New Super Mario Bros. U Update Allows Wii U Pro Controller Use

newsupermariobroswii4For those that have yet to download Luigi’s new adventures in New Super Luigi U today, Nintendo has gently reminded fans that if you own New Super Mario Bros. U you can now update your game to play with the Wii U pro controller. In a post on Miiverse, the director of New Super Mario Bros. U Takemoto said the following:

“Hello, this is Takemoto, the director of New SUPER MARIO BROS. U. An update for the game has been made available to go with the release of New SUPER LUIGI U. With this update, you can now purchase the New SUPER LUIGI U add-on content from within the game, and play using the Wii U Pro Controller. We’ve also opened a New SUPER LUIGI U community on Miiverse, so feel free to share your thoughts about Luigi, Nabbit, or anything else related to the game!”



    1. Epic fail… which why would anyone care about being the first to post? good grief, is this site just a bunch of 12 year olds? Because you all behave like it.


      1. Although I really don’t mind playing with the gamepad (and need to as I do most of my gaming on it) It is nice to use the Pro Controller when possible.
        That pricey bastard has a 40-60 hour battery life! I have one I play ME3 with, and it kicks ass.


      2. The pro controller IS THE comfiest controller ever made as well , come at me bro’s , it just is… The feel of it is heavenly and the analog sticks are beautifully placed.

        BUT the one thing that lets the controller down is the lose and cheap feeling ZR and ZL digital triggers. They feel a bit lose. If they were sturdy analog triggers like the 360 you would be looking at the best controller ever made , the perfect compromise of Nintendo’s , Sony’s and Microsofts controllers from the past.

        The shape of it is just so nice…


      3. It IS very, very comfortable. Like putting gaming slippers in your hands. :D

        The triggers never fail me, but I agree with you, not as solid as tey could be. They were just wanting the xBox controller to not be ENTIRELY embarrassed. ;)


      4. haha ”No , we can’t just…. release the best controller ever , fuck those triggers up!!!!” xD

        I can’t actually get over how comfy it is , the 360 controller feels awful compared to it , and the off set analog sticks really have 0 benefits what so ever…

        And to top it of the battery life like never ever runs out. It runs out once ever 1.5 months LOL!!!


      5. Sometimes I wonder if it is powered by the mini-fusion reactor that powers and keeps all those NES Zelda cartriges working after 20 years. O.o


    1. Yes and no…

      Yes because you can help the others by placing these platforms at will under them to prevent them from falling down or to reach places more easily…

      No, because you do not control any character yourself…


      1. I meant playing as another character..
        Still not yet? Mark my words they will patch it in one of these days


  1. This is marvelous news. Just in the same category as the original dr. No and Allo’ Allo’ the British comedy series great. The pro controller on the Wii U is the best controller out there after the Gamecube and beauty that is the Wiimote nunchuck mix.

    1) Nintendo have learnt a lesson in not to trust man with their endeavors. Always release your software first and in constant beautiful supply.

    2) Sony has learnt that releasing complicated non needs handhelds like the vita with no backward compatibility is a no go. Cheapen the PSVita and package it with the memory free.

    3) Microsoft and xboxone have learnt that arrogance, pride and greed might lose you a wing of your company and like now loss of a foothold in home territory.

    We the Gamers have won.


    1. 1. The holy N trusts in the intelligence that is our High Command…
      And though it is true that 1 or 2 sacred big games should be released at launch, our Empire does not release a game untill satisfactory conditions have been accomplished…

      2. I’m sure they realise now that a machine with barely any new experiences at all since its predecessor and with a expensive memory card should not be released under such a high prize…

      3. High Command, our Empire and myself do not care what the Xbots do or do not do with their treacherous infectious machines corrupt gamers into boring, mindless carcasses that do not know the true meaning of fun…

      On a sidenote, I nominate the Microsoft Realm for the next Golden Poo Award…


      1. Agreed Nintendo Commander. Now Nintendo should actively pursue the already on board major third parties. If need be, be the distributors of the second Dragons Dogma game, with a 1( with dark arisen DLC ) combo pack. Golden poo award is within sites of the xbox division this year. Wait! Windows 8 is atrocious so Microsoft is campaigning for worst company award.


    1. Especially when watching Netflix! It should be in sleep mode for Netflix and playing with the Pro controller. Also if in the future they sell GamePads, consumers will not need two GamePads on at the same time for an individual. It would be RAW as fuck if SSB Wii U was off TV mode! Anyone know when Wii u will release Games that support Two GamePads?


    2. Well, the best you can do is turn the display off. It does safe a tone of battery, but it’s still on… So, not a perfect solution, but it does help.


  2. Good. I want to play using two screens and my pro controller like I do on the virtual console. I love setting my Gamepad on the cradle on a ta e and play using the under rated comfortable as hell pro controller. That is the way I want to play Pikmin 3.


      1. I want to play Rayman legends with the GamePad. I also want DKCTF 2nd player to play with the pro. I also want to play against four physical players one using a GamePad and three Pro Controllers. Ditto for 3D Mario World. This makes my Wii U appear more like a new console and less like Wii. Zelda games hmmmm I don’t care which 3 controllers I use. Mario Kart 8 GamePad and Pro controller. You get my draft: I want less Wiimote as much as possible.


    1. Its got to be because 2 Nintendo directs ago, it was announced that either June or July, NSMBU will support pro controller.


    2. Yes, indeed. The update only makes it so you can go to the Nintendo E-shop directly from the game. You don’t need to buy NSLU to get the update.


  3. Not wanting to sound like a dick but isn’t it a bit absurd that they are eleasing a patch that allows us to use the procontroller 8 months after release. Should have been able to use the pro when the game launched. please tell me it hasn’t taken 8 mnths to get this option……smh.


  4. You mean it couldn’t already?… Come on Nintendo, just completely rennovate your hardware development sector. Their software developers are the most creative and talented people in the world, but one of the biggest reasons I still haven’t bought a Wii U is all the disappointing things I’ve heard about its unreliability.


  5. Bought the wii u pro controller for my son but he cannot figure out how to make the character bubble in new super Mario bros u. With nunchuck he just presses A but that doesn’t work with pro controller. Any help would be appreciated.


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