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Here’s The North American Pikmin 3 Commercial

Nintendo has unleashed the Pikmin through North America today as the colourful critters star in their first TV commercial. The advert – which you can see above – joins others that have aired in both Japan and Europe, in order to generate some much-needed steam for sales on the Wii U and Pikmin 3. It’s not a lengthy commercial, but it does showcase that teamwork is essential to overcoming certain obstacles and ferocious foes within the Pikmin world. No doubt there will be more to come from Nintendo as they continue to market the game across North America for its upcoming release on August 4.

93 thoughts on “Here’s The North American Pikmin 3 Commercial”

    1. Oh man, I actually love this!

      And who didn’t expect commercials to come up for Wii U once games are close to release, seriously?

  1. THE CUBES ARE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good to see Iwata managed to get their Wii U ads in order. And best Pikmin ad I’ve seen yet I must say! =)

  2. why u mad is a faget

    Funny how commercials nowadays are all bad actors. What happend to fully fine animated ones?

      1. Yes, hes very excited.Hes 5 and Hes very into smash bros brawl.We have seen all the E3 trailers. Hes into all the new wiiu games(smart kid)

  3. Great commercial, but it’ll never actually be advertised on TV. Why, Nintendo, WHY!?!?! I want people to know about this game and every other Nintendo game you guys release but since you never actually put these ads on TV, you’re dooming yourself!

    1. The best part about this comment is how it comes directly after another comment talking about seeing the ad on TV.

    2. 2 people on this thread have already stated that they have noticed the commercial on television. Fail.

  4. Loki:I have a army
    Stark: We have Pikmin
    Loki: Damn why do you get the good shit
    Stark: I’m Robert Downey Jr

  5. that was….. fucking horrible!!!!!! the guy talking sounded half ass and i wanted to laugh at the commercial uuugghhhhh!!!!! (facepalm) noa sucks so bad hahahahah.

    1. It was far from sucky. That is the the type of commercial that will get people from the U.S to buy the game, no doubt. 💋

        1. This was a terrible commercial.Like some rave at someones house..I laughed out loud when I first saw this,surprised there hasnt been another commercial since this.This did not set the bar very high for wiiu

  6. That was a great commercial! The exact type that will persuade kids into bothering their parent’s for this game! 💋

  7. I didn’t think it was a great commercial… even though it isn’t geared toward me perhaps
    A little more story would be good… not as bad as Reggie’s terrible job at selling on Fallon, but doesn’t get me that excited (although I already am)

      1. You really thought that was a good/great commercial… some little kid walking through the trees… it makes the game seem weak, that’s all… what sold me was a lot of the footage on here of gameplay…. sure there was some of that, but the cheezy voice over and what not… didn’t do it for me

        1. Oh come now. You’re getting way to hung up on the voice actors. Sure the ad isn’t flawless, but it more than gets the job done and is an ENORMOUS step in the right direction, if not a fun ad in its own right. Besides, the thing people will really be caught up on are the beautiful CGI Pikmin and the Pikmin being in a forest really captures their nature! (Pun not intended) Yes the kid is a little cheesy, but kids under 13 won’t mind too much if at all and people older will know to judge the gameplay footage. A fine ad.

      1. I guess, I’m just more interested in the game itself not how it translates to youth and for kids to like it… so the “story” of the game, and maybe, after a night to think about it, how this game came together and who designed it would be more important… I never did more than play the games for years, but now that I know that one guy is more than responsible for Mario, Zelda, et al… and has now designed this game (that is right, right?)… well, to me, that’s as good a selling point as any…. put the lead designer at the forefront like the director of a great film, let us know that there is more to it than just a new game to let kids tug on their parents pockets… it’s an OK ad, but it doesn’t inspire or excite like I would want one too

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    1. …..Not even a commercial…. comparing apple to a orange….plus i don’t think knack will sale like most of sony’s first party killzone and infamous will see higher sales

      1. you two need friends.
        no one has told you yet, nintendo is kiddy garbage and is dead.
        sony is REAL, and keeping it REAL.
        you will get one, late, and wish you had been a fan sooner.

        1. Nintendo is more real then Sony will ever be. Without Nintendo gaming all together wouldn’t even exist or at least it wouldn’t be as good as now.

        2. Plus Nintendo make actual games. You can go play your 20 hour movie cutscene game. When we play actual REAL games.

          1. without nintendo you rejects will be worshiping sony as foolheartly as you do this joke you call wiiu.

