Microsoft is really desperate, just go away. I wouldn’t even take a XBOX One if I got it for free. I have a XBOX 360, my first and last XBOX. My son too, and he loves his 360 but does not support their anti-consumer policies. He too won’t get a Spy-Box 1.

  18. Well let me say this M$ you just lost a puurchase. I was planning on getting a xbox one. M$ actually had some game that i was interested in. Had pre-ordered, but just went and canceled. I had overlooked your policies because of the games(I am one who could care less about drm or online check-ins). I just love gaming (pc, xbox 360,ps3,wii, wiiu). I have been gaming since atari. This will be the first system I do not get. M$ I am ashamed of you.

  19. In the words of Laryn Hill.You might have some, but you just lost one. If you have so many how come you just lost one. lol Im out got to play some MH3U.

  20. This was true at the Schaumburg event as well. There were two Microsoft reps, one in a white Microsoft shirt (with the new logo), the other not in a uniform. They were talking to people about the event, why they’re excited about Wii U, etc., and taking notes – the uniformed guy on his Surface, and the non-uniformed guy seemed to be typing up stuff on his Windows Phone. And when I say taking notes, I mean there was a document up on the Surface titled something like “Nintendo E3 Experience at Best Buy” and there were paragraphs being typed.

  21. “You should buy an Xbox One instead *Insert reasons why*”
    But I don’t have internet…
    “Oh, well just stick with Xbox 360 then, it’s on Offline Console.”
    That’s why I was looking at the Wii U… You want us to get an older console?

  22. I’m planning to bring my son on Saturday. Don’t worry guys, if a microsoft salesman comes near me I’ll tell him to fall in line and buy a Wii U. Lol!

  23. Haha Microsoft that is a really pathetic move. You should have known right from the get go no one is going to want to pay $500 for all that DRM bullshit. Go away and let games game!

  24. Now we know for sure that it was Microsoft who ordered the bad media press about Nintendo.

    Obvious from the beginning but still.

    SPY-Cam in your living room, NO THANK YOU!!!

  25. No way am I going to drive hundreds of miles to a different Best Buy (because my local Best Buy NEVER participates in any special events) just to play some unreleased games. Only to see that there’s dozens upon dozens of others already playing (and waiting to play), and I never get a chance to play even one. Nope, not gonna do it.

    1. living in newyork is awesome cause at nintendo world store, they have 5, not4 5 playable demos. and lines are SAF. sad bro. sorry for your lose.

  26. Wow thats just low. Im actually kinda dissapointed in them, and i like Microsoft too! But thats just low…

  27. pathetic. the Xbox One is the butt of jokes now. Microsoft might as well listen to it’s fans and scrap it. an over priced big brother beta max haha

  28. Pretty desperate. Still, that almost sounds funny. Imagine a guy walking up to you when you’re about to play Super Mario U, hyping up the next Halo (That won’t be out for over a year) and the Xbox. I’d probably exchange a grin with another nintendo fan and start hyping up Nintendo to the microsoft guy

  29. Well, I didn’t see anything like that at my Best Buy yesterday. I’ll look out for that this Saturday.
    Microsoft is obviously desperate, and I don’t think that a group of serious Nintendo fans waiting to play Nintendo games are actually going to listen.

  30. They are filming their new commercial. One (get the pun) similar to their Google vs. Bing commercials.

  31. While I don’t hate any company in particular, this seems to be a dirty tactic by MS. Wonder if there’ll be any MS guys at my Best Buy?

  32. it seems that they’re weird ass tactics have been going on for a long timenot only this scenario but other scenarios where they are paying publishers and other weird stuff, they are some thing else

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