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Capcom Senior VP Says Dungeons & Dragons Is “Definitely Still Coming” To Wii U

dungeons and dragonsStill waiting for Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara to land on your Wii U? Capcom’s senior vice president Christian Svensson says it is definitely coming, but there’s been a bit of a hold-up on Nintendo’s side waiting for a code approval. The two classic games were originally meant to be released yesterday, along with the release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Steam, but when the new trailer was launched the description tag read coming “to the Nintendo eShop soon after”. Here’s what Svensson said in the Capcom Unity Boards:

“I don’t think we’ve received code approval from Nintendo just yet which is why we’ve been unable to confirm a date. It is definitely still coming so please do bear with us. The game is in submission. Stay tuned.”



  1. Pride commeth before a fall:

    EA has learnt double dipping and microtransactions award you worst company in America two times in a row.

    Pride and arrogance will destroy you money grabbing ways and leave you in third place, Microsoft on their rapid turn around on xboxone policies.

    Capcom knows in Nintendo their solid innovative and hard games shall survive :). Thanks Capcom for being an all season friend and veteran. All we need is megaman and monster hunter, maybe a little dragons dogma 1 and 2 packaged deal :).


    1. xBone already left a bad taste in gamers mouth… I doubt reversing the DRM will all of the sudden make them a player this gen. They are going to get punished badly for even attempting it.

      They will probably get the hardcore Halo/Gears fans, but thats about it… I see xBone pulling Gamecube numbers.


  2. Hell yeah after all the child support money (10 kids) i’ll have enough money to get this game. And then we will high five.


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