Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Second Quest Dates Announced


By popular demand, The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert series will revisit several cities this summer and fall with Second Quest, a new season of fresh and exciting material exploring even more chapters from the Zelda franchise. Returning fans will also get a chance to relish once again in the beautifully orchestrated four-movement symphonic work from last season, as well as favourite moments from the game, carefully and beautifully timed with the gorgeous, larger-than-life orchestral score.

  • Austin, TX; The Long Center; June 29
  • Philadelphia, PA; Mann Center; July 25
  • Toronto, ON; Sony Centre; September 7
  • Seattle, WA; Benaroya Hall; September 12
  • San Jose, CA; San Jose Civic; December 14


    1. Comeback!

      But yeah, really excited for this. Hope they come to London. Interested to see what their tracklist is seeing as they covered the basics and more in the first orchestra

      1. This Symphony is so Epic! Its magical sitting through it, truly romantic taking your honey there!

      1. seriously… the fact that you do the same as all the other fans actually states that you HL-fans don’t have a life at all. Expectations are already TOO HIGH to be a good game. Everything will disappoint on this level of expectations.

  1. Wouldn’t mind if they did London again. I had tickets for the one in May but exams prevented me going (much to my disgust)

  2. It is nice to hear the success of such a talented orchestra. People just can’t get enough of Zelda!! :D 💋

  3. I flew from Malta to Paris just for the symphony and I have no regrets, it was incredible! Hope they have the second season in Europe too, i’ll definitely go again :)

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