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3DS Update For StreetPass Mii Plaza Fix Now Live In Europe


Nintendo has released a downloadable update for Nintendo 3DS that will add new functionality to the handheld system. Items featured in the update include: Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to change the expression of their Mii character when they meet another user’s Mii via StreetPass. Additional updates to StreetPass Mii Plaza can now be made without requiring an update to the overall Nintendo 3DS system. Four new StreetPass-enabled games will be available for purchase through StreetPass Mii Plaza for Nintendo 3DS owners who have completed this update: StreetPass Squad, StreetPass Garden, StreetPass Battle and StreetPass Mansion.

  • In StreetPass Squad players blast their way through enemies in a scrolling space shooter with the help of StreetPass characters. StreetPass Garden challenges players to grow a garden of flowers and cross-pollenate them with the plants of visitors that they meet through StreetPass. Players collect troops through StreetPass inStreetPass Battle, clashing with other warlords to take over the world. StreetPass Mansion lets players design and explore a multi-level mansion using rooms and hallways received from StreetPass characters. Completing accomplishments within these four additional games unlock new full-body outfits and hats for their Mii characters.
  • Save data for most downloadable Nintendo 3DS and Virtual Console software can be backed up and restored.

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15 thoughts on “3DS Update For StreetPass Mii Plaza Fix Now Live In Europe”

      1. its true… Americans like don’t street pass at all. I still have yet to find someone else in Animal Crossing new Leaf… -__- 💋

        1. It depends on where you live. I live in a smallish town and get up to 3 street pass hits a day depending on where I go. Sometimes I get none but still, I usually get around 8 or 9 a week.

    1. At least Europe is getting something first for a change. We in America seem to “usually” get everything before they do. 💋

      1. It has to do with the establishment of our recent base, NERD, as High Command and the High Commanders in that base said things would move at a faster pace here in Europe from now on…

        It is very much needed to resist and repel the corrupted Xbots…

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