UK Retailer GAME Releasing Pikmin 3 Download Codes Early

pikmin_3_crabIf there was ever a reason to be a European Wii U owner, the time would be now, as UK retailer GAME has released Pikmin 3 download codes earlier than the July 26 launch date. According to various reports, European owners – not just limited to the UK – can purchase Pikmin 3 from GAME’s website at £34.99 where a download code will be sent to their email. Usually the codes wouldn’t go live until midnight on the scheduled release date for the game, however it appears that the codes can be accessed and fans can begin playing the title a day early. It may be a technical hiccup, or some clever marketing campaign to go digital, but if you were planning on buying this from GAME, it’s an irresistible offer. You can access their website here.


      1. Great, the next time I see the Pikmin 3 charts I’ll know that Mr.NERD contributed to or Empire with joy…


    1. High Command makes everything relevant and destroys everything considered relevant today…

      We also have many agents positioned at VGChartz…


    2. VGcharts is already irrelevant.. the info posted there is highly intransparent and in many cases neither realistic nor comprehensible


      1. why does it pour salt in the wound? the charts are already unreliable beyond a point where they have any significance

        doesn’t really matter if they get any more unreliable


  1. Got it in the post today, preordered that and New Super Luigi U a few weeks ago from GAME and both have come today! :D


  2. Got it in the post yesterday from my Flubit order, loving it the camera feature doesn’t work yet because you cant post to Miiverse.

    Was shocked how hard i found the mission mode for killing creatures


    1. My flubit order hasn’t been dispatched yet. /sadface.

      How much did you get yours for?

      I’m always curious about other peoples flubit offers, as they say every offer is different for everyone.

      I got it for £26.63.


  3. A (private) electronics – retailer in my city sells the stuff as soon as it arrives.

    The game is already available there for like ~2 weeks or so. Same thing with consoles, handhelds, phones and all that “good shit”.


  4. I got my order for 24.44 from a price of 27.99 from i think it was wowed.

    Only reason i didnt go digital and OMG two days early, great service but i guess im near a dispatch centre or the people who fufill are quick here (west london area)


  5. I decided to take it easy with the game and enjoy it at my own pace without rushing, too many reviews said it was short so I have taken it to a level of relaxed play and take in the wonderful graphics. Nintendo HD is very nice I have to admit, even taking into consideration not build from the ground up on Wii U


  6. Anyone here can tell if Pikmin 3 will release 0:00 tonight or will it be somewhere in the afternoon tomorrow? thx


  7. Trying to upload a pic from Pikmin 3 onto the Mii verse, won’t do it though, keeps coming up with Error Code: 115-5110, is this maybe because the Pikmin 3 community isn’t open yet?


  8. So the UK doesn’t get Pikmin 3 early enough, they have to get it even earlier? Wish the U.S would release those codes right now…


  9. Amazing game people enjoy it played a luttle more today and all I can say is Nintendo HD im excited it looks great and has an amazing style even my brother cod and fifa heavy walked into the room as I was playing and was like that looks good. He did ask why im not using the gamepad lol always gotta be something


  10. after not using my wiiu for 8months, i bought this game and it doesnt boot on my wiiu

    invalid disc…all other wiiu discs work fine..thanks for another shitty experience nintendo.


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