Check Out The DuckTales: Remastered Himalayas Trailer

The new trailer for Capcom’s DuckTales: Remastered has just been unveiled, and it’s sporting more challenges for those who dare to climb the peaks of the Himalayas in search of Gengis Khan’s crown. The trailer – posted above – shows Scrooge making his way though the snowy peaks, warding off all sorts of enemies, including a fight with a monstrous Yeti, as he searches for the crown. You can join in all of Scrooge’s adventures when the game is released for Wii U in the eShop on August 15.


    1. DuckTales oooh ooooh!
      Every day they’re out there making
      DuckTales oooh ooooh!
      Tales of daring do bad and good
      LuckTales oooh ooooh!


  1. At 0:56 it says “If you do not have the Nintendo eShop icon on the Nintendo 3DS main menu, you will need to perform a system update.”
    Does this mean it’s comming to the 3DS too? I also noticed that it didn’t mention the Wii U, so theymay have mixed them up!


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