            1. Oh please! Sony can go fuck themselves. I liked them until the PS3 generation where they started to think “Good looking, gore, cutscene movie games are what good games are.” I don’t hate them completely but I don’t like them as much as I used to.

              1. holy fuck, gamerchick1999 is really sad, lets all give to poor fool a hug.
                watch the reject post multiple times in response, again.

                1. To be honest I’m not sad. I don’t even have a Wii U(can’t afford one) but I’m still happy and excited for great games coming out this year and next year! Oh and of course you’ll insult me. You already know that what I said about Sony is right. The only games I want on the PS4 is KH3, FFXV(my least wanted game since I’m not a big FF fan) and Knack. Other than that it’s just more gore, shooting and movie cutscene.

                2. You are obviously a kid, you can’t even tell the difference between TV Commercial and Trailer.

                  “without nintendo you rejects will be worshiping sony”-Troll (ps4playa)

                  Also, an ignorant child. PlayStation would not have existed without Nintendo. Ken Kutaragi was inspired by Nintendo’s SNES, then Sony and Ninty partnered to make a CD-addon for the SNES called PlayStation.

                  I don’t see why you are hating on the company that help gave birth to your beloved Playstation.

                  Only young punks and immature people troll. Grow up, Troll.

        3. ….knack isn’t kiddy while pikmin is makes since in ur sony mind. God i fucking fanboys nintendo, mirosoft and sony they need to shut up u especially troll

    2. Why is it after seeing Knack in real game play the graphics don’t hold up to the 90% of the commercial playing it as a movie? For an 8 core console, those graphics look shitty. Nice commercial. But is more of the game a movie or actually playing the game,e?

    3. That game from what I saw of the demos looks like strait gabage. I never trash anothers companies work but it look rediculously weak.

      1. What in the hell…how the fuck i end up here on the 2013 article? i just click a article suggest and that drive me here?
        What is this shit with the comments here. People bring the Knack for ps4 and they act it is something good ? WHAT THE FUCK? with 54/100 on metacritic? and 65/100 from users? and everyone talking about this fucking shit game? Lmao….

        Hey hi commander i am from the future. You said “All that “console power” for this game” oh you have no idea..its not just that..but ps4 cant even handle that game and have drops to 14fps..many times..Digital foundry ouch…LMAO :PP

  9. I’m starting to believe the point of the PS4 needing 8 cores to show off animated movie graphics. I will admit PS4 showing animated movies from the games looks ok. But the best graphical game showing actual game pkay came from a system less powerful than PS4. It’s called Mario Kart 8.The graphics Knack’s actual game play SUCKs.

  10. I’m not comparing. I’m just saying Knack’s game play sucks. Looks like A Hulk movie with Knack being the replacement.

    1. You think Pikmin 3 is a kiddy game? Knack is actually easier for kids to play than Pikmin 3. After all kids love to kill a few zombies to watch a movie afterwards.

      1. I actually agree with on you on the Pikmin thing. I couldn’t even finish Pikmin 1 since it was so hard for me but in Knack it just looks like you what you did in GoW. Kill every thing then do some puzzles.

      2. They made it seem like a kiddie game in the commercial though, which to me, was a bit off, or at least they could have done a better job of gearing it towards a younger audience, since yonger audiences want what they shouldnt

    1. And also Nintendo wanted Pikmin 3 to be more stressful and difficult. Without purple Pikmin it will be more difficult. The red ones are now the strongest.

    1. because adults don’t need ADs, the ads are for the kids, so they can go and fucking annoy the shit out of their parents unitl they bought the kid what he wants, see? (:

  11. Wow! A Wii U commercial, in North America? Has Nintendo lost their minds? They’re not supposed to advertise the Wii U. They’re supposed to keep making people think that it’s an add-on for the Wii. How dare them make a Wii U commercial. People might start finding out that the Wii U is an entirely new console.

  12. Great commercial… I’ll be picking up this game because it is long overdue and the Pikmin in the ad look great, very claymation looking. :D
    Oh and don’t feed the trolls! It makes them fart louder.

  13. This is terrible.
    I remember when Nintendo commercials used to be great (Super Mario Sunshine, Pikmin2, Wii).
    This commercial and the WiiU launch commercials arent doing Nintendo any good.

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