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Kid Icarus Coming To North American Wii U Virtual Console This Week


The critically acclaimed Kid Icarus for the Nintendo Entertainment System is coming to the North American Wii U Virtual Console this week. The evil goddess Medusa has stolen the Three Sacred Treasures and imprisoned the goddess of light, Palutena, in her evil plot to control all. Play as Pit, a young angel who has been entrusted with a magical bow and arrow. Fight against hordes of enemies that swoop from above and below. Secure the Three Sacred Treasures from their evil guardians, equip them, and face Medusa in the final battle.

Thanks, Rtaylor661 and Justin

47 thoughts on “Kid Icarus Coming To North American Wii U Virtual Console This Week”

  1. More like Kid Dickarus, because only you little gay dick munchers play this game. Same bitches that play as Pit in Smash Bros because he’s such a cheap, shitty character. Fuck you Dickarus lovers — how about you play a real game, like Sonic 2006.

    1. You know what? Kid Icarus is a SUPER cheap character in smash. Hagiagara! Just spam that and your instantly cheap. Lol but that Sonic 06 remark, how very trollish of you.

  2. All I want to know is the price. Hopefully it’ll be 30cents lol but I guess that’s more of hope.. Well I at least hope it’ll be 5 bucks.. I just got a point card for 20 bucks and got Earthbound which I highly recommend.

    1. I work for My Nintendo News. How about you suck my cock and enjoy my site and keep giving us the ad revenue we desire. We’ll be posting about pachter talking shit on Wii U this week so you idiots can give us more ad clicks by ranting about him. You’re all sheep and we love it. We love it so much. Keep paying us, sheep. We’ll keep posting. FAGS.

    1. Lol, I know right? I was all excited like, MAYBE it’s a sequel to the 3DS game, then I was like, MAYBE it’s an HD port with some new features of the 3DS game, THEN I discover it’s the same fucking Game I’ve been playing on my 3DS Virtual console. Look on the bright side, Nintendo may give you a discount to buy it AGAIN! :D … :( … >.> … >:( … D:<

  3. Hooray! They thanked me!

    I got the 3D Classics version and beat it. Had quite a good time with it! But that’s enough for me, between that and owning the NES original.

    1. you should be thanking yourself for turning is some sorta fucking relevant news!!!! a barbie game!!!!! what the fuck were you thinking, i ripped my sisters barbies heads off when i was a kid with my teeth hahahah and then flushed them down the toilet!!!! why would a grown man turn in barbie news!!!!!! think about that!!!!!!

  4. Are they staggering the games to try and get better sales or what? I can’t believe it takes THIS much time to accommodate controls and all that.

  5. If Pikmin 3 can make the WiiU have a catalysted sales boost. Super Mario 3D world and Donkey Kong country tropical freeze shall initiate a 3DS game chain reaction :).

  6. I thought the 3DS game is going to be ported to the Wii U for a second there, and I almost lost my shit. It’d be really nice, but it probably won’t happen.

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