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Shadow Of The Eternals Kickstarter Relaunched, Now With PS4 Stretch Goal

shadow of the eternals

Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter has finally been relaunched and this time they have added a PlayStation 4 stretch goal. The team is now hoping to raise $750,000 and the ambitious project has 29 days left to go. David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake, will be lending his talents to the game and will assume the role of Paul Becker. Shadow of the Eternals is the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, being developed by the original creators of the popular and critically acclaimed classic.  Featuring an eclectic cast of heroes and villains, Shadow of the Eternals will span thousands of years of history. Players’ perception of reality will be shattered as they try to balance the mechanics of combat, magic, and exploration as they progress through the adventure.

49 thoughts on “Shadow Of The Eternals Kickstarter Relaunched, Now With PS4 Stretch Goal”

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  1. Well they’re after a less ridiculous amount of money.

    And they actually seem to be planning it as a proper game this time, instead of episodic nonsense.

    Still won’t get funded. But it should do better than last time.

  2. This is great news. Multiplats shall be PS4 and WiiU priorities after this December. Xboxdone really messed up, before the PS3 was an after thought, now Sony has some respect again. Microsoft xbox division might not exist next generation.

    1. This game stopped being interesting for me months ago…

      Did Eternal Darkness even sell much to begin with?…

      Maybe that’s a reason to why High Command still has not funded it…

        1. Apperantly it only sold about 150.000 units so while it was praised as an excellent game it was only a barely moderate success…

      1. High command has not funded this project because their team at former silicon knights, now precusor games, are shady. Talking SHADIER than a rebublican and democrat at a Mother Teresa appreciation dinner lol.

    2. Wii U and PC thats it, why port it to ps4…it does not need it!!!
      Wii U needs as much console eclusives as possible or else, the ps4 will get everything as well as xbox1. I dont get why people say xbox1 messed up, I bet those people have a 360 and enjoy it more than their ps3, BUT now that sony is mainstream they have to go with psfn4!!!

  3. I hope the niché nintendo fans of Eternal darkness see the light in this move. It benefits us all that this is also going on the PS4. With Sony’s SCE (naughty dog)the non sonydrones branch making ‘The Last of Us’ we are guaranteed diverse gaming genres, due to the fact that the tv Betamax device is the least favourite console this generation. RPGs from Japan shall make it to Africa Israel, middle east, China and Asia now :). No more Halo foolishness or FPS dominance. Perceive and smile gamers.

    1. Where are you stationed again?…

      I’ll get a Drone buy it for me then if it means so much…

    2. NO IT DOES NOT BENEFIT US ALL that this is going to ps4, it does not need it and NIntendo needs all the console exclusives it can get to help it. sony doesnt need any help because it is a multimedia company, Nintendo is a Videogame DEDICATED company and therefore it only has games to relay on!
      the last of us is a highly overrated game, it didnt even feel like a game, its more like movie!!!
      naughty dog does not vary much in gaming genres and I bet you enjoy halo and will buy and xbox1 just to play that as well as all fps that come out!!!
      People, STOP buying Nintendo consoles just to play Nintendo games, wouldnt you like to have a bigger library of games on your 1 console???

  4. Interesting… but doesn’t nintendo own the rights to all the sanity meter thing. So how will it work on ps4 or even the pc then.

  5. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    I can’t believe it only gives 8-10 hours. Even Professor Layton on the DS handhelds yields 21 hours+ . That’s truly pathetic, and a waste of money. I’d pay $15 max for this.

  6. The problem is simply that there’s little trust here. AFAIK Eternal Darkness was made under the supervision of Nintendo at a time when Silicone Knights (or whatever they are calling themselves now) were actually reputable and all this suspicious crap hadn’t gone down. The he said, she said actually makes the suspicions worse and makes trusting them really difficult. how can we even guarantee that a decent game will really come from this, especially one as solid as the original ED?

    This is probably why Nintendo chose funding Bayonetta over something like this; Platinum Games are actually reputable.

  7. Hmm… don’t care because I don’t think it will make that goal. I was going to support it but after researching about it…nah.

  8. Oh god, just get the money yourself Precursor…sheesh. Your going to go begging everyone aren’t you. I was excited first. Now your just one of those annoying charity guys that knock on your door and ramble on for an hour. If it aint on Wii U and PC as EXCLSUIVES DONT MAKE IT PERIOD.

  9. Not WiiU exclusive no more..don’t care about it no more.. but the Sanity Meter is patented by nintendo.. so how this gonna work on PC and PS4..unless they not using it..which means the WiiU versions will be better.. if its still coming to the WiiU that is..

    1. You do realise patenting a game feature does nothing right? Several games have used sanity metres since then because patenting game features is pointless and only hurts the industry.

  10. I’m still up in the air on this game. I kinda feel like there is some real shady things going on that we just don’t know about. The whole thing involving Silicon Knights and Precursor just seems like it isn’t over yet. Perhaps if they got rid of Dyack I’d feel a little more easy about it. I personally don’t see this game getting that much funding. They’d be better off finding a publisher to back them and that’s apparent that no one wants to back them since they have taken to Kickstarter. Another thing that worries me about this game….

  11. is this site jealous or just upset who cares if its coming to ps4 poste only Nintendo news not what platforms a game shouldn’t come to. I have notice this a few times this site has posted this kinda of shit.

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